5 Best Arcade Games Of The Year For Android

It will be unprecedented if we compare the other category games with arcades because they are different and play a key role in engaging the players. Yet, considering the gamer’s demand and request, we are finally back with this great collection of Best Arcade Games.

The most addictive gameplay are similar ones. The players are engaged, offering unique features, including challenging targets. Additionally, the games are more straightforward in look and very easy in terms of play.

But when it comes to playing games with friends. Which makes such gameplays unique and attractive. Then it becomes more enjoyable and joyful with a bundle of features. Here we are going to mention the details, including crucial options.

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What are Arcade Games

The most loved and played games worldwide are arcade games. However, playing such games requires lesser resources with a bundle of space. Because saving the files and dumping the pictures may consume more space.

Lighter in size and are compatible with all android smartphones. Yet, out there, plenty of different games are accessible for you on Lusogamer that you can get for your Android. Temple Run, Subway Surfer, and Snowboard games are the most popular games.

arcade games

Today, we will mention some of the latest and most advanced arcade games. Moreover, accessing those games will never force the gamer to purchase a premium subscription.

Even the fans can enjoy such games without registering or creating an account. Remember reading the review focus will help understand the collection easily. Furthermore, it will be a fun factor for gamers when playing.

Angry Bird 2

The season or version we will review today is the second and latest. The gameplay comes with several key features, including levels where the players are forced to plan a perfect strategy and cause massive damage by choosing the weakest point.

The first season of gameplay was successful in gaining popularity among the players. Even millions of gamers have already downloaded the game due to its popularity.

angry birds 2

Moreover, considering the loopholes inside the first season. The second season has better graphics. And the developers tried their best to add up the perfect 3D display. So you are ready to enjoy this game with friends, then download it from the play store.

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Asphalt 9: Legends

In reality, this is an online car racing gaming application where the developers implant an excellent collection of vehicles with advanced control systems. But is also makes for one of the best arcade games.

Selecting multiple maps will help explore different parts. Remember, the version we are supporting here is the latest series. Therefore, the graphics were kept at the top using advanced technology. To offer a realistic experience, experts used HD Graphics.

asphalt's 9 legends

Due to these colorful items, the gameplay has achieved record-breaking downloads with plus ratings. We will mention some of the critical tricks that could help the gamers achieve higher targets quickly.

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Alto’s Adventure

This gameplay is counted among the most popular and addictive games. Because the levels, including key targets, are challenging to achieve. The sliding feature is added where a ramp moves from higher altitude to lower for skiing.

alto's adventure

Although the process of playing games is simple, in this game, the gamers are instructed to ski down the slope and catch maximum coins, avoid hurdles, do flips, jump up & down, and complete quests. Over completing the targets will help earn good bonuses.

Over earning those bonuses will help directly increase the score and get the number one position. The gamer who successfully gains the number one position gets their name in an online top list. 

Jetpack Joyride

This is one of the most wanted arcade games. Because such games are scarce online, they offer realistic experiences with flying options. The game starts with the story of flying in the air wearing the jetpack with advanced aerodynamics.

jetpack Joyride

The jetpack allows the gamers to fly from one place to another. Try to dodge the hurdles, including dangers, and collect maximum coins. One can unlock items using the earned coins.

The gameplay uses well-polished HD graphics. Therefore, it makes the game more interested and more addictive in playing with friends and family members. Over completing each target, a new level, including challenge, will appear in front.


In this conclusion, we won’t add up this point. The collection we present here about Best Arcade Games is exclusive and most popular among android gamers. Apart from arcade games, there are many other android games that you can try. Click here to know more. Read this review carefully if you are also a big fan of such games. 

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