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Reddit is the number one platform if you’re looking for the current affairs of the world. Ever since its release back in 2005, it has gained immense popularity. It is the ideal place to go if you’re looking to kill some time, enjoy memes, or share your views on various topics. You can create a Reddit account and add flair to your posts. That being said, Reddit does have some shortcomings. For starters, the platform is subject to strict moderation. One such anomaly is the deleted comments. So here we are to learn how to access deleted comments on Reddit.

access deleted comments on reddit

Additionally, this moderation is in the hands of the general public itself. As a result, one’s prejudicial opinions can render a post offensive in a user’s eye. As a result, a lot of comments and posts are deleted before you can view them. In such cases, the name of the thread and title remain. However, you are met with the dreaded [removed] or [deleted] sign.

Although once something gets deleted, it is lost forever. However, this is not the case with Reddit. Thanks to the Application Programming Interface of the Python-written website, one can recover the comments even after deletion.

So without further ado, let’s get right into how you can access deleted comments on Reddit. To know how to quote on Reddit, click here!

Ways To Access Deleted Comments On Reddit

Here are some of the ways by which you can access deleted comments on Reddit.


Removeddit is one of the most popular platforms via which you can view deleted Reddit comments and posts. This program is meant to access deleted comments on Reddit and has a very user-friendly interface.  It was to act as a temporary replacement for Reddit during a time period when it wasn’t working efficiently. The only difference between both is that Reddit doesn’t show you comments deleted by the user. Removeddit, on the other hand, shows you both deletions made by the user plus posts and comments removed by the moderator.


The impressive feature about it is that it works on the “bookmarklet” feature. You can save it in the bookmarks option. You can click on the bookmark, and it will show the archived version of any removed comment

There are two ways via which you can access deleted comments on Reddit with the help of Removeddit. They are as follows:

  1. Go to the site and drag the bookmarklet titled ‘Removeddit’ to your bookmark bar. Now, whenever you’re on Reddit, and you come across a deleted comment or post, click on the bookmark. This way, you will move from Reddit to Removeddit. Now, you will be able to see the deleted comment or post in red.Removeddit deleted comments
  2. Another way you can access Removeddit is by replacing the ‘Reddit’ in the URL of the page you’re on to ‘removed it.’ Ensure that you’re on the page of the deleted comment or post for this to work. Select ‘Enter,’ and then you’ll be able to see the deleted post/comment. 

So that’s how to read deleted Reddit comments with the help of Removeddit. However, if you don’t for any reason wish to use Removeddit, read on.

Visit: Removeddit 

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Ceddit is probably the most powerful tool that grants access to the removed comments from Reddit. It is a dark-themed website that caters a browsing experience very similar to Reddit. It is just like Reddit and has identical functions.

You cannot find any secret content. It is an API client in JS (Javascript).


With Ceddit you can access subreddits and threads, just as you would do on Reddit, and view all the posts with both undeleted and deleted comments, at the same time. It features a surprising function that informs you about who deleted the comment. No matter whether it was a bot or a user, Ceddit does not take long to disclose their identity.

The website is very powerful but not more than Reddit. In comparison to the latter, Ceddit is a bit slower but I recommend it the most because one can access deleted comments on Reddit through this.

Visit: Ceddit

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Resavr is a beneficial tool for Access Deleted Comments on Reddit. The unique feature of this website is that only those comments contain more than 1000 characters. However, people consider it to be a drawback. That’s because the website cannot recover the short and to-the-point comments. But, Resavr’s ideology is that the longer the comment, the more informative it is.

resavr - deleted reddit comments

It does not provide a Reddit-like interface to the users, rather, you can access the content from the Resavr website itself, and will come in handy to access deleted comments on Reddit. Through its website, you can know the exact time and date when the comment was posted and the period after which the comment got deleted.

You can go to the main thread of the deleted comment, to the parent link, and to the subreddit to which the comment belongs. The comment can also be shared on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Visit: Resavr

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Unreddit is a chrome extension that helps to show you the removed Reddit comments and posts. Therefore, what this extension does is show you content that has been removed by the moderators.


Unreddit is compatible with both old and new Reddit. Additionally, this extension doesn’t slow down your device either.

If you’re wondering how to access deleted comments on Reddit with the Unreddit, you just need to go to Reddit’s website. The extension highlights removed comments or posts in red on any Reddit page that you’re on. 

Visit Here: Unreddit

Un-Delete Reddit Comments

Un-delete Reddit Comments is another great Chrome extension for all the Reddit enthusiasts out there.

It basically allows one to save Reddit content in the form of a cache, which can be viewed later. This software facilitates you to save all kinds of different comments and content. Although it’s not possible to recover the previously removed comments, it’s useful software if you try to cache all the important things manually.

undelete reddit comment

If you utilize that extension, all you have to do is quickly open a particular comment that has to be cached and click on the extension. It would lead the extension to showcase a large cache option below. Selecting that option will preserve the page in the cache. One can select the extension option afterward to review the saved page.

Visit: Un-Delete Reddit Comments

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Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a website that takes and stores screenshots of internet activity. It has billions of screenshots captured and stored pretty much since the advent of the internet.

The deleted comments on Reddit are saved in a vast abundance, and they are presented in a calendar-like interface, you have to look for the date and time of the post to which you want the access. It will then lead you to a copy of Reddit pages. This leads you to access deleted comments on Reddit.

wayback machine

 Here is how to read deleted Reddit comments using Wayback Machine:

  1. Copy the URL of the Reddit page where the deleted comment was originally present.
  2. Next, go to Wayback Machine’s website and insert the URL in the search bar.
  3. Next, browse through the screenshots to find the deleted comment. 

Now, this can be a very tedious way to find and read a deleted comment or post, which is why it isn’t the most recommended method. However, it can certainly work as a last resort when nothing else seems to work.

Visit Here: Wayback Machine


One of the most widespread and comfortable uses of the tool. The Uneddit can access Deleted Comments on Reddit immediately. It is a simple extension that you can extract from the official web page. You need to visit the page and drag the blue Uneddit button to your bookmarks bar. You can simply press the button when you are surfing on Reddit or reading a post and come across a deleted comment.


Whenever you command Uneddit to reveal the deleted comments, it displays the comments highlighted in red color, thereby increasing the efficiency and readability.

For security concerns, you can use the Uneddit service in incognito mode. Uneddit does not work flawlessly with new posts, especially the posts which are less than seven hours old. It can mistakenly display an undeleted comment as deleted or may not identify a new and deleted comment.

Another limitation with Uneddit is that you cannot view very old comments which were deleted before the launch. This is because Uneddit started storing the comments and other data after the launch. Also, they neglect any data that was present previously.

Visit: Uneddit

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So here’s how to access deleted comments on Reddit that have been rousing your curiosity for ages. Each of the platforms listed in this article has been used by Redditors for years, so they are sure to be beneficial to you!  

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