If you are an Apple device owner, you must have encountered a problem where you cannot unlock the iCloud activation lock. According to the latest research, 9 out of 10 Apple users face this problem. Using your Apple device without unlocking the iCloud activation lock is almost impossible. Hence, it is very crucial to deactivate the iCloud activation lock.

AnyUnlock is a secure and trustworthy software solution for unlocking your phone on your computer. It ensures device safety and prioritizes the protection and privacy of your personal information during the unlocking process. Additionally, it enables us to unlock various locks on our iDevices, including iOS screen passcodes, iCloud Activation Lock, Apple ID, and MDM restrictions. It offers services like unlocking iPhone SIM cards, removing iTunes backup encryption, and managing iPhone passwords.


But it is not that straightforward to unlock the iCloud activation lock. Today, we will take you through a fast, simple, and successful solution to bypass the iCloud activation lock with this AnyUnlock Review. Although, let’s first understand what is an activation lock and why it exists. Also, check out this guide if your iPhone won’t charge.

A Brief AboutActivation Lock

An activation lock or an iCloud lock is an attribute of Apple’s Find My iPhone feature. This is a security feature of the iPhone for blocking access to the phone if lost or stolen. All Apple devices have this feature in-built. You can enable the activation lock by switching on the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature.

Even if the Apple device deletes remotely, the activation lock will continue to prevent anyone from accessing a device without the owner’s permission. You must keep the ‘find my iPhonefeature and remember your Apple ID and password.

unlock iphone

Although the iCloud activation lock is a reliable protection mechanism, it is a very tedious process to disable this activation lock. One needs to disable the activation lock after finding the stolen device to use it.

Brand-new Apple devices also sometimes have iCloud lock enabled. If you are the first device holder and have preserved your sales receipt, you can get the iCloud lock disabled from your nearby Apple store.

But if you have bought your Apple device second-hand, accepted it as a present, or don’t have the sales receipt, you must find another way to unlock the iCloud activation lock. Another option is AnyUnlock, the fast, simple, and high success rate tool for bypassing the iCloud activation lock.

AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker is a versatile tool for factory resetting iPhones. It facilitates a quick reset and startup, even without Apple ID details, allowing for a seamless experience without knowing the credentials. Beyond occasional factory resets, this professional unlocking tool can handle various unlocking needs.

AnyUnlock Review – iCloud Activation Unlocker

AnyUnlock – iCloud activation unlocker is a trusted and vital tool used to unlock the iCloud activation lock without an Apple ID and password. This tool was launched and released by iMobie Inc, Los Angeles.

anyunlock iphone

The AnyUnlock – iCloud activation unlocker also provides a surprise feature for checking your Apple device’s status, which stops you from buying any inconvenient device and helps you find your Apple ID and password in just a click. Read about how to approve an iPhone from a PC by Clicking here!

Needs to Unlock Your iPhone Password:

We’re humans and are likely to forget passwords, especially with the increasing number of online accounts and devices requiring access.

forgot iphone password

Here are reasons you might need to unlock your iPhone password:

  • Forgot Your iPhone Passcode:
    iPhone passcodes can be forgotten due to their complex nature, necessitating an unlocking app like AnyUnlock to bypass Touch and Face ID or other passwords.
  • Locked Out of Your iPhone:
    Let’s be honest, we don’t really use different passwords while changing them. We just use a different variation of a common one. This can lead to confusion while typing out the password.
  • Multiple incorrect passcode attempts can lead to being locked out for security. Unlocking tools become crucial in these situations.
  • Locked Out of Your Apple ID:
    Our Apple ID is vital for various iOS functions. Losing its password can cause significant issues. Unlocking tools, such as AnyUnlock, offer a solution to regain access. Installing unlocking tools like AnyUnlock provides a convenient way to overcome these challenges and regain access to your device.
  • Unlocking Convenience for Your Apple Devices: Whether you’ve recently purchased a device or are preparing to sell one and cannot remove the Apple ID, Unlocking apps like AnyUnlock can swiftly resolve such situations, ensuring a seamless experience.

Check out this article if you plan on erasing your iPhone without the iCloud Password.

AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker Features

Moving on with AnyUnlock Review, we have listed a few features for you. They are as follows:

Bypass iCloud activation lock

AnyUnlock removes the iCloud activation lock easily with just a few clicks. The interesting thing is that you don’t need the Apple ID and password for unlocking.

iphone bypass activation locker

Once the lock is disabled, the users can relinquish Apple features like music, movies, games, applications, podcasts, etc., on their Apple devices without worrying about their device security.

Find apple ID

There are some instances when you cannot remember your Apple ID, which links to the iCloud activation lock, and you fail to get it back by any means.

apple id in iphone

Don’t worry. You can find your Apple ID with just a simple click using AnyUnlock.

iDevice verification

AnyUnlock can also be used to verify your Apple device. It checks whether the activation lock is enabled, whether it is connected to Apple ID, if any hardware is replaced, what is the battery’s health, etc.

report idevice

After performing the checks, AnyUnlock generates a detailed report. This report comes in handy for warning users about malware.

