AT&T APN Settings | Step by Step Guide

APN stands for access point network. The access path network is the path through which the SIM card of the phone interacts and connects to the internet. However, it is not necessary that the only connection to the internet is possible through it. APN is also in use to connect the messaging services like MMS to the phone. Thus, you must know about AT&T APN Settings.


A more generalized definition of APN is that it is a way through which the connection to the internet and the sending and receiving of multimedia over the phone network is possible. The APN has full support by all forms of a network like GSM, 4G, 3G or even upcoming 5G network.

A mobile that wants to connect to the internet makes a request through the APN to which the network recognizes it and then confirms the connection.

The mobile network makes use of various forms of requests like WAP or GPRS. They are most common ways to connect. The APN of different network providers is different. So it is safe to assume that the connection mechanism is also slightly different.

However, the general parts of connection are still the same. There are various ways to which the connection to the internet is possible and the name of APN address can also vary.

For instance, the APN name for AT&T mobile network is NEXTGENPHONE. This helps in distinguishing one network from another.

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Now the first thing that must be taken into account is that for different network there are different setting forms. For example, in the 3G mobile network, at&t apn settings are as follows:

AT&T APN Settings for 3G Mobile Network

Steps for AT&T APN Settings to be followed for 3G Mobile Network.

Step #1

We know that the general setting that a 3G network uses to connect to the internet is WAP. This is less stable when compared to 4G. So the first step in connecting to the internet using the APN is naming of the operator.

To do this, just click on the network settings of the phone and then click on add APN. After this, add the name as “ATT.” This step is significant in recognizing the network.

Step #2

The next step is to apply actual APN for the network. To do this, click on the APN. Then type wap.cingular in the given field. This specifies the pathway to the connection. It is essential to take special care while using the “.” Sign in-between “wap” and “cingular.” If you forget to apply the “.” sign, then the APN won’t be able to connect to the internet.

Step #3

The next step is to fill up the remaining information in the rest of the fields. Leave the fields of the “proxy” and “port” blank. Give the username as

Fill the field for the password as cingular1. Leave the “Server” field blank. The MMSC is filled with Fill the ports as 80, 310, and 410 respectively. The rest of the remaining fields are as “default.” In all the steps it is vital to remember that the all the character in the fields are case sensitive.

So, you should not replace a small letter with a capital letter word. The next important thing is that while applying the following step to the phone APN, you must give special care to the username and password.

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AT&T APN Settings for 4G Mobile Network

For 4G there are slight variations in the whole process. The changes in AT&T APN settings are described in following steps.

Step #1

Same as above the first step is to name the APN. In case of a 4G network, the name of the network should be ATT HSPA+. The user should note the spacing between the words. This step is paramount in the whole process.

Step #2

One ca determine the AT&T APN service by the filling of the APN field. Fill the field of APN by “phone.” This assures that the APN is in connection with the network. GIve Special attention to the lower case of the phone.

This is important because it helps in identifying the network to the internet. This step is also vital for the setting us APN as a whole. The APN field is the field that distinguishes the phone of the user from other phones. So it is an important step to get right.

Step #3

The final step in AT&T APN settings is filling out the rest of the fields. The rest of the fields include proxy, port, username, password, Etc. Leave these fields  blank.

The next field to fill up is the field of the MMSC. You should fill the field with The port value should be the same as above for the 3G settings.

All the rest of the field should be as default. If these following steps are followed carefully and correctly, the AT&T APN will be successfully set-up on the phone.

Final Words

With this, we come to the end of the step to step guide for AT&T APN Settings. As it is widely known, that AT&T has 130 million subscribers in the U.S.A. This makes their users pool very vast with each of them needing internet to connect.

The steps given in this article is written to help everyone who needs help in setting up the AT&T APN services. The users of AT&T should take into account that the setup for 5G is not introduced. Hence, the configuration was in exclusion from the list.

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