Best Android Emulator for Linux | Complete Guide

Do you want to run apps like VLC player but only have a Linux computer? It is a common issue for many users who want an Android experience on Linux OS. No doubt Linux is far more powerful and effective in computational efficiency, and however, it lacks an exemplary user interface. The best alternative to solve the problem is to generate a Virtual Android Environment using emulators. It will also allow you to run various available apps on the Google Play Store. Well, here we have some of the best Android Emulator for Linux that you can enjoy. You can try every tool according to your requirement and get the most optimal experience.

linux os
Linux OS

Best Android Emulators for Linux

Now, let’s begin our journey of exploring the best Android emulator for Linux that you can install on the PC. Make sure to test and configure your system before making the final choice. Here we go,

Android Studio

The first Android emulator for Linux is none other than the Android Studio. It is a popular tool that you can use to install Android applications in a Linux environment. Also, you can use it for testing new apps and looking for potential errors and bugs. Android Studio is an open-source platform, and users don’t need to pay additional charges. You only need to install an AVD (Android Virtual Device), and you are ready to go.

android studio
Android Studio

Download here: Android Studio


Genymotion is one of the latest and effective Linux Android emulators for all tech-enthusiasts out there. It can support more than 3000 devices to match the exact configuration you use. Further, it enables high graphics quality while running any Android application on the system. Hence, you can easily install any secure app, even from third-party sources. The developers have a great shot at testing their Android codes and programs on Linux.


Download here: Genymotion


Many of you already know Anbox helps access Android games and applications on Linux. Also, users can combine their entire Android system on a single platform for better usability. The Anbox can successfully improve your computer’s overall performance and core functionality, and it is one of the few tools to select multiple versions of the Android operating system. If you are looking for a secure Android emulator for Linux, Anbox is the name experts suggest.


Download here: Anbox


Shashlik can outshine most of its competitors in terms of speed and accessibility. The app can hold the computing power of the latest apps and configure them to give optimal performance. It can readily be a perfect choice for playing Android games on your Linux system without potential issues. Although, users might need to look out for Shashlik Beta releases as they might contain some troublesome bugs.

Andro VM

Andro VM was developed by the same team who brilliantly created Genymotion to help millions of users. Moreover, you can trust the confidentiality generated for running Android apps in the Linux system. The entire system emerges from a single packet and thus requires minimum disk space. It also supports offline connectivity that could be productive in various situations. You can download Andro VM for computers running on 32-bits and 64-bits accordingly.

Download here: AndroVM

Android SDK

Moving ahead, we have another Android emulator for Linux called Android SDK with various features. It might lack some out-of-the-world features but is highly beneficial for beginners and intermediate users. The user interface is quite sophisticated and convenient for traditional working. However, the tool is faster and can handle large Android apps, including ARCore. You can easily find online tutorials and try out the Android SDK emulator yourself.

android sdk
Android SDK

Download here: Android SDK


Android-x86 is designed to provide a suitable platform for installing Android apps. Some users consider it the most convenient Android emulator for Linux due to several features. It supports Wifi connectivity, external storage, Android Desktop Theme, and whatnot. It even has a separate provision to boot the computer as an independent Android system. The developers tend to push new features and improvements with each global update of Android-x86.

android x-86
Android x-86

Download here: Android-x86

Bliss OS

As the name suggests, it is bliss for Linux users who want something dependable to run Android games. The software is an open-source tool that could manage large data files. Also, it provides flexibility to run Android applications without installing additional tools on the PC. Users will experience improved graphics and loading speeds while using the tool regularly. Bliss OS is a great free Android emulator for Linux which can support multiple devices.

bliss OS
Bliss OS

Download here: Bliss OS


Android Virtual Device (AVD) is a free Android emulator for Linux where you don’t need to pay any extra charges. The tool has an in-built Android IDE for users to complete their development projects. If you want to debug an Android app, AVD can handle the entire procedure efficiently. You can also share data between devices by connecting the system through a USB cable. Moreover, users can customize navigation gestures and seek new opportunities.


In the end, we present to you ARChon with some exclusive details and functioning. The tool is unusually distinct from standard Android emulators based on a Chrome browser, and it means you don’t need to install it on the primary computer explicitly. ARChon uses partial features of Chrome and creates better emulation for users. You can use normal functions like installing apps and games while using the web browser. Overall, it can save you a lot of time to bring Android specifications to Linux.


Download here: ARchon


We hope this guide on Top Android Emulators for Linux will help you know more about the tools. If you have any doubts, consult the respective developers and support the community of emulators, and it will be highly informative for new users out there.

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