15 Best Free & Paid ePub Readers For Windows

The evolution of electronics and digitronics is evolving and developing like the microorganisms. Every day new app reader or new software. For reading – digitronics utilizing electronics has made things easy to read classic books, novels, and Pdf using ePub Readers. Here we have sorted the best epub reader for windows 10.

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Top 15 Finest ePub Readers for Windows

Love reading books but can’t carry them everywhere? These ePub readers got you covered!


Kobo is an extremely useful epub reader that reads epub and allows you to search through its book store. It has a book store where you can read and download over 5 million ebooks. Kobo supports all the formats of epub.


Its easy-to-use user interface and easily accessible bookmarks make it different from other epub readers. Sometimes you may find it hard to search for imported books, but everything is finely crafted in this epub reader. You can easily search and bookmark your theme, and it also allows you to change the theme according to the style you like.

Visit: Kobo

Adobe digital editions

Adobe is one of the best companies that create rich experience products. With Adobe Digital Editions, you can read epub format files and edit them according to your needs. It has mind-boggling search abilities, making it easy to search for anything and everything in the books.

adobe digital edition
Adobe Digital Edition

You can also rent books from the libraries through this app. It has very good organizing features, which makes it easy to organize books. The drawback of the app is that you need to have an adobe account to use it. The sync feature of this app allows you to read your books on any of your devices easily.

Visit: Adobe Digital Editions

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Bibliovore is one of the best free epub readers you will find. Besides being free of cost, it has great features like organizing your large library. The user interface makes it easy to read your books at any time of the day.


It also comes with the sync feature through which you can read books anywhere and on any device. You can easily have this application from its website. It supports the latest formats of epub files. It also gives you a great experience at no cost to you.

Visit: Bibliovore


If you do not want to install any app, particularly for reading, this extension is not less than gold for you. If you want an extension for reading epub files, you can use this Readium extension, and you can even upload your epub format files on it and read them online.


Readium has a simple user interface that has decent service. Great things about this extension will not be taking any extra space on your gadget while serving the purpose.

Visit: Readium


EpubReader is a paid application that you can go for if you want to use external libraries. It is one of its best features to use different mediums with this app to transfer your libraries.


The only bad thing about this app is that it takes a little bit of extra time process. Otherwise, you can use this paid app to read your books. It also comes with the feature that converts files of any other format to epub format to give you a good user experience.

Visit: EpubReader


This is one of the most popular Best windows ePub Readers is Freda. You can download the books from the application or software there are two screens for the user to understand the accessibility of the reader.

The first screen that you can see is chooser screen where three different sections, one – the books section where the display of downloaded and unloaded books.


Second is the reader screen, here the application or software is in automation for auto-adjusting according to the screen size. The reader has functions with operations like highlighting, bookmark and select the text with different colors for the different purposes of the user, also has an option of pronouncing the selected text.

These options will appear as and when the user selects text. It is also functioned to read various formats thatIt can readd are pdf, ePub, txt, HTML and FB2. Good choice to use in both desktop and windows phone. One of the best features of Freda is the ePub book is broken down into a chapter for easy access to a book or any ePub document.

Visit: Freda

Microsoft Epub Reader

Microsoft Epub Reader is a classic one of the Best ePub viewer with basic functionalities. It will allow you to read digital books, comics, etc. The reader screen has two sections, one – the contents page and the second – the page that is currently using the reader.

The user can select the particular topic or chapter for at their convenience. It also has an additional feature of converting ePub files to PDF format (although the quality is not to standard quality).

Microsoft Epub Reader

The software has a zooming function of the font for solving visual irritability; the application runs smoothly in the back ground providing you with smooth and fast scrolling the pages.

The tool bar at the top of the view has various options for the user interface function at the convenience for the betterment of the user and utilization. The  pre-downloading of books is available or the user can buy it  by the buy new option provided in the tool bar.

