6 Best Free & Paid Backup Software for Mac in 2019


Believe it or not but every drive in every computer fails after some point of time. And if it hasn’t happened with, it surely will. Every mac or even Windows user should back up their data because it not only secures your data but also reduces the chance of data loss. Well, if you don’t have a backup of your data yet, don’t you worry. In this article, you will know about the best Backup Software for Mac which will help you get started.

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Top 6 Backup Software for Mac

Here are the top 6 Backup Softwares for Mac

Time Machine

Time machine is one of the best free Backup software available for mac. It stores all your files to an external storage device which you can later restore. Time machine is the inbuilt software for your Mac. Though Time Machine you can back up your data on an hourly basis for the past 24 hours, a Daily basis for the past month and also on a weekly basis for the past few months. You are provided with the option of deleting older data when the disk is full. It also has an option to stop, pause or resume the backup process. In some Mac’s backup can also be done when the computer is in sleeping mode.

Time Machine
Time Machine

It does incremental backup for your data, i.e., it’ll backup only the files which had some changes since the last back. This makes the process of backing up even faster. The data can be backed up on the External hard drive, Hard drive, Time capsule or OS X Server on the network. If you are backing up your data for security purpose, you can also encrypt your data by providing an encrypting key which is nothing but a password.

Visit: Time Machine

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CloudBerry Backup

This is one of the coolest Backup Software for Mac that we have in your list. CloudBerry Backup for Mac supports Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Amazon Glacier, and other cloud storage providers. It’s available in Freeware and Pro versions.

CloudBerry Backup
CloudBerry Backup

Pro version. Comes with advanced features: encryption and compression. The price is $29.99 for a single license.

Freeware version. Made for personal utilization only. Comes with almost all of the features of the PRO version, such as retention policies and flexible scheduler.

Visit: CloudBerry Backup

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Right Backup

Right Backup is the best-paid Backup software for MAC. It backs up your data on the basis of automatic 12 hours scheduler, i.e., it updates your data in every 12 hours. Right backup has two options to restore your data. One is Smart backup and Custom restore. Smart backup quickly restores your selective data whereas Custom restore allows you to restore the files manually.

Right Backup
Right Backup

One of the best features of Right Backup is that once the files are backed up, you can access them from any other device, anytime and anywhere. So even if you lost your device or you got it broken, you don’t have to worry because all your precious data are stored in Right Backup, and you can access to them from your new device.

As its paid, it starts with the package of $14.99 per month. Right Backup is paid but believes me; it’s totally worth it. It secures all your data and reduces the chances of data loss to the minimum.

Visit: Right Backup

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Backuplist +

Backuplist is a simple free Backup Software for Mac with pretty good features. It actually creates a copy of your data instead of archiving them. Also, it provides you different options for copying your data such a Backup, Incremental backup, Clone drives, Sync folders, Backup the whole system, and you can also make a copy of hidden recovery Hard drive. If you are backing up your data for business or security purpose, you can also encrypt your data by providing a password.


Backuplist allows you to exclude some files from backing up. For example, the files which are not important for you because excluding them would take less time and space in backing up your data. You can schedule your backup process on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis as per your requirement. Backuplist allows you to create some backup sets of different datasets. You can also create duplicates of backup sets, add system and application preferences.

Visit: Backuplist +


FileFort is a simple and a small free Backup software for MAC. Features are pretty simple and clear. It allows you to choose the folders you want to backup and exclude the files which you think are not important. FileFort provides you three different backup options which are a full backup, Historical backup, and Incremental backup.

The software also allows you to create BZK files, Zip files or Mirror files in the subfolder and you can also encrypt them using MEO encryption. FileFort allows you to back up your data either on a hard drive or you can also use cloud storage such as Google drive, Google docs, Remote FTP server or even Dropbox. It allows choosing any specific time for backing up your data.

Visit: FileFort


CrashPlan is a both free and paid backup software for your MAC. It is again easy to use and feature-rich software which backs up and stores your personal, business and enterprises data offsite, onsite and even in the cloud. Cashplan is the only software which provides both off-site and on-site backup using CrashPlan servers. Its a good Backup Software for Mac.


The software provides unlimited online backup storage for your precious data. There are no restrictions, Size limits or file type. Crashplan is user-friendly and easy to use, unlike other software which makes everything complicated. The software also allows you to stop, pause and resume your backup process as per your requirement although you don’t even need to pause it because it has unlimited online storage.

Visit: Crashplan


Well, if you are not using any Backup Software for Mac right now, maybe its time you do it. It not only reduces the chances of data loss but also secures your data by encrypting them so that even if you lost your device, you could access them using the encrypting key. I highly recommend the listed Backup Software for Mac for you and will surely give you the best results.

I hope this article was useful to you.

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