When it comes to free hosting, 000webhost is the common name you hear. Even it is one of the best free website hosting companies out there. In this article, we will discuss the 000Webhost review for a better understanding of whether we should use this tool. But the questions are:

  • How great are they?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Will I face any issues with them?

Well, these are the questions that many of us have in our heads. Hence, we have thought about writing a 000webhost review to answer these questions.

There are a lot of people out there who often look for a free web hosting service. Maybe the reason behind this is they want to try out some ideas. Or simply do not want to go for paid hosting.

However, when it comes to free hosting, we all know it is not entirely reliable, and the risk is still there like you are hosting your essential data with a free web hosting service.
Your data might get hacked, and it might get deleted by their server, and so many other reasons. Also, you will not get anyways to get those data back.

However, before you go ahead and decide to host your website with them, read the review until the end. And we will try to give you a detailed review of the free hosting.

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Overview | 000Webhost

It starts with the introduction. 000website started its business in 2006, and since then, it has been one of the most sought-after places to get free hosting.
The company started with the aim of offering free hosting to everyone. Hence, as a result, it has given tough competition to its competitors.

Even the company has offered 99% uptime to its clients, which helped the company to become a global leader.

overview webhost

Regarding the free plan, you will host two websites, 1000 MB Disk Space, and 10000 MB Bandwidth. However, the company does not only stick with free hosting. Even the company has plans for premium hosting.

That was a small introduction of 000webhost. Now, let’s chat about the top features of the free web hosting company.

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Top Features of 000Webhost

Below are some of the best features of 000Webhost you must know about if counting upon review.

Free Web Hosting

Free hosting was the only thing that made the company famous. Being a free web hosting company, the company does not slow down the website speed.

free web hosting

Or you will see any ads or popups on the website, which makes 000webhost different from the other free hosting services.

SiteReptile Builder

The SiteReptile Builder is also one of the great features that 000webhost has. The website builder comes with many add-ons that will help you build your website quickly.

web site builder

These add-ons include photo galleries, vote polls, news publishing systems, etc. Also, if you look at other free web hosting services, you will not get a great website builder like 000webhost.

Availability of Free Templates

It can be hard for a beginner or person from a nondesign background to select the template and design. 000WebHost comes with so many inbuilt template designs from which users can choose. Available templates make work easy as they give guidance.

availability of free templates

So, you can use these templates or create them independently. Free hosting and templates on 000webhost can never be a bad deal, right?

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Support Forum

000webhost also has a great support forum. Most free web hosting provider does not offer anything like that. But when it comes to 000webhost, you will quickly get support for your problems. The forum of the website also talks about issues with HTML or coding.


Those were the top features of 000webhost. Now, let’s glance at the company’s pros.

000webhost Pros

Here are some 000webhost pros:

free website hosting

  • The 000webhost free plan is indeed a free one. This means there are no advertisements or popups.
  • 000webhost offers excellent 27×7 support to its freebie users.
  • 000webhost provides an uptime status of 99.9%, and you will hardly face any downtime.
  • The premium hosting plans of 000webhost are reasonably priced.
  • All the hosting plans come with more than 50 scripts. This helps you easily create WordPress, Joomla, or any other website without FTP.
    000webhost Cons:
  • The live chat and phone call support are only available for premium hosting plans.
  • There are no other hosting plans that exist apart from shared web hosting.
  • 000webhost does not take weekly backups for the free hosting plans.
  • The plan stays off for one hour every day.

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Pricing Plans Available on 000webhost

There are four types of plans offered by 000webhost. We are all familiar with one of the plans, which has a free title on the above. As you can see, these are four plans- free, single, premium, and business offered by WebHost.

pricing plans

The most famous plan is the single one, as it is perfect for single users and not for the company. A company should go with the third plan if it wants to purchase. There are not many options with a free program, though if you are new to website building and web hosting, this plan is best to try to learn.

Our Thoughts for 000Webhost

Now that you know about the features and pros of the 000webhost hosting company. It is time to talk about the review. The 000website seems pretty great, as some people have found 000webhosting the best in free web hosting segments.

Being a free web hosting company, 000webhost still offered 1000 MB of Disk Space and 10000 MB of Bandwidth. Also, you will get 2 MySQL Databases and the option to host two websites, even though five business email it is also included in the free plan.

manage website

These specifications are more than enough to test your website ideas. Or, if you want to set up a blog, you indeed can. Plus, if your blog gets massive traffic, then the 000webhost also offers you the chance to upgrade the free plan to a premium one.

However, the only thing we did not like about the free hosting plan was that. It does not have dedicated support for freebie customers. Hence, they have to be dependent on the 000webhost forum. This is the case with every free hosting.

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How to Register on 000webhost.com via Hostinger?

To register on 000webhost.com via Hostinger, here are some of the steps that you need to follow:


  1. First of all, go to the Hostinger website.
  2. Over here, you will get to see the signup.signup with hostinger Simply enter your email, desired password, and website name.
  3. Now, traverse to your email inbox and confirm the email.confirm my email Once confirmed, you are all set to use your free hosting.
  4. After that, click on the manage website button.

Now, you will get all the features here to build your website. Just simply select your preferred one, and you are all set.


What is the expiry of the free plan of 000webhost?

You don’t need to worry about the time limit as you can get lifetime access to its free plan. However, there are many fewer options and limited disk space available. You don’t get any email service, live support, or backup with this pack.

What are some key points I should consider before hosting on 000webhost?

If you are someone new in the world of website building and have no prior knowledge of hosting, then 000webhost is the perfect fit for you. Its free plan gives you the option to start and learn. Except that, if you are planning on building a website that doesn’t require much traffic, then this hosting is best for you.

What is the speed performance of 000webhost?

After reading so many reviews, we can say that speed of WebHost is good. As free plans come with limitations and fewer features to offer, they may lag there; still, if you bought the paid plan, then you will enjoy the fast speed and high performance.

C an I use WebHost for my professional blogs?

It is best recommended for students and beginners looking to learn and build their websites on their own. As for the professional blog, you can check other web hosting plans and services. Compare and decide which suits you best and gives you the features you need for your blog.

Can I run ads in the accessible version of 000webhost?

Yes, you can successfully run your ads in the free plan. What is the number of free websites allowed in free as well as paid plans? Only one website and a single plan are allowed for free. If you are looking to launch more than one website, then you have to buy the premium plan as it comes with unlimited options.


So that was all for the review. Now, go ahead and see how it is working for you. Also, for any questions, do feel free to comment below. In addition, Mobirise claims to be an easy software to build a website. Click to find more.

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