If you are a game lover interested in Japanese anime-like gaming visuals, you would have heard about the name Dragon Quest. Dragon Quest, formerly known as Dragon Warrior before 2005, is a role-playing video game franchise created in Japan. Square Enix published it in 1986 and owned the publication rights for all series installments.

List of some of the best Dragon Quest games

  1. Dragon Quest Builders
  2. Dragon Quest Rivals
  3. Dragon Quest II: Luminaries Of The Legendary Line
  4. Dragon Quest X
  5. Dragon Quest Heroes
  6. Daily Quest Monsters Series
  7. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies
  8. Dragon Quest


The best dragon quest games list includes dragon quest rivals, Dragon Quest Heroes, Dragon Quest III: The Seeds Of Salvation, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of Cursed King, etc. The game has eleven installments, the last released in September 2021. But have you wondered which part is the best in the story, which is best in the user interface, and which has the best visuals and design? If yes, this article will rank all the issues and suggest the best dragon quest game. You will see the games compared based on the story, in-game features, the player mode, the visuals, and the contribution it makes to the series. In addition to the eleven installments, we include this franchise’s most popular spin-offs.

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The Best Dragon Quest Games

Let us dive into the best dragon quest games in 2023.

Dragon Quest Builders

Number 15 is the extremely popular Dragon Quest Builders, released in 2016, and is a sandbox role-play designed spin-off of the leading franchise. The story is an alternative ending to the original Dragon Quest, where the protagonist accepts the deal to rule the world in half with the antagonist.

dragon quest builder

Inspired by Minecraft, the game is in single-player mode. Dragon Quest Builders is an easy game platform for those entering the Dragon Quest universe. 

Download Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Rivals

Ranking Dragon Quest games, the Dragon Quest Rivals come at number 14. With a 2017 release, this pub, playing card game is another spin-off of the Dragon Quest family. It has a plot heavily inspired by games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering.

dragon quest rival

The game is available only on Nintendo, Android, and iOS. The game, however, has only been released in Japan. Dragon Quest Rivals comes complimentary for the players, including some microtransactions.

Download Dragon Quest Rivals

Dragon Quest II: Luminaries Of The Legendary Line

Rolling at number 13 is the second installment and successor of the original Dragon Quest. A Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) released in 1900, the story starts 100 years after the incidents of the first part, and the hero tries to stop the summoning of a demon.

dragon quest luminaries of the legendary line

The sequel satisfies all that is expected of a sequel. However, it has often been deemed the most brutal Dragon Quest game and RPG ever.

Download Dragon Quest II: Luminaries Of The Legendary Line

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Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X is the first MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-play game) in the DQ world. The story is set in the magical world of Astoltia. The players need to collect magic gems after defeating the King of Hell.

dragon quest x

The players can also build up their characters. In the best Dragon Quest Game ranking, the tenth installment is number 12. However, this 2012 release is still available only in Japan.

Download Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest Heroes

With remarkable illustrations and an impressive soundtrack, Dragon Quest Heroes is another spin-off coming at number 11. This part is a hack-and-slash role-playing game released in 2015.

dragon quest heroes

Set in the fictional world of Elsaize, monsters have suddenly become frenzied after living in harmony for a long time. The Dynasty Warrior series inspires the gameplay of this part.

Download Dragon Quest Heroes 

Daily Quest Monsters Series

The spin-off role-plays series, Daily Quest Monsters, is another addition to the best Dragon Quest game ranking at number 10. The story plot is in a medieval background with a complete fantasy package: magic, monsters, and knights.

dragon quest monster series

The game contains some of DQ Universe’s prominent, versatile characters and highly intricate and appealing graphics. 

Download Daily Quest Monsters Series

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies

The ninth main installment in the Dragon Quest franchise comes at number 09. The story, released in 2009, revolves around an angelic race protagonist searching for magical fruits scattered in the mortal realm after an accident.

dragon quest sentinels

Dragon Quest IX was the first in the DQ universe to release the local multiplayer feature, which made it the best-sellers among the other parts. The game also introduced additional features like Wi-Fi compatibility and portable gaming.

Download Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies

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Dragon Quest

As we rank the Dragon Quest Games in order of their best playing experiences, the original Dragon Quest game is at number 08. Released in 1986, this RPG has set several standards in the role-play videogames world.

dragon quest

Despite being designed sometime back, the game still had a praiseworthy combat system, a detailed world, and an engaging story. The game is easy and playthrough and enjoys popularity even after over three decades of release.

