Top 6 Best Action Games for Android to Play in 2019


Android games are launching at blinding speed – every day there seems to be a handful of new titles in the Google Play store. Unfortunately, it’s a bit sad that Google doesn’t allow you to filter multiple categories in the Play Store if you want Action Games for Android – you can’t filter by “Latest” and game genre at the same time. What gives, Google?

Well, fortunately, we’ve run through the latest titles (and tested them all), and are presenting to you 6 of the newest action games for Android worth installing.

6 Amazing Action Games for Android to Get Addicted To

Air Combat Pilot: WW2 Pacific

A spectacular dogfighting game that looks reasonably stunning on high-end Android devices. Air Combat Pilot features more than 20 aircraft from the WW2 era, with hundreds of weapon upgrades. The physics and flight feel realistic (or at least we imagine, having never flown a real WW2 fighter).

This isn’t a flight simulator, however – Air Combat Pilot definitely has an arcade feel, as far as the combat goes. The control scheme is simple enough (not as simple as Moto X3m, but there may be a tremendous difference in flying aircraft vs. flying motorcycles) that you should have no trouble getting the hang of flying while blasting enemies out of the sky.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

A fun and somewhat addictive little strategy-based RPG, wherein you collect various characters (assassins like on XBox games) and send them on missions. The graphics of this one of the Action Games for Android are kind of cute. The characters are rendered almost in a “chibi” style. As of writing, there are over 40 characters to collect, and you assemble your assassins into teams to complete the objectives.

There are some elements of pay-to-win (what Android game would be complete without IAPs?), but in the case of Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, it’s more like “pay to unlock faster”. Collecting the rarest characters is really not as important as upgrading familiar characters, so you can undoubtedly unlock all of the most extraordinary characters with a bit of grind.

ShellFire – MOBA FPS

True to its name, ShellFire is like a hybrid MOBA / FPS, with five vs. five arena battles in various game modes. It has Escort, Death Match, Capture Points, and even a Zombie Rush mode. To be quite honest, ShellFire is basically a mobile clone of OverWatch – which isn’t a bad thing. Overwatch is a great and favorite game.

ShellFire has a decent variety of characters and skins to unlock or purchase, and gameplay is balanced overall. There’s a battle royale mode, ala PUBG, but its only available during certain times of the day. One cool thing about ShellFire (besides the gameplay) is that it seems to run high, even on lower-end devices (kind of like Drift Hunters – isn’t it amazing what game devs are achieving these days?) Overall, ShellFire is worth a look if you’d like something that combines the MOBA genre with FPS on the Android platform.

Finger Knights

Finger Knights, developed by Neowiz, is a “slingshot RPG Action Games for Android” with interesting gameplay and cute, anime-inspired graphics. The term “slingshot RPG” can be a bit confusing, as it’s a relatively new genre. To vastly simplify it, it’s a bit like JRPG battles where you flick the characters, or their various powers, across the screen at enemies. There’s been a few titles in this genre – titles like Slingshot Braves and Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG might ring a bell – but Finger Knights are one of the latest.

Finger Knights is in closed beta at the time of writing (CBT ends Dec. 13), but it definitely shows promise.

Z.O.N.A Shadow of Lemansk

A narrative-driven post-apocalyptic FPS, Z.O.N.A Shadow of Lemansk actually feels like a mobile port of Metro 2033 – in fact, Z.O.N.A is set in the year 2033 (coincidence?). You might also consider it to have elements of S.T.A.L.K.E.R as well if you’re familiar with that particular series of PC games, which is also set in a post-apocalyptic Russian wasteland. If you aren’t familiar with either title, the basic premise is the same across all three of these titles – radioactive mutants threaten the last pockets of survivors in a post-apocalyptic Russian wasteland.

Thus, fans of Metro and S.T.A.L.K.E.R should find Z.O.N.A to be a highly entertaining Android game inspired by those titles. The controls are quite comfortable, though as an FPS with iron-sights toggling, you may find it better to use a gamepad-attachment for your device when playing this game.

Armed Heist

Are you looking for PayDay 2 in 3rd-person on the Android platform? Hey, great news! Armed Heist is in beta, and that’s nearly exactly what it is. You complete various heist missions (bank robberies, truck heists, knocking over jewelry stores, etc.) with multiple approaches to each mission. Do you complete the tasks strategically? Or shoot everyone in sight?

Much like PayDay 2, with this Action Games for Android you can customize your weapons with various attachments, paint jobs, and your characters outfit – including, like PayDay 2, masks. Now while PayDay profoundly inspires armed Heist, it actually plays a lot more like another Android title, Cover Fire. The cover system is literally your best friend in Armed Heist, which means a lot of firefights involve spraying around corners.

Overall, we’re not knocking it for being PayDay: Android Version, because PayDay is an excellent game that deserves a mobile port/clone. So, if you agree, give Armed Heist an install.


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