Top 7 Abstract Logos for YouTube Channel | Complete Guide

The community of content creators on YouTube is growing more and more, and each channel must have a differentiating factor. A logo of a YouTube channel helps to get recognition among the audience. Luckily, thanks to tools such as Wix’s free logo maker, you don’t need to be an experienced graphic designer to create a logo that matches your brand’s image and identity. So, If you’re looking for YouTube Channel logos, this blog post will showcase the 7 best Abstract Logos for YouTube Channels that you can

Each of these logos is unique and represents the essence of each content creator in its way. We hope you will find this blog post helpful in creating a logo that accurately represents your Youtube channel’s brand and identity. So, Let’s start exploring Abstract Logos for YouTube Channel!

Abstract Logo Marks

Abstract trademarks are quite potent for businesses looking to convey a sense of creativity and innovation. An abstract mark is a form of a pictorial logo that doesn’t represent anything in particular. It’s not an identifiable image, such as an apple or a bird; instead, it’s an abstract geometric shape representing your company.

pictorial logo for youtube channel

Abstract logos are designed to communicate a deep level of meaning and emotion using only one symbol. This makes them ideal for brands with a lot to say or companies whose identity wouldn’t be easily conveyed through a recognizable image. While a wordmark or organic image might be more recognizable, the right mix of lines, colors, and shapes can create a stronger emotional response.

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Why do People Need a Logo for their YouTube Channels?

A logo is essential for any brand, including content creators.

The benefits that a logo brings to your Youtube channel are:

  • A channel logo is the first step towards establishing your channel’s identity on Youtube. 
  • A logo for your Youtube channel gives it a professional look and establishes trust. channel logo for youtube channel
  • The YouTube channel’s logo helps the owner feel legitimate.
  • You may have powerful branding with a YouTube channel logo.
  • It helps in increasing the ability to identify and recognize people.

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Why Abstract Logos are Great for YouTube Channels?

A great abstract logo is essential for any brand, but it can be especially important for Youtube channels. After all, in most cases, a logo is the first thing that audiences see when they visit your channel, and it helps you to create a lasting impression on the viewers also. Abstract logos are particularly well-suited to YouTube channels for numerous reasons.

abstract logo for youtube channel

Firstly, they are highly adaptable and can be easily resized or reformatted to fit any space. Secondly, they are often more eye-catching than realistic logos, making them ideal for small spaces such as channel icons. Finally, abstract logos can be highly memorable, helping viewers to recall a channel when they see it again easily. Whether you’re just starting on Youtube or looking to rebrand your channel, an abstract logo could be the perfect solution.

Examples of Some Great Abstract Logo for a YouTube Channel

A few things might come to mind when you think of abstract logos for your YouTube Channel. Perhaps you think of a simple and memorable logo that can be easily recognized even when it is seen out of context. Or maybe you think of a logo full of hidden meaning that reveals new layers of complexity the more you look at it. Whatever your definition, there are plenty of examples of great abstract logos for YouTube channels.

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Have you heard of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’s personality? You probably know him best from his vlog, PewDiePie, which has 64 million subscribers on YouTube.


The logo for YouTube’s most famous star, PewDiePie, is distinctive and unique. It isn’t something boring or casual. The logo for “PewDiePie” depicts the character’s name, in which the letter “P” is replaced with a fist. The sound of throwing a punch, known as the “Pew,” came into use while creating this logo.

The channel’s logo is a great example of being both relatable and informative. It gives viewers enough information to know what they can expect from the channel: gaming content that is also fun to watch.


Lily Singh is the star of her show. Her personality, which can be described as bubbly and charming, engages viewers and keeps them coming back for more content that is always interesting. “iisuperwomanii” first appeared on YouTube in 2013 but has since come to be known simply as “superwoman.” Since she began her YouTube career, her channel has gained more than 15 million followers. Many people love her comedic sketches and relatable content, which sometimes features celebrities or influencers.


The logo of Superwoman resembles that of DC’s Superman and considering the name, and consumers may anticipate a strong logo depicting a superhero. In reality, it is the complete opposite; breaking stereotypes. The pastel colors of the rainbow in the background represent Lily’s interests and personality.

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Dude Perfect

This American channel, which has over 54 million followers, is a part of the sports and humor group based in Texas. The group comprises three sets of twins who used to live together when they attended Texas A&M University. The channel aims to provide a wealth of pure entertainment to its audience.


The channel’s name, “Dude Perfect,” comprises of the two initials “DP.” In terms of brand identification, this is a good idea for a comedy sports network. The typeface appears to be very laid-back and casual, almost like something you would doodle on the back of your notebook, which is understandable given that they were all once college students.

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It’s a youtube channel with 1.93 million subscribers. The content of this channel is basically a guy with a huge appetite who can eat large amounts of food and makes food challenges. He also does other types of videos, but eating challenges are the most popular.


The logo for this channel is a very simple one. It just shows the name of the channel in a black-and-white font. The letter E is written to make it look like it’s been electrocuted, which is a clever reference to the channel’s name.

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Backyard Scientist

This YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers and is all about performing science experiments. The Backyard Scientist does many of his experiments in his backyard, as the name suggests.

backyard scientist

The logo of this channel represents a flask alluding to scientific content and bubbles indicating chemistry and experiments. In addition, the grass at the end of the flask represents the garden, which alludes to the name.

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In 2009, Cassey Ho created a Blogilates channel for uploading fitness kinds of stuff videos. The channel has over 7 million subscribers and offers a variety of workout videos, as well as healthy recipes and tips.


The logo for this channel is very simple but effective. It consists of the word “Blogilates” written in pink font. The letter B looks like a heart and combines the letter in it. This color scheme represents the two main topics of the channel: fitness and health. This one is an example of how you can mix your youtube channel logo with your website logo.

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The Try Guys

Lastly, Try Guys is a YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers. BuzzFeed owns this channel and features a group of four friends who try out various activities, usually with hilarious results.

the try guys

 The logo for this channel is the silhouette of triceratops in pastel colors: pink, purple, green, and blue. This is likely a reference to the group’s name, as the word “try” can be associated with the idea of taking risks. Lastly, The pastel colors are also playful and lighthearted, which matches the tone of the content on the channel.


There are many great examples of Abstract Logos for YouTube channels. These logos are often simple and eye-catching, with a design that is easy to remember. Abstract logos can be an excellent choice for a YouTube channel, helping to make it more recognizable and memorable.

Lastly, While creating your own logo, consider using a simple and eye-catching design that is easy to remember. Then, use colors that pop, and try to incorporate geometric shapes or other visual elements that will help your logo stand out. And finally, don’t forget to ensure your logo accurately reflects the tone and content of your channel. With a great logo, you’re well on your way to success on YouTube!

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