Old furniture from your ancestors to lovely wedding dress bought for your wedding, are you looking to get rid of this type of stuff and want to redecorate them with new ones? Want to change your closet? Looking at your completed gaming or watched movie CD’s and thinking of what use are they to you now? If your response is yes, then you have arrived at the best place to get knowledge on how to start selling your old stuff for cash. Thus, you must know about the Apps to Sell Stuff online.

Some may like your old stuff. Maybe your things will be their dream to buy. It’s in your hands. Download one of the best apps and sell your old stuff to people who consider them of use.

You can also buy used things. Some may be unused things which were given to them as gifts. Many apps came into existence to sell your things, to make your work easy we spotted the Apps to Sell Stuff for you!

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Right Away

Here is the list of the best apps to sell the stuff you want:

Offer Up

If you are a frequent seller and looking for some extra cash for the goods which you sell, offer up is the right place for you. It rewards the repeated sellers with extra cash for the ones offering good customers.offer up

These rewards make this app attractive as it gets a very good customer review which increases its selling rate, which results in a win-win situation for you as well as the app.

Download Now:  OfferUp for Android | OfferUp for iOS

Facebook Buy & Sell Groups

Facebook is not only about all the likes on your recent picture or the cute comments on your background pictures. It’s not only about sharing stuff and tagging friends in comic memes.

As you all know Facebook is the greatest social media stage which is used by people not only around you but numerous people around 70 million users ignoring fake ids.

So among these many users, it is very much possible to find a group of people with interest to buy your used stuff. Even Facebook contains this type of group where you can sell your old/used things. Confused right? Open your Facebook account, select “buy & sell groups” in the explore menu.


The groups will be listed based on your geographical location. There are two types of Selling groups on FB namely General stuff and Yard sale (not yard stuff).

You may not be allowed to list controversial items like firearms etc. Make sure you are joining the relevant group so your product can gain attention. For example, do not join the electronic gadgets sell/buy group and list your guitar/ book. Read the description before you join a group.


Are you a person who wants to adapt to trending styles day to day? How about updating your closet with high-end bags, clothes, and shoes? But you have to get rid of the old stuff first.

Poshmark is the exact place for you to sell all those high-end bags and those glittery high heels, those shades you have used only a few times, and those shining watches which aren’t old yet but you wanna get rid of them. If you are in any one of the situations listed above, Poshmark is your place!


Download the Poshmark app and make money from your old stuff to buy new stuff. Over 5000 brands in every size. Thousands of styles-party wear to wedding dresses. Go and check it out!!

Download Now: Poshmark for Android |Poshmark for iOS


eBay is one of the largest Apps for Sell Stuff. For all these days, you have been thinking that eBay is all about shipping goods to places across the globe.

We are here to correct you! You can also list out bulky items like washing machines, PCs, Television sets (or) gaming consoles, etc., and sell it to people who are closer to your location. On eBay, barcode scanner helps you for easy to scan an item and list it in minutes.ebay

You can send messages and receive messages from buyers, and you can sell directly to the buyer. After ordering and payments, you can trace your order and get notifications.

Download Now: eBay for Android | eBay for iOS


Getting bored of playing that same game? Oh, wait! Did the sequel of the game you completed come out, and are you no longer interested in the previous one? Or get bored with the old gaming console?

Maybe you have piled up many DVDs of games or movies. If anything of the above is the case, if you want to get rid of them in exchange for cash, Decluttr is your Apps to Sell Stuff!Decluttr

The best part of it is that you will receive payment on the next day of the sale. Just download the app, signup, and provide details. Scan the barcode to begin listing. Ship the item you want to sell for FREE. Receive your money through PayPal (or) Direct deposit (or) paper check which is sent through the mail.

Download Now: Decluttr for Android | Decluttr for iOS

Trove Market

Hosting a party at your place? (or) Are your interiors look old school? Getting bored your old furniture (or) Interior decor? Try this! Take a snap of your old furniture, list details about it and post it. Make a deal with your buyer in a private chat. Don’t worry! This will not reveal any of your personal information.trove market

You can negotiate their offer until they give you the figure which satisfies you. You get payment through the direct app itself through Direct deposit (or) Venmo for credit offers (or) Cash on delivery. Take initiation and step into your newly renovated home.


This App to Sell Stuff is where you can buy, and sell your things in your locality up to 5 miles. If you are in an emergency situation and you need a babysitter for your child. Chill! Open the 5miles app and search.

Everything is linked with this app, from a plumber to a cleaning service. Want to find a job near you? Want to find a house/apartment for rent or sale?5miles

You are just a click away from the solution to all the problems above. Download the 5miles app and get in touch with your needs in your locality. NO transaction fees.

If you want to meet your buyer, you can meet them! If you don’t want to meet them, No problem they can have the item shipped to you. Don’t worry your information will not reveal because it provides a SEAL (Safe Area Exchange Locator).

Download Now: 5miles app on Android


This is a great career opportunity, not just being a reseller, but you can turn this into a good business.amazon seller

Amazon is a pretty big business to join in and we all know that. So selling here anything all you need to be is a part of amazon. You can be a part of amazon by joining a partnership or business policies offered by amazon.


Claiming to be an advertisement app. Olx is one of the bestselling apps where you can resell and buy stuff. To sell stuff, list the product you want to sell. Here listing includes uploading all the pictures along with the terms and conditions of your product.olx

Items can be listed as both return or no return policy. This listing can be done both manually or through the AI of the app. Depending upon the seller’s choice. Also, Olx has zero charges demand.


One more sell items app is called Freeup, and it’s a wardrobe-freeing app. It helps you to sell items you don’t need anymore and make money from them easily. Also, the products get sold as quickly as within 4 days.freeup

For some people, eBay is the only go-to place for buying and selling items. But if you’re looking to buy something that’s just not available on eBay, maybe you should try Freeup.

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Another selling items app, this one, is a mimic of eBay and OLX.next door

As opposed to simply finding sellers or buyers in your neighborhood, Nextdoor helps neighbors around the world give and receive trusted information, get things done, and sell and buy things.


What app is best to sell items?

To label anything best, people always choose their experience and outcome, no matter what. Here are a few apps to sell stuff: eBay, OLX, VarageSale, Chairish, Gazelle, and Letgo. Overall, OfferUp offers the best service, Poshmark offers the best clothes, Facebook Marketplace offers the best speed, Decluttr provides the best technology and electronics, and 5Miles offers the best furniture and big-ticket items.

What is the easiest selling app?

Here is a list of sell items apps, where you can sell products with ease. Not just these sites help you to be a reseller and clear your excessive materials rather it also helps you to grow professionally or run a business. Amazon Trade-In Program, Facebook Marketplace, VarageSale, eBay, and OLX are a few easy selling apps.

How do I sell unwanted items?

The options are vast here, and the majority serve easy and hassle-free selling of products or even starting a business. Facebook marketplace is a great option to sell unwanted items; other than that, apps like Nextdoor, Letgo, and Offerup are the few best places to hop into sell and buy second-hand and classy things.

Where can I sell my stuff 2023?

Selling stuff is no longer a chore. There are multiple sites to sell stuff. Whether negotiation for selling your stuff is a thing or not, multiple apps, as per your comfort, are available. These apps are OfferUp, Chairish, Gazelle, Letgo, VarageSale, Facebook Marketplace, and Decluttr.

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To sum up, there are numerous apps that you can use to sell your used or refurbished things. Even enroll in a business program like being an Amazon Seller. These apps are some of the best seller apps you must try to generate a handsome amount of money.

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