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Android aniOS are two major brands that rock the mobile phone market. However, both these brands are competing with each other since their launch. This competition makes it next to impossible to decide which is a better one to choose. But, apple launchers for Android comes handy when you want to transform your Android phone into iPhone.


Most people prefer Android phones because they get the flexibility they want. For instance, free downloading of songs and movies and the opportunity to extend storage are only in Android. You can also use a variety of apps for your every need, for instance, Android optimizing apps. One additional thing that Android phones can do is that you can make them look like an iPhone. This transformation cannot be done the other way around when converting your iPhone to an Android. So, without changing the entire phone, you can do what is prescribed in the article to get the desired experience. Some people prefer iPhone for their security, but both iPhone and android devices are vulnerable. Though iPhone devices are said to provide security than Android, Keylogger for iPhone is a simple tool with which your data can be monitored. So, we cannot come to a conclusion that which one is more secure. 

This article will put forward various Apple launchers for Android to download for an iPhone experience on your Android device. Make sure that you spend enough time comprehending the different options that have been laid out here.

Best iOS Launcher For Android – Options To Look Out For

As of mid-2021, the latest iOS that exists in the market is iOS 14. The focus of this article would be to talk about iOS 14 and how to get it onto your Android device. This article is focused on iOS 14 to make sure that you are apt with the latest iOS version. 

The applications that have been presented here will not require you to be a master in technology. However, even if you know to use basic applications, you will easily use these platforms. 

Launcher iPhone

The best iPhone launcher from top iPhone launchers that you will ever come across is Launcher iPhone. This application is indeed available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free. In just a single click, you will see your Android phone being transformed into an iPhone. Furthermore, you will see that it is an extremely easy thing to do if you want to get a replica of an iPhone. From the applications to getting the search applications bar, you will see everything you have seen on an iPhone.

launcher iphone
Launcher iPhone

Visit: Launcher iPhone

iPhone X launcher

iPhone X Launcher is another option out of the Apple Launchers for Android that will help you enjoy an iPhone’s benefits. If you have seen an iPhone X, you will comprehend what we are trying to explain here. You will get a replica of an iPhone X on your Android phone.

Well, that is not it – you will additionally get the best iPhone themes for Android too. So, you are experiencing the iPhone here. The only problem that might occur is that you might see a lot of advertisements popping up frequently. So, it might be a little irritating. However, you will enjoy most of the benefits of using this application on your phone.

iphone x launcher
iPhone X Launcher

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Launcher iOS 14

Another application that hits the list of the best Apple launchers for Android is Launcher iOS 14. You will certainly be up to date when you use this application. With this app, you will get everything that you need to experience when you have an iPhone. However, it is not a permanent change that is happening. You can do this for the current time so that you learn things quickly. Launcher iOS 14 is one of the few launchers that is extremely lightweight. It will seem that you are using an iPhone itself. 

launcher ios 14
Launcher iOS 14

Visit: Launcher iOS 14

LuuTinh iOS 14 Launcher

If you want every bit of your Android phone to be like an iPhone, this is the best iOS launcher you will ever come across. This launcher tries its best to stay updated with the latest changes in the new operating system provided by Apple. Additionally, it does not make your device slow because it is extremely light. To make it a more realistic experience, it even allows you to get the iOS 14 wallpapers.

luutinh ios14 launcher
LuuTinh iOS 14 Launcher

Visit: LuuTinh iOS 14 Launcher

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Now that you have the list of the Apple launchers for Android, you can now get an iPhone on your Android device. So, you don’t need to invest in a new phone! iPhones expect you to invest a lot of money, but you do not need to do that now. If you are distrustful about whether or not you should buy an iPhone instead of an Android, this is the only way to decide. You must be aware that phones do not allow a trial period for you. Furthermore, it is necessary to note that when you choose any of the Apple launchers for Android, make sure that they allow you to switch back to your old Android system to go back if you do not like the system to basics. This means that everything from text messagingcalling, and all other functions should return back to original state. 

Another thing you might want to note is that some of these iPhone launchers for Android might ask you to pay for them. Well, if you are planning to switch from an Android to an iPhone, you might want to spend this money. It is going to cost you a lot lesser than the iPhone. Consider it as a trial period investment so that you do not regret spending a larger amount on your phone later.

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