Nothing is more frustrating than finishing a fantastic book or series and having nowhere to turn. Finding a more specialized, smaller author to support or a book series that resonates as much as the one you recently fell in love with can take time and effort. Therefore, there is a requirement for apps that recommend books.

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Some prefer reading books or playing board games after family dinner. Good news for avid readers, as a great reading app is back. Some of the apps that recommend books are likewise, Goodreads, Libby, book sloth, etc.

Please read our guide to finding the perfect app for book lovers like you. It is where the book recommendation app comes in. Refer to our article and find the best book suggestion app to download today.

Best Book Reading Apps That Recommend Books

Some of the best reading list apps that are recommended are:


Similarly, Likewise can suggest several books each day and mark them as read or save them to read later. Then, if you already have books on your To-Read list, you may create a new list or examine your stored books under the Saved tab. It is considered one of the best apps that recommend books. 


Similar to this, there is a Community option where you may browse or join discussions, get recommendations from others, and join groups for your preferred genres. You can spend hours reading popular books on the Discover tab thanks to lists like “Lana Del Rey’s Favorite Readings” and “19 Page Turns of Her That Read Like an Action Movie.” This app can help you connect with like-minded communities and discover your new favorite TV shows, movies, or podcasts.

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The Goodreads app offers personalized suggestions based on your favorite genres and previously read books. Look at the cover of a book you like to see whether there is a review on Goodreads. You can rate or add recommendations to your Want to Read list when you view them. Additionally, the app contains a cover scanner, which is useful in a real-world bookstore.


You can search through various listings on Goodreads under the Discover tab to find books. The app also provides reading challenges and giveaways for connecting with your local reading community. You can also invite friends or join groups.

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Inkitt is a great app to support aspiring authors who have just published a book or are working on a book and looking for feedback. Tell the app which genres you like, and it will automatically recommend a book or two that it thinks you’ll enjoy. 


Overall, the app does a good job of finding niche picks from smaller writers you wouldn’t have heard of. After reading a story, you can leave a comment, like, or complete a rating. You can also download available free books offline even when you are not at home.

Best C# Books – Based On Reviews, Popularity, And More!BookShelf

Bookshelf doesn’t give you personalized recommendations, but there’s much to see in the Explore tab. Filter the books by category to see many options like Crime & Thrillers, Food & Drink, Romance, Sports, and more. After selecting a category, you can select a subcategory to narrow your options further. Like others, this is also one of the best apps that recommend books. 


One of the great things about this app is the virtual bookshelf. Each category contains the 60 bestsellers in that genre all the time. And while you can’t read every book review, you can see the number of reviews and star ratings for each of the 60 books in a category. Add books you’ve read and track how much you love them with a 5-star rating system, tags, and notes.

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BookSloth offers personalized recommendations based on your interests and allows you to browse curated listings. You can then keep track of all the books you’ve read or want to add to your future reading list, review books when you’re done, and even work towards fun achievements within the app. 


The app also permits you to create a profile to connect with people who enjoy the same genres and authors. If you want to avoid being friends with anyone, you can easily interact with the community by having book discussions or joining a book club.

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If you love buying paper books but want to spend your entire salary on something other than books, you need to check out ThriftBooks. ThriftBooks offers extensive curated lists, current bestsellers, and personalized recommendations. All books in the app are rated 5 stars, and most books are rated and reviewed. 


ThriftBooks is also great if you are a college student looking for the cheapest textbooks. You can always double-check Amazon and Chegg to get the best prices, but other retailers usually beat it at ThriftBooks. Plus, shop through the app, join the ReadingRewards program and receive a free book for every 500 points. And who doesn’t like free books?

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We’ve collected the best free books for iPhones from your public library—a great choice for old-school book lovers who miss public libraries.


Interesting features: Enter your library card information and experience the entire process of borrowing a book. If you’ve missed your favorite public library, check out epub versions of the books on Libby! Not. Using Libby in conjunction with Amazon also allows you to collect audiobooks from public libraries.

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A digital version of your bookshelf. The number one choice for those who want to organize and classify bookshelves. Interesting features: Point your camera at a book and let this signature app, representing the best iPhone apps for book lovers, work its magic! 


If you’re the type who always buys books at any bookstore, this app is for you! Shelfie lets you browse your books and organize your previously purchased patterns and reading notes in one place. This app also gives you the option of personalized book recommendations. The app syncs your library with your other devices, so you always have instant access and no need to buy anything that isn’t on your list.


Social media for book lovers. The first choice is one of the best apps that recommend books, especially for extroverts who love reading and sharing thoughts about books. Interesting features: You can create a group with other users enjoying this top Android app for book lovers. It also supports hashtags. 


Litsy is an app designed with all features to help you socialize. See reading moments from your friends, favorite authors, and popular influencers. This in-app community allows you to feel connected to others while reading. Of course, I’m ready to share my thoughts on the book.

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Are these recommended apps safe and secure?

Yes, these apps are fully safe and secure, and also these apps maintain your privacy.

Do these applications use more memory?

These applications use limited memory and don’t consume much memory.


With great recommendations at your fingertips, you’ll always have books to read as you have good books app with you. While the app’s algorithmic recommendations are usually spot on, these in-app communities are great for finding even more recommendations and connecting with like-minded people. If you love the smell, feel and enchanting world of physical books, visit your local library or bookstore.

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