An antivirus program like Avast might have discovered anything hazardous (wrong), so it may be blocking the internet connection. You’ll learn how to solve this issue of “Avast is blocking my internet connection” in this article. Now you can also fix if you Avast RPC Service is Unavailable.

To fix the Vast blocking the internet connection, try upgrading the Avast, using the HTTPS Scanning method and the Webshield, Except for The URLS or the Switch it off method. To know about these ways in detail, keep on reading the article. 

An array of modules are used by Avast, a security program that guards your PCs and company data against the majority of assaults. Using one Web Shield module, you may check the websites you visit and have any harmful code found blocked. Antivirus sometimes blocks trustworthy websites. You must turn off the Web Shield module or add the site to the Exclusions list to get around Avast and visit a prohibited website. When the module is deactivated, your system and data are at risk since some websites can be harmful. Let’s read further on fixing the Avast blocking my internet connection. Also, learn how to fix avast online content not available.

Why is Avast preventing me from accessing the internet?

Around 100 million people use Avast worldwide, and it includes a wide range of features, including cleaning, VPN, and many antivirus and internet protection versions.

Several people have complained that their computers have become sluggish, the internet is down, or the computers have started to lag or freeze. Let’s concentrate on the internet issue in this piece while we describe the sluggish system issue in a separate post.

Misconfiguration is usually to blame when it does, but let’s look at some of the components that might interfere with internet connectivity.

  •  If a virus, threat, or corrupted software is found, avast has stopped internet access to stop it from being downloaded and infected.
  • Avast firewall blocking internet connection Rules or Avast Active Shields are blocking the connection.avast internet connection
  • The URL blacklist has prohibited certain websites.
  • Avast antivirus software that is out-of-date or expired

The pro tip: try disabling Avast for a while to see if it restores your ability to access the internet. This will also assist you in confirming that Avast is to blame for the internet’s malfunction.

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Avast Firewall is blocking the Internet Connection.

Let us see different ways of fixing “Avast is blocking my internet connection.”

Upgrade Avast

Avast is an antivirus program that can create a firewall to defend devices from hacking and security lapses. However, Avast is likely not up to date when it starts disrupting the internet connection. This section explains how to update the Avast software on a Windows computer to fix Avast network issues:update avast

  1. To access settings, use the Avast program on your computer. The update option from the general tab may be found by checking on the left side and scrolling down.
  2. When an update becomes available, hit the “update” button after selecting the “check for updates” option.

The second update technique when Avast Disconnects the internet from the section below can be used if the first one doesn’t work for you to update Avast;

  1. Using the taskbar’s right-click menu, choose the Avast app icon. Locate the update option by scrolling down and right-clicking.
  2. Click “check for updates” under “program” after that.program

When the update button appears, if it’s accessible, touch it.  avast settingsSee Also: How To Fix “Firewall Won’t Turn On” Issue In Under 5 Minutes

HTTPS Scanning and the Webshield

If Avast has no updates, you can try deactivating Webshield and HTTPS scanning to fix the internet connection. This is because certain Avast protection methods have the potential to disable an internet connection. The steps to disable these two options are shared in the section that follows;

  1. On the computer, launch the Avast program and access the dashboard. Next, press the settings menu tab and select “core shields.” core sheild
  2. Next, select “Configure shield settings” and scroll down to Webshield. Finally, uncheck the Webshield box and select “Enable HTTPS scanning.”configure
  3. You may use the internet connection without problems if you save the settings. This can fix your Avast not connecting to the internet.enable

Except for The URLS

You should exclude the specified URL from the blacklist when Avast Firewall begins blocking a site, and the internet access stops working to ensure better access. Avast offers a whitelist. Moreover, users may add applications, URLs, and file paths to the list and remove them from screening. site blockedFollow the guidelines if you’re unsure how to accept these URLs. A new window will open, allowing you to input the website’s Address. Once you press the enter key, you can go to the website or app again to check the Avast is blocking your internet connection. 

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Switch It Off

You can disable the Avast app or protection to speed up the internet connection if the troubleshooting steps in this article don’t resolve the issue. disableYou’ll have access to the restricted websites when Avast is removed, and internet access will be enhanced.

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How do I avoid Avast?

You can get around it by turning off Avast's shields from the settings menu. After you are done needing to circumvent it, remember to switch them back on.

Why does Avast constantly deny access to websites?

If a certain site has a record of phishing or is on Avast's blacklist, an error message stating Avast blocking websites will show. Avast has banned a dangerous webpage or file! Web Shield, according to the error message.

How do I make an Avast app unblocked?

To unlock an application on Avast, add it to the list of exempted applications in the settings and add it to the exceptions list.

Do I install Avast Web Shield?

A useful add-on is Web Shield, which may shield you from online dangers such as javascript attacks that don't require installation.

What impedes my internet connection so persistently?

By clearing the cache and history of your browser, you can have your internet connection back. The main cause is that cookies and browser history occasionally prevent a website's IP address, which might prevent your internet connection from working.

How do I uninstall Avast from Chrome?

By choosing Disable Avast Browser from the context menu when you right-click the Start button, you can also access Task Management. It would help if you now looked for Avast Secure Browser on the Startup tab. When you find it, right-click on it and choose Disable.

Does free antivirus suffice?

Free antivirus is sufficient for home usage and basic security for most of us. Your device is scanned for common viruses, harmful files and programs are blocked, and any malicious software is removed.

Why is my internet being blocked by my firewall?

A firewall's responsibility is to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, as already mentioned. Because of this, it sometimes misinterprets signals and considers Avast firewall blocking WiFi traffic harmful. As a result, a Firewall blocks your WiFi, preventing you from accessing the internet.

Is it possible for a virus to prevent you from using the internet?

Some dangerous malware changes the machine's DNS settings or adds several entries to your operating system's host file. By altering these settings, computer viruses might cause redirection issues or completely shut down the Internet connection.

Which is superior, Avast or Kaspersky?

Avast and Kaspersky are both superior antivirus programs overall. It provides several helpful features at a significantly lesser cost than the other service. Also, it offers live chat, email, and other customer care alternatives in addition to the phone.

Avira vs. Avast: Which is superior?

Compared to Avira, Avast offers more security-enhancing tools and supplemental utilities in its security suites, making it the obvious victor. According to independent testing, Avast is also superior to Avira in terms of malware detection and system performance.


If you are more careful online, you won’t need Avast, but having it available as a backup if you miss something can be helpful. Modern antivirus software almost totally defies the stereotype that they are resource hogs and slow your system down as you do nothing.

Most antivirus systems nowadays are accurate, good resource managers, and vigilant for harmful computer threats. We hope this article on fixing the Avast blocking my internet connection has helped you. 

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