Article writing software is a great way to write more content, not worry about sentence structure, and improve your writing skills. It is also the perfect tool for generating new articles every day. If you aspire to be a writer, it is all possible via the best article writing software.

8 Best Article Writing Software to Use for you

  • WordAi
  • SEO Content Machine
  • Visit: SEO Content Machine
  • Article Insights
  • Article Forge
  • SpinRewriter
  • Article Builder
  • Ultra-Spun Leading Articles
  • WriteMonkey

But, before you get or buy any tool that claims to be the best article writing software, you must know which ones will guarantee success. You need to pick the right software to help you write and create an article.

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8 Best Article Writing Software to Use

To free you from hassle of finding the best article writing software, we have mentioned some of the best writing tools you should try using today.


It’s not always possible for you as a writer to write hundreds of content that will be great for your site or blog. But with software like WordAi, this is possible. The software rewrites your content, thereby giving you brand-new content.


This means you’ll have new rewritten sentences and paragraphs. Also, it does support English, Italian, French, and Spanish, therefore you don’t have to hire a translator to rewrite your content. With their three days free trial, you’ll get to test it out before deciding on it. It is hands-down the one of the best writing apps for Windows.

Visit : WordAi

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SEO Content Machine

The SEO Content Machine is as literal and technical as its name. Like a machine, it crawls through any given keywords and displays the result in your desired language. Yes, you don’t need a separate translator for your articles as this software has the mainstream languages. Moreover, it comprises other content creation tools that help in editing and posting your blog.

Seo ContentMachine
Seo ContentMachine

You can fit the articles into various templates and formats. Furthermore, this tool can help manage your workload if you have more than one website to maintain. It can produce project templates too.

However, the software is not free for an unlimited amount of time. Its basic plans start with 27$ a month, wherein you get all the tools and updates. Furthermore, there is a quarterly plan for 57$ and a yearly plan for 120$.

Visit: SEO Content Machine

Article Insights

As a writer researching, one article can sometimes take you forever. You have to go through every Google search and still make your article unique. This can be cumbersome and stressful.

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But fortunately, there is Article Insights that do the heavy lifting for you and even help you in keyword research, thereby making the content SEO optimized. Therefore, you’ll know what keywords to use, have new content ideas, and save time from both researching and writing.

Article Insights
Article Insights

Also, if you’re a student who’s writing an essay and have used papers from as a reference, article insights reference tracking feature will list all recommendations you have used. Thus, Article Insights makes the best creative writing software in use this year.

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Article Forge

With just a keyword, this tool or software can write you unique content that you can publish today. Using artificial intelligence, that health or finance article that’s stressing you out can be written, and you’ll receive it immediately.

Article Forge
Article Forge

But it doesn’t stop there because, with this tool, you can have videos, links, images, and even a great title automatically added to your article. This is only for the writer who wants content pretty fast.

Visit : Article Forge 


The SpinRewriter is a strong competitor among softwares mentioned here. Its simple layout and efficiency are its noted features. It offers several features to produce a unique and excellent piece of content.

With a paraphrasing feature, it easily generates the content you want, that too plagiarism-free. Moreover, it allows the spinning of bulk articles to keep your websites’ work balance.

Spin Rewriter
Spin Rewriter

Although it offers only a 5-day free trial, it does have a 30-day refund policy. However, its trial period will be enough to convince you that it is a sure bet. In addition, this software also allows the integration of stock photos.

With more than five Spintax styles included, it is capable of generating diversifying content. Furthermore, it works on all devices and systems per the user’s convenience.

Visit: SpinRewriter

Article Builder

If you are building your blog or brand and lack of content is your most significant disadvantage, don’t give up because there’s an online writing software to help you out here.

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Article Builder
Article Builder

If you want articles that you can start using today on that blog, then Article Builder will be your best friend. It covers topics like real estate, investing, and fishing, to name a few. You can use it by an internet market, affiliate marketer, blogger, and writer; therefore, it won’t be a surprise having more traffic by using this software or tool.

Visit : Article Builder 

Ultra-Spun Leading Articles

Ultra-Spun Leading Articles is a software that the big firms and freelancers swear by. Unlike other softwares, it is not entirely AI-based software. Instead, the articles it generates within a 1200 word-limit are written by real human beings. Thereafter, they are up in the marketplace, allowing anyone to access them using keywords. Once you’ve found your desired article, you can review and keep it for yourself.

Leading articles
Leading articles

Another interesting feature about this software is that it erases a particular article from its database after being bought 200 times.

Ultra-Spun Leading Articles also allows one to publish the article to your blog directly. After choosing the category, date, and kind of article, you can instantly post the article from here itself. Furthermore, the uniqueness of the article is in sanction, mostly about 90 percent! This saves a lot of time and energy of the over-worked content creators out there!

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Distractions are the most prominent pitfalls writers face daily. If you are researching or writing a review on, you might not even start because of that Twitter notification.


But thanks to software like WriteMonkey, you can concentrate on writing that text and get rid of every distraction. They pride themselves on “leaving you alone with your thoughts and your words”. When you use it and its full screen, you’ll realize that the start menu goes away. Now, you can start writing down your text, with this best writing software.

Visit : WriteMonkey 

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Which software is best for writing?

There are different writing software available for various purposes. For books, ProWritingAid is an excellent choice. Google Docs is the most common and helpful writing app currently being used. Novelpad and Microsoft Word are all excellent options.

What is the best article generator?

Rytr is one of the most useful AL-powered tools that you can use for the generation of marketing copies. AI writers provide unique content on any desired topic. Articoolo and Scalenut are good software you can try to make writing easier.

What is article writing software?

They are tools that generate the desired article or any write-up upon request. These are AI-powered that can generate output according to the considerations and previous searches of the consumer as well. No doubt they make our lives much better.

What do most professional writers use to write?

The most professional way to write a report or an article is to use the good old Microsoft Word. They have been used for a long time, and It helps in generating quality content with proper formatting.


A writer should use every piece of tool that helps in content creation. A successful writer maximizes every resource available. Thus, these are some of the best article writing software one must try using. Even though you are not a writer, and have began your journey only a while ago, these softwares will help you to achieve your dreams.

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Happy Writing!

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