Gaming has been gaining massive momentum every year since the 1950s. It started trending back in the 1970s and ’80s. But once smartphones started becoming affordable and readily available in the market, gaming skyrocketed. This article will explain the best android MMO you can experience on your smartphone this year.


Affordable gaming started becoming popular in the 2000s, that is, since the rise of online games that did not require you to pay much to enjoy them. They have also become sources of income for some these days. Therefore, we have combined the best mobile MMORPG in the market right now so that you can explore them and find what your taste truly is!

Not only on android, but even MMOs on iPhones are pretty popular these days. If you do not know what MMORPG means, it is just the short for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, and you will find the 16 best mobile MMOs in this article if you read along, which are an improvement from the best mobile MMORPG 2023.

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16 Best Android MMO

Below is the list of the sixteen best android MMOs.

Odin: Valhalla Rising

One may say that this is just a typical autoplay MMO that has nothing fresh due to some rumors that formed after the company put out the gameplay trailer.

odin valhalla rising

You can call it one of the best android MMOs of 2023 because of its exceptional graphics, breathtaking landscapes, and authentic characters with dynamic skills and fantastic choreography. It confirms that the game will have some elements of autoplay. It’s truly an open world, and you can travel through the landscapes in any way you want!

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The gaming company advertises this as ‘an open-world game beyond imagination,’ You can rely on what they say.


You can create and build and do anything in this game, at any location, and we mean it literally as this is one of the few games where you can authentically taste liberty!

Moonlight Blade

Set in the fictional realm of Wuxia, the characters’ moves were inspired by actual martial arts moves to make the game look as realistic as possible.

moonlight blade

You can relish nearly 15 fifteen kinds of topographies and loads of extraordinary quests in each one!

Ni No Kuni

You can choose from 5 classes, and the game allows you to test out every type before you can make a decision.

ni no kuni

The PvE aspect of the game has a co-op Kingdom Mode where users roam through the game world. The game has been released in five countries and will be available worldwide by summer this year.

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Aion 2

You will be surprised to know that PvP fights can move from land to air in the middle of a fight because all the characters can soar through the sky.

aion 2

Maybe, they can even go to the sea! The liberty given for an android MMO is outstanding in this case!

Chrono Odyssey

This game is a fiction MMO in which the users are part of a community called “Idraiginn,” and its motive is to bring down the twelve eternal gods of the said world.

chrono odyssey

Although released only in South Korea, this game looks promising given its fantastic storyline and graphics.

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RISE Mobile

You will get a cinematic experience by playing this game. The sets from RISE Mobile have features that offer you the feeling of experiencing a film.

rise mobile

Every kind of rival moves dissimilarly. Some rivals might also have sufficiently distinct kinds of abilities that we won’t understand immediately.

Tower of Fantasy

This game stands apart because it has a more naturalistic craft type.

tower of fantasy

It also has a more contemporary aesthetic to it.

Ragnarok Origin

This game has the traditional Ragnarok open-world, mesmerizing, fine-quality anime-type animation.

ragnarok origin

User-controlled growth of the game icons through unique structure combinations, collaborating with friends, and loads of quests.

Black Desert Mobile

This game is very focused on autoplay, and although you can’t play it cross-platform, the mobile version has a similar feel that the popular version of the PC offers.

black desert mobile

It offers numerous features like quests, boss fights, PvP, arenas, five character classes, and hundreds of hours of content that you can dive into.


This game isn’t for the faint of hearts and is one of the most hardcore MMORPGs. Also, It is extremely old school, both in gameplay and its art style.


This MMORPG is a fair and competitive experience with a focus on PvP.

Few More Android MMOs

This is not the end… keep scrolling for more Android MMOs.

Albion Online

This game is cross-platform. You have tons of different gathering, crafting, farming, and combat skills to level up.

albion online

In many ways, it plays a bit like RuneScape in the sense that you are what you wear in Albion. There are no classes or races in the game. This game stands out in its large-scale PvP battles. 

Adventure Quest 3D

It has all the usual MMORPG features like parties and crafting.

adventure quest 3

Moreover, it has a friendly community, decent events, and a humorous, although not groundbreaking, storyline! This game is perfect for anyone who enjoyed the old adventure quest browser games!

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It has over 200 million registered players and at least half a million daily players.

rune scape

As well as, RuneScape is fantastic if you want complete freedom over developing your character. And looking for a game to waste thousands of hours, without running out of content!

Warhammer Odyssey: (Android MMO)

It is an old-fashioned fantasy MMO with no auto systems.

warhammer odyssey

The game has six character types and 12 fields that are not just male or female related. When you move up the game, you also get to explore skill and stat points!

Old School RuneScape

It’s a cross-platform game with complete freedom over how to develop our skills and character, has a massive player base, and has arguably more content and activities than any other MMORPG on mobile.

old school rune scape

The control of a player on the financial structure of the game is vital. Players trade and acquire almost all items and resources for in-game exchanges.


These are some of the best mobile MMORPG on Android and MMORPG on iPhone MMO you can play in 2023. You got to see each game’s unique traits and features that made them stand out. I hope you found this helpful. Happy gaming!

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