Download Dragon Quest

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Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Revelation

Number 07 is the sixth installment of the Dragon Quest series. Released in 1995, this game is a fantastic addition to the franchise with its charming and engaging gaming experience.

realms of revelation

The makers could have done the visuals of this better, but it still had the remarkableness of DQ graphics. The game gets repetitive and requires too much effort to access most skills and levels.

Download Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Revelation

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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments Of The Forgotten Past

The Dragon Quest franchise’s seventh installment has widely been deemed the masterpiece of all Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs). The story centers around the protagonist and his friends living on Estard Island as they journey through the medieval-style world.

fragments of forgotten past

With its streamlined openings, quality updates, a memorable soundtrack, and stellar 3D animation, this 2000 release is a gaming experience worth every minute. 

Download Dragon Quest VII: Fragments Of The Forgotten Past

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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

The eleventh, and to date the latest, installment of the Dragon Quest series is hands-down the most breathtaking graphic amongst all its predecessors. The game, released in 2021, comes in HD and revolves around the world of its protagonists destroyed by monsters.

echoes of an elusive age

The game includes several advanced features, and the storyline is deep and remarkable. In short, a perfect aesthetic gaming experience.

Download Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

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Dragon Quest III: The Seeds Of Salvation

The third installment to the franchise, Dragon Quest III, introduced a more fleshed-out storyline and JRPG experience. Especially the plot twist that the game incorporates has been a standard for several successors.

seeds of salvation

The game was the first to introduce the multiplayer swapping feature. It also has various quality-of-life improvements, like the feature to sort the items.

Download Dragon Quest III: The Seeds Of Salvation

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Dragon Quest IV: Chapters Of The Chosen

The franchise’s fourth installment is placed at number 03 as we rank the best Dragon Quest game. What made Dragon Quest IV so remarkable is that it breaks free of the cliche ‘hero saves the world’ storyline.

chapters of the chosen

You do not meet the protagonist till much later chapters. Every chapter has new characters, and the storyline is praised even today.

Download Dragon Quest IV: Chapters Of The Chosen

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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of Cursed King

The eighth part of the Dragon Quest series, released in 2004, was the first to introduce fully 3D graphics into the DQ Universe. It has one of the best storylines in the entire franchise as well.

journey of the cursed king

The characters are fascinating, and the game has an anime-like feeling. The game also includes voice acting. This part played a huge role in capturing the Westen market for the Dragon Quest Game series.

Download Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of Cursed King

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Dragon Quest V: Hand Of The Heavenly Bride

At hot number 01 comes the winner – the fifth mainland Dragon Quest game. With an attractive title and a top-notch design, this game occupies the winning spot thanks to how it decided to deal with several relationships throughout the game.

hand of the heavenly bride

The game has a very personal, intriguing storytelling and profoundly involves the life of its protagonist, from his birth to his life three decades later—a memorable experience through and through.

Download Dragon Quest V: Hand Of The Heavenly Bride

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From all the eleven main installments and several spin-offs, which Dragon Quest to start with?

Dragon Quest II is the hardest of all parts, so avoid playing it in your early days. Dragon Quest VIII is the best deal if you are wondering which Dragon Quest to start with exploring the series. You can also try Dragon Quest IX, which has an easy interface.

Where can I play Dragon Quest Games?

All the main installments and spin-offs of Dragon Quest are available on the Nintendo Switch. Except for Dragon Quest X and several spin-offs, almost all are provided on Playstations. Most of these games are also available to download on iOS and Android.

What is Dragon Quest?

Dragon Quest is a Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) series published by Enix Studios. It has 11 main games and several spin-offs. Within the parts, the genre varies from role-playing, sandbox, hack and slack, and card games. Most of these games are multiplayer. Dragon Quest is also known as Dragon Warrior in the USA.


In this article, we saw a subjective ranking of all the different installments and spin-offs of the famous Dragon Quest video game series. We also suggested Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride as the best Dragon Quest game. In addition, we also discussed the plotlines of every game mentioned. We also measured the franchise’s features, updates, and graphics. Dragon Quest is popular amongst gamers for its engaging storylines and some anime-level graphics aesthetics. You will surely enjoy your gaming experience with this franchise. 

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