Today, we are going to discuss alternatives to Hamachi. Hamachi is a popular software several gamers use to play LAN games and businesses for remote working. A LAN (Local area network) is a network that connects various devices located within a particular area, say, an office building. Hamachi is ideal for usage as it allows its users to emulate the properties of a LAN connection for various computers not belonging to a particular area. It is also highly secure, simple to use, and available for download on several operating systems. Most importantly, for gamers, it allows them to access blocked content, particularly gaming sites.

Some of the best Himachi alternatives are:

  • ZeroTier
  • PlayHide VPN
  • GameRanger
  • NetOverNet
  • Wippien
  • Parsec
  • FreeLAN
  • SoftEther

Hamachi offers excellent services. However, there is always a chance of it not working occasionally or giving you some trouble. Additionally, a lot of Hamachi’s outstanding features are now paid for. Eventually, you are bound to look for some alternatives to Hamachi due to any of the above-listed reasons. If that’s the case, then this is the blog for you.

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Best Alternatives To Hamachi

Here are our handpicked top 6 similar services to Hamachi-

Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN is the most preferred alternative to Hamachi on this list. It allows up to 5 device connections for free and is available for Windows operating systems. Over 4 million people utilize Radmin VPN, and it promises an easy setup process for the not-so-tech-savvy and assures no lack of performance after continuous usage.

radmin vpn

The connection speed offered by Radmin VPN goes up to 100 Mbps, and it vouches that your connection is secure. It hands you the luxury to work remotely, i.e., you need not reconfigure your computer to gain access to the office’s LAN. Additionally, it is ideal for gamers to play LAN games with no limit to the number of people playing.

Visit: Radmin VPN

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Another popular alternative to Hamachi is NetOverNet. NetOverNet VPN lets you connect to your respective devices so that you can easily access them from all over the globe. Like any other Hamachi alternative on our list, NetOverNet provides you with the feature to access files, sensitive work-related data, etc., while not near the LAN.


NetOverNet is available on all major operating systems, and you can gain access to your data from your mobile devices and tablets. Hence, with a stable internet connection, you can access data via a computer from anywhere in the world, allowing you to work remotely. NetOverNet provides most of its services for free usage and allows up to 3 connections for free.

Visit: NetOverNet

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ZeroTier One

ZeroTier One is a software that combines the benefits of VPN and SD-WAN to simplify network management. It is simple to set up and has scalable security with 256-bit end-to-end encryption. ZeroTier One is compatible with almost all operating systems and is simple to set up and use.

zerotier one

It is ideal for LAN gaming as it provides an easy user interface and doesn’t require you to be well-versed in technology. You can download the free version. However, for additional community support, you can purchase the paid version.

Visit: ZeroTier One


Freelan is one of the most well-known alternatives to Hamachi on our list. The software permits you to produce your Virtual Private Network any way you like. It could be a client-server pattern, a peer-to-peer pattern, or a combination of both to allow you to enjoy the best of both designs. You can use Freelan for various things, like creating a private network for your family and gaming friends. You can even use it for secure communications. Freelan’s community provides massive support in almost anything.


You’d like to do with their software, available across all major operating systems. The only drawback with Freelan is that you need to set it up manually. However, you can find extensive details on Freelan’s website’s configuration process.

Visit: Freelan


NeoRouter provides access to your computer from any device from anywhere in the world, along with an in-built firewall to protect you from unwanted subnets. This software claims to use the same encryption as banks. Hence, there is a surety that your sensitive data won’t be tampered with. This program is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.


It has a free and paid version, and you also get an additional 30-day free trial on the paid version. The best part is that you can use NeoRouter free for up to 256 devices. There is also a NeoRouter community to assist with any queries regarding the setup and usage of the software.

Visit: NeoRouter

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The final software on our list of alternatives to Hamachi is Parsec. For all the avid games out there, Parsec has explicitly been designed for you! Through Parsec, you can run a game on one computer but play it remotely from a different device. It is available for download on most operating systems out there.


You can play, watch and share games with all of your friends. You have the luxury to play any multiplayer game with anyone worldwide with almost no lag. Parsec also provides a matchmaking service that pairs you with gamers worldwide to play your favourite games.

Visit: Parsec

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Is anything better than Hamachi?

Indeed, alternatives like ZeroTier, WireGuard, and LogMeIn Hamachi provide similar functionalities for virtual LAN networks. Consider your peculiar needs to select the best option for your network requirements

Is there a program like Hamachi?

Certainly, options such as ZeroTier, WireGuard, and Tunngle offer virtual LAN capabilities. These alternatives cater to various requirements and user preferences. v

Is Hamachi still the best?

While Hamachi was popular, alternatives like ZeroTier and WireGuard offer competitive features. The 'best' choice depends on ease of use, compatibility with the setup, and performance.

Is Tunngle better than Hamachi?

Tunngle, like Hamachi, offered virtual LAN capabilities but is no longer available. Alternatives like ZeroTier and WireGuard offer similar features, making the choice dependent on ease of use and your network needs.

Why not use Hamachi?

Hamachi's decline in popularity, combined with viable alternatives like ZeroTier and WireGuard, prompts users to explore more current options for virtual LAN networking.

Is Hamachi safe to use on a PC?

Hamachi is generally safe to use, but users must exercise caution and keep their software updated. Like any software, security vulnerabilities can emerge, so keep a watchful eye out and adhere to recommended procedures for internet safety.


So here is our ultimate list of alternatives to Hamachi. Each of them has its unique selling point. All you need to do is get one that suits your needs and preferences!

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