[Updated] 4 Ways to Fix Avast UI Failed to Load Error

Avast formerly know as Alwil Software was founded in 1988 as a cooperative company. The reason why the company was even founded was solely in the fact that, Pavel Baudis one of the founding members of Avast would confront the Vienna virus and to remove it Alwil was created. Thus, you must know how to fix Avast UI Failed to Load right away.

Avast soon became the name all viruses feared as they established their title by winning the Virus Bulletin award VB100 in 1996, being the testament that it is a robust antivirus. As time went on Avast has shined in the industry of anti-virus having 400 million users, many offices around the world and with the latest acquisition of Piriform, Avast keeps on rising. Some of their services come on a subscription time basis fee irrespective; Avast currently provides an array of services which would help anyone to lead a safer life online.

Going by the name of Avast Premier, Avast Secureline VPN, Avast cleanup and last but not least its free Avast Password along with its free antivirus are a few products provided by the company. But there might be a problem of ui failed to load avast at times. Avast even though being free owns a 4.5 rating by PCMag which shows the class and quality of its product.

But even though a time-tested product which has fended off itself from various attacks from viruses and competition, can have problems. Avast UI Failed to load is one of the many challenges its consumers confront. One more challenge people face with Avast is the Avast broken registry items.


An Avast UI Failed to load error can occur when an incorrect windows service configuration triggers it to do so. Popping up with a message after your computer restarts due to its update. It is indeed embarrassing to see a rugged software not working. Avast UI Failed being one error; many have faced here are a few solutions to tackle it.

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How to Fix Avast UI Failed to Load

The Blatant

One of the most blatantly obvious things the user can do to fix avastui failed to load windows 10 is to click the restart service button. This button appears along with the error of ui failed to load avast and is a natural step to try out. Most users would ignore that and try to close the program and restart it again through the desktop. But try restarting it by clicking on the green button.

The chances for it to work are slim, but maybe it could be your lucky day. So give it a shot. If the Avast UI Failed error persists to be a thorn in your side then unto the next solution.

Tracking time

As mentioned in the descriptive paragraph which brought the Avast UI Failed error into the light. The main reason behind this is that one of the remote desktop services needs to be launched manually. To resolve that one should use the commands Win+R to open the run menu.

After which typing in “services.msc” will lead you to the services console. Once gaining access to the services console, locate and right-click on Remote Desktop Services. After right-clicking on it, selecting properties from the drop-down menu will allow you to reach a box within which many tabs reside.

Clicking on the “General” tab will ensure that you have reached the destination to do the necessary changes. Once spotting the drop down box of the name “startup type,” the user should change the option from “manual” to “automatic.” After this, the final step is to click on the button “Start.”

To finish the fix correctly, restart your PC and open Avast antivirus again. This should usually fix the Avast UI Failed error, but is the problem persists, the next solution awaits.

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Iron and nails

If the above fix does not work then running the Avast repair program through the Avast setup wizard should fix the Avast UI Failed to load error. The in-built Avast repair tool helps in resetting your software configuration by fixing or replacing program files which are outdate, corrupt or missing.

To access the repair option, the user can go to the add or remove program section in the control panel. Once in that part, locate and right-click on Avast anti-virus program. After which clicking on change in the drop-down selection will pop open the Avast setup. Once within the configuration select the option to repair the program will repair and update your Avast software.

A recommend-restart should be done just to make sure everything is settled down. This should fix the problem of the Avast UI Failed to load. If not the next solution is the last option anyone can fall unto.

Fresco install

If none of the above solutions worked for avastui failed to load, then there is only one thing anyone apart from the creators can do, and that is a fresco install. The word fresco is originates from Spanish which means fresh, hence in the literal terms mean fresh install. To execute a fresco install or a fresh install, the user first must uninstall the program entirely. Then make sure there are no remains of the past program in the system and then re-download and install the program once again.

Sounds complex on paper and yes it is if done manually. But one can execute the whole process with a program like Revo uninstaller pro for fixing avastui failed to load. It helps in uninstalling the program and also hunting down any remnant files, which in turn deletes them too. The trial version is for free, but the full version must be bought.

Once uninstalling Avast with Revo uninstaller pro or through the usual way of uninstalling programs which can be accessed in the same way written in the third solution. You must install the application by downloading a fresh copy from the Avast website. This ensures that you get a clean install and also the updated Avast anti-virus too. By now the Avast UI Failed to load error must be gone if it persists try contacting Avast themselves to bring their attention to your problem.

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