There is no doubt that we constantly stare at laptop and computer screens continuously for long hours. It harms the health of our eyes, especially if you don’t wear glasses or have some eye problem. Getting a blue light filter software for PC that blocks harmful radiation from the screen should fix this. Here are the best blue light filter for PC that work wonders. Also, you will find other options that work on Mac and Linux systems accordingly.

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Why is Blue Light Bad for Eyes?

Before moving forward, you should understand the effects of blue light on your eyes for long durations. Blue light is one of the seven colors that are present in the light spectrum. According to medical experts, the blue light wavelength is harmful to our iris and could lead to permanent vision impairment. Moreover, it causes irritation or temporary blurred vision in young users. Hence, you must take steps to avoid blue light if you require to work for a long time in front of the screen.

Is it Better to Use Blue Light Filter?

Yes, the blue light filter protects your eyes from excessive strain while working on the computer for long hours. Moreover, it decreases the production of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. Hence, your eyes will not be tired after a tiring day at the office. Also, it is safer for people who have sensitive eyes or experience regular headaches.

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What is the Best Blue Light Filter for PC?

Our team compiled the best blue light filters for PC that is free and easy to install on the computer. Let’s begin,

Iris Mini

The first best blue light filter app for PC on our list is the Iris Mini tool that helps block harmful rays from the screen. The overall user interface is quite easy and does not require much input from the user.

iris mini
Iris Mini

You can download the application from their online platform with three modes- Manual, Auto, and Paused. If you want multiple options to control your screen, purchase the Pro version for $8 (one-time payment)

Download: Iris Mini

Eye Saver

As the name suggests, Eye Saver is a blue light software that blocks blue light radiation from the computer’s screen. It smoothens out the colors and avoids eye strain while working on a laptop. Further, you can manually adjust the color temperature along with the screen brightness.

eye saver
Eye Saver

The application is completely free for Windows users and also has a break reminder feature. Thus, you can now take resting intervals and restore the moisture of your eyes.

Download: Eye Saver

Windows 10 Night Light

If you are using Windows 10 OS on your PC, you don’t need to download any eternal tool for filtering blue light. Go to the Settings panel and navigate to System > Display > Night Light Settings.

night light windows 10
Night Light Windows 10

Users can also find this option by searching on the start menu. This can act as your best blue light filter for pc. Switch on the blue light filter or set the time you want to activate the night light facility.

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It is a dynamic blue light program that adjusts the screen colors according to the environment and current time.


You can activate the filter with a couple of clicks that will control the color temperature and brightness of the screen. The blue light filter is quite useful and ensures an anti-glare experience for your health.

Download: F.lux

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Sun Set Screen

Next, we have the Sun Set Screen app that reduces the total glare from your screen. Once you install it, the screen will turn a little more warm and soothing.


Therefore, you will find it easy to sleep while working on the computer late at night. Users can even set a timer for sunset and sunrise according to their schedule.

Download: Sun Set Screen


Redshift is an ideal blue light filter for Mac that even works on Linux systems. The best part is that it collects information about your location and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly.


Therefore, you don’t have to calibrate the temperature every time your turn on the PC.

Download: Redshift

Light Bulb

If you are searching for a straightforward yet effective best blue light filter for PC, Light Bulb is for you.


It focuses on regulating the screen condition based on your room environment. Also, the application does not hinder the system’s performance. Overall, you will have control of the settings and other configurations.

Download: Light Bulb


CareUEyes is yet another viable blue light filter that will automatically adjust the screen color and light.


Moreover, it has eight different modes like reading, night, smart, office, etc. increases productivity. You will have no issues in switching between different modes and settings that will suit your lifestyle.

Download: CareUEyes

PC Sun Screen

In the end, you can try the PC Sun Screen application that is available for users with Windows 7 or higher.

pc sunscreen
PC Sunscreen

It has an in-built timer that will reduce the screen glare sometime before your bedtime. Thus, you will tend to have a better sleep and get refreshing eyes. It also prevents dark circles and other health problems.

Download: PC Sun Screen

Final Thoughts

We hope you now get the importance of the best blue light filter for PC and other devices. You can also change the color temperature accordingly that will further reduce the strain on your eyes.

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