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Everyone must be aware of the name Edward Snowden. After the Snowden incident, there was a drastic increase in demand for encryption software in the market. Experts say that the development of encryption software has advanced by seven years. Everyone nowadays has a computer in their home and office which contains crucial, sensitive, or personal data. These data might be in the form of personal pictures, documents, or any other format. But the most important thing is that we need this data to be safe from prying hands of others. For this purpose, we use encryption software.

Encryption is the method of transforming data in the form of encoded data which cannot be accessed by normal means. Encryption software is such software which provides this encryption. Many encryption software’s are available in the market. According to demand, there are various categories of them. Among them many are free, and others are paid services.

So, after much searching and research, I have come up with a list of best encryption software, which are used for free.


Encryption Software
Best Encryption Software for Windows – VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is based on TrueCrypt, a popular encryption tool which is now not in use. This software provides the best encryption of data. Not only can it protect by creating encrypted volume but also can encrypt entire volumes of disk partition or even entire hard drive.

You can use a key file for additional authentication. To access the data, you should mount the volume through VeraCrypt, after using the password and key file. If you transfer or copy any data into the volume, the data automatically becomes encrypted. The tool employs many standard encryption algorithms. This freeware is compatible with all Windows versions.


Many users do not necessarily need tons of features for their data protection. AxCrypt is such software which is very simple and contains very limited tools for data protection. The user interface of the aforementioned software is very mild and comfortable to use.

The software contains a single window with two columns. It contains a drop down tree list of drives and files. From this list, anyone can easily encrypt or decrypt the designated destination software. The software employs AES encryption algorithm for encryption purposes. This tool is free of cost and compatible with all versions of Windows.

Folder Lock

Folder Lock is another great encryption software. This is one of the best encryption tools with the best password to protect your data. Users can create virtual folders to save their personal and crucial data. Besides this, the tool also has USB protection facility.

Though this tool is not free of cost buy users can easily use the free version of the tool as long as they want. The software is easily available on the market and compatible with all the version of windows. Users can also use the android application on their smartphone.


DiskCryptor is a similar encryption software as VeraCrypt. The tool has a very clean and easy to understand user interface. This tool can encrypt even the bootloader and optical disks.

The tool can encrypt only the existing disks and cannot create new encryption disks. The tool employs great encryption algorithm for the purpose. It is compatible with all the Windows variants.


Challenger is another addition to the list of free encryption software. This tool provides basic encryption facilities to the users.

This software is available on the market in two versions. One is free of cost, and the other one is paid version. The free version lacks facilities like USB encryptions, Cloud data encryption, etc. It is cooperative with all version of Windows.


Gpg4win is one of the best encryption tool available in the market. This tool proves it worth in many filed. This tool could not only encrypt files but also encrypt emails, online data among others.

Gpg4win provides such protection to the data that digital signal restricts any modification without the permission of the original user. This tool is compatible with only Windows devices.


7-Zip is an open source encryption-cum-compressing tool. This tool not only helps in compressing the data with a password but also provides free encryption features. The source code of the tool is under the GNU LGPL license.
Everyone knows the use of 7-Zip. But now you know how to use it for another purpose of encrypting files. Without even registration, you can encrypt a file free of charge.


BitLocker is also a great encryption software. The tool can encrypt the entire volume or system. This tool uses multiple encryption algorithms for data protection.

In some version of Windows, you can find BitLocker free of cost. This great tool utilizes AES algorithm in collaboration with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) specification for data encryption. It is compatible with all variants of Windows.

Dekart Private Disk

Dekart Private Disk is a solid encryption software. The basic work of the tool involves creating encrypted volumes. It also uses AES encryption algorithm. This tool has an additional feature of Dekart Firewall.

This great tool can be used for 30 days trial period after which the user should pay a price of nearly $65. It is compatible with all windows versions.

Windows 10 Disk Encryption

This tool is special mention in the list as it is available only in Windows 10. In Windows 10, users are provided inbuilt with this encryption tool. This tool is very easy to use and free of cost.


These above-mentioned tools will easily prevent any unauthorized access to your valuable data. The above list is subjective any addition to the list is always welcome. The tools mentioned above may change their policy and price anytime. So, check carefully before using them. For more details check the official sites if the software.


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