9 Best CRM for Startups: Which Is The Best for Your Company

The topic of today’s write-up will be the 9 Best CRM for Startups: Which Is The Best for Your Company? Are you searching for the ideal Software solution for your new or small business?

You may effortlessly handle clients, leads, and customers with a Software solution.

This is why we’ll discuss it in this article, which presents the finest CRM software for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing you to choose a tool with all the required features while remaining within your budget.

Will will also see some of the features of these CRM for Startups and learn about collaborative CRM. There are also some shortlisted that are completely free, to begin with!

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List of 9 Best CRM for Startups

The top CRMs are listed below for Startups and Software solutions for entrepreneurs and small enterprises even one who is in the real estate field can use CRMs for his business. You can jump forward to the CRM you want to learn about by clicking the links below or scrolling down to evaluate them.


HubSpot is our top recommendation and the finest free CRM for startups and new enterprises.


Using HubSpot, one can manage and organize your contacts and observe which deals they choose and which ones they reject, giving you a comprehensive view of your marketing funnel. You may also track and capture emails by connecting your Google mail or Outlook accounts.

Other aspects that make HubSpot appealing include:

  1. Store an infinite number of users, info, and connections with no termination date.
  2. Interoperability of over 300 programs that includes WordPress
  3. Download Android smartphone apps
  4. To organize contacts, make custom filters.
  5. Create tickets, and manage emails and jobs.
  6. Utilize marketing tools such as ad control and pop-up surveys.

Visit: HubSpot

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is popular for its email advertising channel, but it may also be used as CRM for startup software.

constant contact

Stable Contact’s interface is straightforward, clear, & simple to use. 

Try out such features to get the most of Constant Contact:

  1. Emails should be organized.
  2. Make a marketing funnel.
  3. To nurture leads, use marketing automation.
  4. Create stunning emails with its drag-and-drop editor.
  5. Utilize over 100 email templates
  6. Connectivity with e-commerce websites is simple.
  7. Run Instagram and Facebook advertisements to increase the size of your mailing list.

Visit: Constant Contact


Freshsales is also among the best CRMs for small businesses. You can create straightforward to complex reports, provide sales and earnings information in the form of tables and charts, and show up to six accounts on your dashboard.


You can locate client connections from a single screen, browse individual social accounts, and view their activities.

Freshsales also has the following outstanding features:

  1. AI-powered lead scoring aids in lead prioritization.
  2. Contact profiles are automatically updated.
  3. Create sections for various prospects.
  4. Make arrangements, take notes, and organize and share files.
  5. The dashboard provides information about deals.
  6. View of the entire sales funnel
  7. Connect directly through the calls and generate call logs instantaneously
  8. Assign your staff local or toll-free phone numbers.


GreenRope is easy to use and ranks among the best CRM for startups and organizations of all sizes. It provides a tidy dashboard where you can identify the much more performing pages, time on site, and overall page views.


GreenRope is intended for anyone seeking a CRM that combines selling, promotion, and management into one platform.

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Pipedrive ranks among the most consumer-friendly CRM for startups’ software options available. It’s intended to be easy to see and quick to organize and get access to contacts.


Its pipeline management tool lets you see the complete sales process in real-time. You must sign in and provide your contact details into the funnel, and eventually sell to your consumers. With this fantastic CRM, you could take immediate action, stay organized, and keep the power of your marketing funnel.

Pipedrive is the greatest CRM for startups since it has more intriguing features than you’d expect from a CRM, such as:

  1. Email synchronisation
  2. Email design templates
  3. Monitor your activities and goals.
  4. Adaptable pipelines
  5. Sales reporting and forecasting
  6. iOS & Android phone applications


It’s intended to boost revenues for your web retailer while also assisting you in handling contacts, customer acquisition, and converting those into legitimate clients.


Drip is one of the best CRM for Startups with an appealing, simple layout. It helps bridge the gap between what your clients need and your business.

Drip is not only suitable for eCommerce web owners; other types of enterprises can also utilize it. Here are a few of its characteristics:

  1. Aids in process automation
  2. Track client behaviors using tags, custom post types, and occurrences.
  3. Integrations with well-known systems such as WooCommerce and OptinMonster
  4. An easy-to-use email builder
  5. Customer data segmentation Content customization
  6. Unique conversion tracking
  7. Marketing based on purchase intent
  8. Revenue attribution is done automatically.


Streak is also one of the finest CRM for startups and small and new enterprises, designed to work with Gmail. Because it’s integrated into Mail and G Suite, it’s a good choice for newcomers. It is quite simple to use.


Streak automatically collects information from your emails and connections. It assists you in setting up and customizing a procedure for your group, filtering, sorting, grouping data, and seeing impending tasks.

Here are some more appealing aspects of Streak:

  1. Organize all of your contacts into a pipeline.
  2. Parts of your network that are unique to you
  3. Keep track of and engage with your consumers.
  4. Data import and export
  5. Stay in touch, monitor calls, or make notes using mobile apps.
  6. To send mass emails, use mail merge.
  7. Simple connection with over 900 channels.

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Agile CRM

Agile CRM is yet another popular and best CRM for Startups. You may use Agile CRM to handle connections, monitor deals, organize phone calls and voicemail messages, and much more.

agile crm

The CRM has features and reasonable pricing, making it excellent for small enterprises. 

You might be interested in the following features:

  1. Make landing pages.
  2. Keep track of emails
  3. Create campaigns
  4. Automation of marketing
  5. Use mailing lists to make visually appealing emails.
  6. Forms should be added.
  7. Suite for socializing.


Zoho is a great CRM for small businesses. It is a robust cloud software package that provides a variety of SaaS apps for enterprises of all sizes.


Zoho CRM can assist you in converting prospects, interacting with clients, and increasing revenue. You can easily handle and manage many operations such as mail, social networks, chat support, and more from a unified platform.

Visit: Zoho

Several of the features provided by Zoho CRM:

  1. Lead capture and management
  2. Deal administration
  3. Connect with customers through various means.
  4. Workflows should be automated.
  5. Create a customized user experience.
  6. Support across all channels
  7. Obtain analytics reports


Why is CRM essential for startups?

CRM systems assist startups in developing and maintaining client relationships, providing better service, and converting more leads into sales.

CRM systems can boost sales.

Yes, CRM systems can boost sales

Do startups require a CRM?

Most companies do not intend to stay that way indefinitely.

What exactly is Startup CRM?

A marketing CRM is the ultimate tool. It keeps your contacts, allows you to conduct calls, assists you in sending and tracking emails, prepares reports, and provides a comprehensive picture of your sales funnel.

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CRM makes distributed and remote work as productive as possible while also helping you plan, develop, and streamline daily operations. Whatever your firm is doing, a CRM with capabilities like contact management, sales pipeline tracking, and marketing automation can help you tie your daily work together. It will take some cross-comparing to find the best CRM for your startup, but equipped with the aforementioned list, you’ll be in a good spot to start looking.


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