Best Essay Writing Software to Use in 2023

Few academic assignments are more daunting and tedious for most students than academic papers. This is mainly due to the complexity of the papers’ structure – especially if we’re talking about something as long as a research paper or a thesis – and to the modern students’ inability to concentrate. Here, find the best essay writing software for yourself.

Luckily, nobody has to scrap their essays on paper anymore, buried under the piles of notes with no hope for any resemblance of order on their desks – and in their heads. Today, technology has made essay writing way simpler.  

Yet, thousands of students still struggle to complete their tasks. Then, when the deadline is near, they desperately google a burning “How can I write my essay?” question, and online writing services lend a helping hand. However, there are more ways to produce a great essay. Check out some good writing certifications you can get here.

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Best Essay Writing Software to Use

For example, you can try writing software to take your essays to the next level. Here are a few suggestions for you to choose from. 

Google Docs 

The golden standard and arguably the most versatile free writing software on the internet. 

  • Cross-platform, cloud-based, works on all devices
  • Free 
  • Has loads of features 

Today, Google Docs is the ultimate choice for students, teachers, and professional writers alike. First of all, it has very few limitations: you can create innumerable documents, share them with anyone in a few clicks, access advanced editing tools, and more. google doc

You can also open your files and documents on any device and platform, create folders and subfolders on Google Drive, insert diagrams and images, and even automatically cite your sources. Plus, all this is completely free until you reach a space limitation.

Visit: Google Docs

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A top note-taking app that can also serve as an on-the-go tool on preliminary stages of essay writing. 

  • Cross-platform works on all devices 
  • Great for organizing notes 
  • Has an advanced speech-to-text feature evernote

If you are using Evernote for note-taking (which many students do), you can also use it to work on your essays – mainly, for structuring your ideas and drafting an outline.  This makes it one of the best essay writing software.

Even if you decide to outsource the paper, later on, these notes will help you better explain what you need and provide your writer with some material. But be careful! Read paper writer reviews to make sure you choose the best service and stay away from dangerous scammers. Remember: outsourcing is excellent, but only when you do it properly. 

Visit: Evernote 

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A popular free alternative to Microsoft Word with a friendly interface and great focusing features. 

  • Cross-platform open-source software 
  • Blocks distractions and improves concentration 
  • Freely downloadable focus writer

As the Twitter wisdom goes, writing is more often “a battle of concentration” than a flight of inspiration – that’s why many writing tools and apps include built-in distraction blocking features. Among them, FocusWriter is perhaps the most popular one. 

First of all, it is an open-source, free alternative to Microsoft Word, but that is not all that draws students and professional writers toward it. The program also has a pretty customizable interface, plus it helps eliminate distractions. If you dread looking at a blank sheet and endless toolbars, FocusWriter might be just the tool for you.   

Visit: FocusWriter

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An advanced AI-based tool that drastically improves your writing on all levels. 

  • Checks more than spelling and grammar 
  • Works as a plug-in with Google Chrome 
  • Free basic version grammerly

For non-native English speakers and high school students, Grammarly is indispensable. Besides being a capable spelling and grammar checker, it has tons of other valuable features that help improve your writing style, too – even if you use a basic free version.  

However, AI is not as advanced as humans, so relying blindly on Grammarly’s suggestions is not always wise. Additionally, the Chrome-based plug-in should be used responsibly: convenient as it is, it’s still less functional than the web-based version. You can also check out the best alternatives for Grammarly here  

Visit: Grammarly 


A viral web and desktop app that makes your writing “bold and clear” and is one of the best essay writing software.

  • Simple and neat interface 
  • Highlights confusing sentences 
  • Improves the overall style hemingway

Sentences should be clear, concise, and to the point in academic writing. However, many students struggle to write in such a style. If you are one of them, Hemingway is just the tool to tackle your problem. 

This web- and desktop-based app provides instant feedback with an overall score, highlighting every issue with a different colour. Thus, you can quickly spot complex sentences, passive voice misuse, and other writing issues. However, Hemingway might not be the tool of choice for creative writing unless you want to emulate the Nobel laureate himself.   

Visit: Hemingway 

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Much-praised distraction-free writing app for macOS users. 

  • Cross-device app for Apple devices 
  • Customizable minimalistic interface 
  • Great for managing workflows ulysses

Who would want to pay for a writing tool when similar apps are available for free? Yet Ulysses fans argue it’s worth the money. If you own one or several Apple devices, that is.  

Besides an attractive, neat design, Ulysses stands out for its reliability and regular updates, which may seem a trifle but means the world if you use it extensively. It also provides some handy features such as a dual-editor option, easy navigation, typewriter mode, and more.

Visit: Ulysses 

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Popular mind-mapping tool for organizing ideas in a visual form. 

  • Convenient browser-based software available without registration 
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface 
  • Supports sharing and commentingcoggle 

Every good essay starts with brainstorming and outlining. At this point, you can take a pen and a piece of paper and draw a mind map – or you can use Coggle, one of the best software for essay writing. This tool can help you put down and organize your ideas and structure your essay in mere minutes, plus you don’t need to register to start using it. 

The basic version is free, and it has all the features a student might need. You can create, edit, and share maps, export them as printable PDFs or image files, create folders, and more. Coggle saves your maps automatically to a cloud drive, so you needn’t ever worry about losing your work.  In case you need access to free writing softwares, check this out.Visit: Coggle 

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Essay writing might still be as difficult as ever in its essence, but modern writing apps can simplify it to a certain degree. Today, various tools can help you organize your ideas, eliminate distractions, automate formatting, and a lot more. You can check out the best article writing apps here.

In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best essay writing software fits for you. Please choose the one you like best or combine them for a maximum effect, and try not to miss interesting new releases.


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