Top 14 Best Dummy Text Generator Tools in 2020 (Updated)

As a designer, you often have to create functional design mock-ups and prototypes to present to your client and usually don’t have the content to fill the design. In that case, one of the most effective technique is to use dummy text for the content. And you can get it from some of the Best Dummy Text Generator websites out there.

It could be the industry standard like ‘Lorem Ipsum‘ or something different, take a look and pick out your favorite from the list of Best Dummy Text Generator Websites.

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Best Dummy Text Generator Tools

Let us start with the Best Dummy Text Generator websites for a seamless experience.

Dummy Text Generator

One of the best dummy text generator websites is Dummy text generator. The critical point about this site that makes it stand out is that it provides us with an English option. The other key features are more or less the same as the other sites. However, it always asks and provides us with opportunities like whether we want lorem ipsum gibberish or gibberish in English words.

Dummy text generator
Dummy text generator

Nevertheless, you can also apply various styling to your texts. Amazing right? So don’t ponder much and use this website. Also try out generating some fancy texts here.

Visit : Dummy Text Generator 

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Malevole Text Generator

Don’t want to hustle much? No worries. We will provide you with the best dummy generator websites at your ease.

Malevole Text Generator
Malevole Text Generator

Try out this effortless, riveting, and very simple to use text generator. Designers have worked on this for years, and it is proven to enhance most humdrum of designers. Also try the following Best Dummy Text Generator websites for free!

Visit : Malevole Text Generator 

HTML Ipsum

If you are amongst the HTML and CSS fans, who want to add more styling using CSS and other features, HTML Lipsum is designed for you. You can bring your imagination into real life at ease with the help of this website.

HTML Ipsum
HTML Ipsum

This website will not disappoint you as it will provide you with a plethora of options to choose from. It is very gripping and uncomplicated.

Visit : HTML Ipsum

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It won’t be fair if we don’t put this site under the best dummy text generator websites. This site is easy as pie. You have to follow straightforward steps.


Put your words or phrases in the box provided, and this text generator will produce results from twitter. It will reflect what people on different sites think about this particular phrase or bunch of words. It is fun to use and as easy as falling off a log.

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Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

Most of us might or might not know that famous rapper Snoop Dogg conceived his language. Although nobody is aware as to why he did that since then people are getting inspired by this.Also try generating interesting random words here.

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum
Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

This text generator accepts lorem ipsum and generates the text is commonly called ‘izzle’ language.

Visit : Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

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Lorem Ipsum Generator

This is another simple Lorem Ipsum generator but what’s unique here is that it is offering to create dummy text in more than ten different languages. (including Morse Code) How cool is that?

Best Dummy Text Generator Websites
Lorem Ipsum Generator

You can also download the text or simply copy and paste the HTML code or just the words.

Visit : Lorem Ipsum Generator 

Blind Text Generator

This one of the best tiny text generator with a range of options to fit your every need. Blind Text Generator can generate ten different languages and even provide CSS parameters so that you can style everything accordingly.

BlindText Generator
BlindText Generator

It also comes with the standard choice of some character, words or paragraphs. You can choose a Latin or an English version to tell a story, play around with the type and size of the font, font styles and spacing and experiment to find what works for you before making a final decision.

Visit : Blindtextgenerator

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The dummy text doesn’t need to be boring. If you have an exceptional sense of humor and want to translate that to your dummy text too, then Fillerama is for you. This site takes lines from different TV shows and movies and mixes them together in paragraphs, and the result is hilarious.


With text from Doctor Who, The Simpsons, Futurama, Star Wars, Arrested Development, Monty Python and Dexter, you can showcase your great taste, and it might even impress your client. Of course, for those asking for standard, the classic Lorem Ipsum is also available. Try Cat ipsum , another proven Best Dummy Text Generator websites.

Visit : Fillerama 

Cat Ipsum

Who rules the Internet? Who made YouTube famous? Yup, it is a cat. For clients who love cats or even those who need the cat memes, Cat Ipsum is a perfect fancy text generator. It is time to add cuteness to your design mock-ups.

Cat Ipsum
Cat Ipsum

The text is English and doesn’t have the standard sentences, but it talks about what a cat might do, or might not, do through the day or even in his lifetime. The text generated is funny and sure to put a smile on your client’s face, and a happy client is your goal. What a sly marketing strategy.
Still not satisfied with these apps ? Don’t worry, try out the below-mentioned Best Dummy Text Generator.

Visit : Cat Ipsum 

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Batman Ipsum

Are your comic book or superhero fan, especially a Batman fan? Well, let me share a secret, we love him too. Made for fans, just like you, Batman Ipsum text generator websites lets you imbibe Batman in your dummy text.

Batman Ipsum
Batman Ipsum

With the option to choose from many characters, lines from the three movie’s script, varying paragraph length and many more editing options, you will soon feel like a crime fighting vigilante. Certainly, deserves a spot on our list of Best Dummy Text Generator Websites. You might want to try generating some funny discord bots. Try them out here.

Visit : Batman Ipsum

Ancient Alien Ipsum

If you are into Sci-Fi genre or tales of the outer space or are simply fascinated by the subject of aliens, then this site can be your ideal text generator.

ancient alien generator
ancient alien generator

All you have to do is designate how many words you want, and Ancient Alien Ipsum will give you a chunk of words which you can use in your design mock-ups.

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Hodor Ipsum

‘All men must serve. All men must die.’

Game of Thrones is a hugely thriving TV show throughout the world. Constantly rated as the top No. 1 in the popularity charts, Game of Thrones has a massive mass following. If you fall to be one of the few, who have yet to watch it, I feel sad for you.

And for those of you, not intimate with the TV Series, allow me to be your knight in shining armor. Hodor is, although not a major character but surely is one of the most loved ones who are famous for just saying one word. Yes, you guessed it right, Hodor.
Not satisfied with this? Try out the following Best Dummy Text Generators.

Random Text Generator

Even though it is fun to play with the text, sometimes, you don’t require the fancy words and want a no frill random text. Random Text generator creates random and simple texts suitable for those who don’t need tons of features. This is amongst the Best Dummy Text Generator one could ever use.


However, this one of the Best Dummy Text Generator Websites does have the option for generating text in several languages. Which are useful in the situation where you are working for a foreign client.

Visit : Randomtextgenerator

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You may be a person of refined taste and can now showcase your taste for classic literature using Fillerati. It allows you to generate passages from some great books and their authors.


The choices include Lewis Carol, H.G. Wells, and Herman Melville among a total of seven authors. It also has some neat highlights like the slider bar which helps you generate text for the headings.


All of these Best Dummy Text Generator Websites let you generate text. Whether standard, funny or creative and aid you to show a complete prototype to your clients. You might also like to check out some of the Best Random Address Generator Websites. But ultimately, finding one the works for you and your client is the key to a successful design career.

Try out these Best Dummy Text Generator /s and experience various styling.

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