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I love my smartphone, don’t you? I own an android phone, just like the remaining 2 billion of you lot. And I’m pretty sure that every one of us wants our phones to remain fast and smooth for as long as possible after unboxing it, right? Thus, you must know about the best Android Optimizing Apps out there.

But the bitter truth that I have learned in my time of being a mobile geek is that there is no phone out there that does not slow down with time. Irrespective of the OS and the specs, all phones exhibit signs of ‘aging’ with time. But luckily, we can do something about it, and no, I am not talking about a factory reset.

In the app store, there are these magical apps called as Android boosters or cleaners. There is just no way that you have opened the play store and have not seen one of these apps somewhere.

Even though you might be made fun of for having one on yours because phones don’t need them in this day and age. Keeping a cleaner on the phone to some people means that the phone is sluggish and crappy. But that is not entirely correct.

When used correctly, a good cleaner or booster app does precisely what it is named for. It boosts your device’s performance and keeps it running smoother for longer.

But notice that I said “a good cleaner,” which means that not all of them are pristine with regards to their functionality. So if you are asking yourself which ones are the best, and how to choose the right ones among an ocean of freeware, you have discovered the page which answers those questions. Here, you will find a list of 3 best android optimizing apps to boost your android. Let’s get right to it.

Best Android Optimizing Apps

Clean Master

Little introduction is needed for this ultra-popular Android optimizing app. Clean Master has been around since Android ICS I believe. To be honest, I was entirely against it in the early days, because I found that clean master was way too aggressive in its cleaning methods.

But now, several updates and patches later, it has grown into one of the leading, and most reliable Android optimizing apps out there.

It is so efficient that the built-in storage cleaner part of the system manager app on my Samsung Galaxy S5, called as ‘smart manager’ is powered by clean master! Even on non-Samsung devices, clean master will work nothing short of optimal.

Clean Master
Clean Master

It has a dedicated junk cleaner and memory booster. You can add quick boost widgets to your home screen, and not to mention the ever-popular game booster folder.

It detects and puts all your games in this folder called game booster. If you launch your games into that folder, it will first clear the RAM and then start the game. It is useful if your phone is running low on active memory, but you want to run Badlands no matter what.

If by some miracle this was your first time hearing about the clean master, you should give this one a try on your old, slow phone. It might turn that bloated, diesel(battery) guzzling truck into a speedy mini cooper!

Systweak Android Cleaner

Okay, now you must be wondering how did I come down from an app like Clean master to this unheard, typical cleaner looking software. But there is one thing about Systweak Android Cleaner app that we like. It’s one of the most reliable Android optimizing apps out there.

Its ability to sort out duplicate media files from your storage. This is a huge help to someone like me, who receives a lot of the same content from different social media sources. It neatly lines up all the duplicate content and has one of them selected for you.

Systweak Android Cleaner
Systweak Android Cleaner

That is what I like about this Android optimizing app. There are many apps out there which can sort out duplicate files. Some apps like ES file manager can list even system generate log files into these duplicates.

The only is that these apps don’t select one of the copies conveniently for you to hit the delete button directly. You will manually have to scroll through the list and choose one of them yourself.

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This app saves you that hassle, but I did find it asking me to grant permission to access my SD card and device storage a lot of times during the clean-up.

And it takes long time because i think it has the access permission to my storage. In case you haven’t guessed it by now, this app is a bit of work in progress, but it is still worth getting and trying out for once. It may not have the most delightful user interface but you can the most out of it.

Startup Manager

Startup Manager is not an immediate cleaner per say, but it boosts your Android’s performance. The app allows you to see which services are running in the background and allows you to enable or disable the startup of any app.

I just have one major complaint regarding this app, and that it the display scaling of the user interface. The icons and text look like ants on my phone’s display.

Startup Manager
Startup Manager

I just have a 1080p screen, and I struggle to click on the tiny icons and settings. I cannot even imagine the struggle if you have a QHD resolution display. The developers need to fix this issue because the app itself is pretty good. Check it out for yourself if you have a 1080p or lower resolution display. It might run just fine on your UI, who knows.

Hope, you loved our list of Android optimizing apps & going to give them a try.


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