4 Best App Lockers for Android to Protect Your Data


We all own smartphones (or at least the ones who would bother to read this article will). They have become an undeniable part of our everyday lives. And what makes them so addictive that we glue them to our hands all day? Apps! These magical little icons that open up different worlds of entertainment and internet make a smartphone ‘smart.’ Thus, you must know about the best App Lockers for Android out there.

But we all have some apps which we do not wish to donate for public use, meaning that they are for your viewing only. They need protection, and that’s where app lockers come to your rescue.

App lockers help you lock the apps which you don’t want other people to access while leaving the rest of the phone unlocked and usable for anyone.

So if you are fortunate enough to own an android phone, which I believe you are (mainly since they are not too expensive to get, and they’re frigging awesome). So here is a list of the 4 best app lockers for android phones. Pick one up which suits you, and enjoy!

Top 4 App Lockers for Android


This is one of my personal favorites. FingerSecurity is an app locker for Android devices, which allows you to use your device’s fingerprint sensor to lock access to apps.

One thing I observed with these fingerprint based app locker is that they do not support older hardware, like that on my old Galaxy S5.

But that is the stand out feature of this app, which it works with even the oldest if hardware. So legacy phone owners, rejoice!

Just download the app from the Google play store and choose which apps to lock. You can also select the lock animation for successful and failed fingerprint ID.


I’ve noticed that this app works very well and does not close down in the background. That was an issue that I encountered while testing some other apps.

There is a notification in your drop down shade that will persist. You can disable it, but the app warns you that it might not always be running in the background if you turn off that persistent notification.

But even with the notification disabled, I found the app to be running pretty consistently. There were no instances of it closing down on me, over the apps that are supposed to be locked. It’s one of the ideal app lockers for android phones, and you should give it a try.

Applock – Fingerprint

This is another popular app that you might’ve heard of from the play store. Applock – Fingerprint supports not just fingerprint, but also a PIN combination. One exciting feature of this app is that it allows you to set different passwords for different apps.

That’s pretty cool, is it not? You can remember which password is for what app, by reversing the app name (you’re welcome) or something like that!

AppLock - Fingerprint
AppLock – Fingerprint

What’s smart is that there is an option to set profiles based on different connections, like a trusted Wi-Fi network or while connected to a trusted Bluetooth device, to disable the app locker.

I use it to disable the app when my phone is connected to “home” Wi-Fi network. No one touches my phone at home vicinity anyway, so it saves me a few seconds of entering a PIN or swiping my finger over the home button.

It’s a one of the best & reliable app lockers for Android phone. Check it out now from the Google play store.

Norton App Lock

An app lock named after a famous mobile and desktop antivirus solution, Norton app locker is one of the most reliable app locker for android out there. It provides a choice between pattern, fingerprint lock or a traditional PIN. What I like a lot about this app is the fact that it is entirely free from ads.

Norton App Lock
Norton App Lock

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There is a feature which was a bit buggy at first but now seems to be working fine, i.e. the intruder selfie. It captures the photo of anyone who enters the wrong password or pin thrice.

If you are looking for a simple app locker for android, you will be very well served by Norton app lock.

CM App Locker for Android

This is one of my old favorites among app lockers for android. It is very unreliable in its early days, where it would reveal the contents of the locked apps in the recent apps screen and had many more bugs. But now it has gotten a lot better with smoother animations and better background availability.

CM App is ad-free, can lock settings such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and gives you active suggestions on which apps you should protect. You need to provide usage data access to this app, as it needs to know when Wi-Fi or cellular data has been enabled or disabled, to change the security in those settings.

I noticed that the pattern interface had not changed a lot since the early days. It is still the smooth, blue trail between dots, which still looks nice. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, I guess.


It also maintains other legacy features like intruder selfie and emailing the same photo to you. You can choose themes for it from your gallery if you’d like to, which is cool. Fingerprint works all the time, and you can also enter the backup password or pattern to unlock your app.

But I did notice that the old issue of it revealing everything in the recent apps window was evident on some phone skins like the preceding Samsung TouchWiz UI, but was not the case on a stock android device. I guess you will have to try it yourself to see if your phone UI is affected this way.


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