Unlock Screen Passcode

Forgetting device passcodes is common, especially when we buy new devices. AnyUnlock makes it easy to unlock various iOS screen locks, including numeric codes, patterns, Touch ID, Face ID, and more.

unlock screen passcode

With three simple steps, this tool is user-friendly and can unlock all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models.

Bypass MDM Lock

Mobile Device Management (MDM) administers devices, imposing restrictions for professional use.

mobile device management

AnyUnlock’s Bypass MDM mode efficiently removes remote or local MDM locks on iOS devices without data loss. No jailbreaking is required for removal, providing a swift solution.

Remove SIM Lock

AnyUnlock’s Remove SIM Lock function unlocks iPhones restricted to a specific carrier. In just 5 minutes and a few clicks, you can unlock your iPhone from carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, and others.

remove sim lock

No need to wait for carrier assistance and it’s compatible with the latest AnyUnlock version.

Remove iTunes Backup Encryption and Password

AnyUnlock helps with iTunes backup encryption removal or password retrieval. We can use the ‘Remove iTunes Backup Encryption’ mode to unlock the iPhone backup encryption.

itunes backup encryption
Without knowing our iTunes backup password, we can’t restore our data.

AnyUnlock can also help us retrieve our iTunes backup password with a single click. It supports all iOS systems and iTunes versions, ensuring your data is intact during the process.

iOS Password Manager

AnyUnlock serves as an iOS password manager, allowing easy access, viewing, exporting, and management of various passwords on your iOS devices.

ios password manager

Forget worries about being locked out or losing important data due to forgotten passwords. Access and manage your passwords with simple clicks.

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AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker Supported Devices

anyunlock logo

Let’s move further in AnyUnlock Review. Certain Apple devices support specific features of AnyUnlock – iCloud activation unlocker. Go through the list below to know about the tools and their versions that support AnyUnlock:

Devices that support iCloud activation lock bypass:

  • iOS version:
    • iOS 12.3 and later, excluding iOS 12.4.5 and 12.4.6.
  • Device Model:
    • iPhone 5s to iPhone X
    • iPad 4 to iPad 7
    • iPod 7 to iPod 9  

Devices that support iDevice verification:

  • iOS version:
    • iOS 7 and later
  • Device Model:
    • iPhone
    • iPad 
    • iPod touch

AnyUnlock Pricing

This powerful unlocking tool is not free but provides many packages according to our needs.

anyunlock pricing

  • Unlock Screen Passcode: 1 Device/1 Computer – $39.99
  • Remove Apple ID: 1 Device/1 Computer – $35.99
  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock: 1 Device/1 Computer – $39.99
  • Bypass MDM: 1 Device/1 Computer – $39.99
  • Remove iTunes Backup Encryption: 1 Device/1 Computer – $29.99

Starting from the 3-month plans, they also offer 1-year and lifetime plans, as well as the full toolkit version.

Side Effects Of Jailbreaking The Device

The bypassing feature of AnyUnlock – iCloud activation unlocker jailbreak the device. This jailbreaking harm the device.

using apple phone

  • Phone calls cannot be made using the SIM card anymore. Also, SIM cards cannot be used for surfing the internet using cellular data.
  • The ‘Facetime’ and ‘iMessages‘ features will be disabled.
  • Logging in to a new iCloud account is restricted in the account settings.
  • Apple devices cannot use iTunes.

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AnyUnlock is strictly for personal use. Please do not use it for illegal or commercial purposes!

Another useful unlock program of AnyUnlock is AnyUnlock – an iPhone password unlocker. We often find ourselves in a situation where we cannot remember the password of our iPhones.

As scary as the situation sounds, AnyUnlock has a solution for this. The AnyUnlock – iPhone password unlocker helps you unlock your iPhone with just a few clicks and enables you to cope with a very scary situation.

warning virus malware

AnyUnlock has proved to be a handy and robust tool for solving the issue of unlocking the iCloud activation lock with ease. Do give this powerful tool a try, and it will work wonders. This was all for AnyUnlock Review.


How much does Anyunlock cost?

Anyunlock has fixed prices for different operations. It can vary with devices and the number of devices that you need to unlock. It is also helpful in opening iCloud.

Is the anyunlock app free?

Anyunlock is not a free app. It requires a certain fee per device. There is a trial period available in which you can install and use certain features free for a limited time.

Is Anyunlock software safe?

Anyunlock software has passed all the tests and is safe to use. Anyunlock help people with personal use. Using the technology for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited by the website.

Can you unlock a disabled iPhone?

We can easily unlock iPhones with the help of the free unlocker App, Anyunlock. It can be done by using the security code.


We hope this article about AnyUnlock Review was helpful to you. Do leave us your feedback.

It motivates us to keep writing more such content for you. Thank you, and happy surfing. Ciao!

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