Visit:  Microsoft Epub Reader


Not to mention, Calibre is a simple user interface software used and approached by users who are at the lower side of the confidence. It helps you to read text books, eBooks, pdfs, ePub books, etc. the user has an option of self-organizing and arrangement of the books into the shelf of Calibre for better organisation and utilization.


The visualization and graphics are not tough too much but maintained more simply for the user. There is also an option in the Calibre site as a developer. It has an open platform for developing for the young generation to understand and use the software with ease.

Visit: Calibre

Cover Comic Reader

Cover Comic Reader
Cover Comic Reader

The cover was ideally one of the Best desktop ePub Readers for comics to be read in digital form, but it also has the accessing functions of many formats, and they are PDF, ePub, RAR, CBZ, CB7, and a lot more for matters like JPEG, PNG, etc. can also be read.

The user has functions like a snapshot, share, highlight, bookmark, etc. The graphic that has avail in this ePub reader is with great quality and standard. The auto arrangement of user book shelf, where the user can organize them virtually according to the user’s will.

Visit: The cover

Icecream e-book Reader

Icecream e-book Reader is another wonderful ePub reader and an e-book reader. It can read annotations, themes, bookmarks, an inbuilt dictionary for the better understanding of the user and much more functions are provided to the user.


The formats which are in support other than ePub reader are MOBI, DJVU, FB2, PDF, CBR and CBZ. All these features make the reader intuitive about it; the best part is night mode, where the brightness of the screen is adjusting to not harm the user’s visuals and utilize the application with ease and joy to read.

Visit: Icecream e-book Reader


Also, Nook is an amazing catalyst of the Best ePub Readers. It is with an online store which has comic books, magazines, paper, publications. The online store is very well as well as it can have access from the application itself and by the browser.


Nook has an exceptionally attractive looks and colors administered for the user to smoothen their views. It is also provided with all the basic requirements of the ePub reader like highlighting, bookmark, etc. at the choice of the user.

Visit: Nook


Sumatra is a PDF reader but can handle ePub, MOBI, CBZ, CBR, and XPS format e – books, which makes it the basic fine choice to be a user’s desktop. The application usage of the system space is very low demanding and is also at your finger tip.

Sumatra PDF
Sumatra PDF

It allows you download a portable form of the book for you. To read the book in any place any time without installing the software. It is a delightful option to the user and is the best option for academic and professional purposes. It has no attractive user interface but pretty good for the academic and professional users.

Visit: Sumatra


As can be seen, FBReader is an ultra-simple ePub reader, also known as an android reader application but it is a free e-reader available for windows too. The application is to providing with basic functions and focused on providing the user with quality reading experiencing without any distractions.


It supports various formats of e – book like FB2, HTML, MOBI, RTF and ePub. The user has an option in FB reader to customize the reading experience at his/ her choice. Maybe it’s simple but has an effective impact on the user.

Visit: FBReader

Cool Reader

It is a simple to use user-friendly application with a great view. Formats supported by the Cool reader are HTML, MOBI, TXT, FILE, FB2, TCR, RTF, and ePub. Altogether it’s a complete package for the user. Certainly deserves a spot in our list of Best ePub Readers.


Cool Reader is an open-access application ePub reader. The ideal ePub reader as the user can download all the e – books at free of cost. And use, it is also provides basic options like a bookmark, highlighting and many other.

Visit: Cool Reader

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Not to mention, Bookviser is a modern application that a user would come across. It has a multi-column feature. It allows the user to view and read in a wider screen to the best of the application utility.


It has a wide range of reading formats of e-books which a user can come across the web and customize the screen according to the user. It has a variety of user likely option like select a quote. And it will provide an option to the user to share or update the status of the user profile. That too without wasting time for typing. The variety of options is also modernized as a fantastic trending application to the current generation.

Visit: Bookviser


This concludes our list of Top 10 Finest ePub Readers for Windows. Hope you liked using them. Leave a comment below your favorite one’s.

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