Top 6 Methods to Access Deleted Comments on Reddit

Sometimes, it becomes a necessity to explore a post entirely to get correct and precise information. Deletion of Reddit posts or comments accounts for data loss in many situations, and hence, it becomes mandatory to access deleted comments on Reddit. For such circumstances, there are few website and apps which prove their worth by restoring the deleted comments from the Reddit website.

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The famous news aggregation and discussion website, Reddit, is an eminent source of accessing information about the events, occurring across the globe. It consists of several “Subreddits” which are different communities working on their unique topic on a separate page and with different moderators. The users, who register on Reddit, can post stories, add flairs to their posts, links, and media to these communities and can comment, upvote, or downvote the posts. The number of upvotes and downvotes are the deciding factors which are responsible for the position of appearance of various posts and comments.

There exist various subreddits that cover various genres namely news, science, gaming, movies, music, books, fitness, food, image-sharing, politics, business,  technology, sports, etc.

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Reddit has set several guidelines by which the users must frame their comments. Reddit strictly removes any troll or abusive comments violating the guidelines. This is the reason why we often come across “[deleted]” written in the place of a particular comment.

Although once something gets delete, it is lost forever. However, this is not the case with Reddit. Thanks to the Application Programming Interface of the Python-written website, one can recover the comments even after deletion.

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6 Ways To Access Deleted Comments On Reddit

Here are some of the ways by which you can access deleted comments on reddit.


This program is meant to access deleted reddit comments and has a very user-friendly interface. The impressive feature about it is that it works on “bookmarklet” feature. You can save it in the bookmarks option. You can click on the bookmark, and it will show the archived version of any removed comment.


It will let you access the comments that were deleted on reddit at ease. You just have to type “removeddit” in the URL instead of reddit. Then it enables the cached form.

The software would permit you to have access to the content and tell you which comment was removed and deleted. It consists of two color codes for this purpose. Blue one signifies that the individual deleted the comment while the red one was removed.

Visit: Removeddit

Un-Deleted Reddit Comments

Un-deleted reddit comments allow you to access deleted comments on reddit at ease.This program is based on the extension of chrome. It basically allows one to save Reddit content in the form of a cache, which can be viewed later. This software facilitates you to save all kinds of different comments and content. Although it’s not possible to recover the previously removed comments, it’s useful software if you try to cache all the important things manually.

undelete reddit comments
undelete reddit comments

To utilize that extension, all you have to do is quickly open a particular comment that has to be cached and click on the extension. It would lead the extension to showcase a large cache option below. Selecting that option will preserve the page in the cache. One can select the extension option afterward to review the saved page.

Visit: Undeleted reddit comments

Wayback machine

Wayback Machine is a program that saves information from several websites; Reddit is one of those websites. It basically takes screenshots of various sites and archives them to access later. 


The deleted comments of reddit are saved in a vast abundance, and they are presented in a calendar-like interface, you have to look for the date and time of the post of which you want the access. It will then lead you to a copy of reddit pages.This lead you to access deleted comments on reddit.

way machine.
way machine.

 The amount of data cached on waymachine is humongous, which is why you won’t find each and every deleted comment or post. Way machine tries to keep up with as many websites as it could, for people to access the deleted comments.

Visit: Wayback machine


Resavr is a beneficial tool to Access Deleted Comments on Reddit. The unique feature of this website is that only those comments which contain more than 1000 characters. However, people consider it to be a drawback. That’s because the website cannot recover the short and to-the-point comments. But, Resavr’s ideology is that the longer the comment, the more informative it is.


It does not provide a Reddit-like interface to the users, rather, you can access the content from the Resavr website itself and will come in handy to access deleted comments on reddit. Through its website, you can know the exact time and date when the comment was posted and the period after which the comment got deleted.

You can go to the main thread of the deleted comment, to the parent link, and to the subreddit to which the comment belongs. The comment can also be shared on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Visit: Resavr


Ceddit is probably the most powerful tool that grants access to the removed comments from Reddit. It is a dark themed website which caters a browsing experience very similar to Reddit. It is just like Reddit and has identical functions.

You cannot find any secret content. It is an API client in JS (Javascript).


With Ceddit you can access subreddits and threads, just as you would do on Reddit, and view all the posts with both undeleted and deleted comments, at the same time. It features a surprising function that informs you about who deleted the comment. No matter whether it was a bot or a user, Ceddit does not take long to disclose their identity.

The website is very powerful but not more than Reddit. In comparison to the latter, Ceddit is a bit slower but i recommend it the most because one can access deleted comments on reddit through this.

Visit: Ceddit


One of the most widespread and comfortable to use the tool. Uneddit, can Access Deleted Comments on Reddit immediately. It is a simple extension that you can extract from the official web page. You need to visit the page and drag the blue Uneddit button to your bookmarks bar. You can simply press the button when you are surfing on Reddit or reading a post and come across a deleted comment.

Whenever you command Uneddit to reveal the deleted comments, it displays the comments highlighted in red color, thereby increasing the efficiency and readability.


For security concerns, you can use the Uneddit service in incognito mode. Uneddit does not work flawlessly with new posts, especially the posts which are less than seven hours old. It can mistakenly display an undeleted comment as deleted or may not identify a new and deleted comment.

Another limitation with Uneddit is that you cannot view very old comments which were deleted before the launch. This is because Uneddit start storing the comments and other data after the launch. Also, they neglect any data that was present previously.

Visit: Uneddit


With the help of the above mentioned apps or websites you can easily access deleted comments on Reddit and always can get hold of the important data.

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