A lot of times, you may face a situation when some apps are not available in your country. Now it is pronounced that you can’t change your country to use a particular app, but on the other hand, you want to use that specific app, say Pokemon Go. So, faking your current location is the only matter of choice left for you. You can easily do this with the help of the best fake GPS location spoofer apps.

You can easily find many of the best Android GPS spoofer apps in the Google play store, but some are real, and some are fake. So to protect your time and money, we will write this article.

List of Best Fake GPS Location Spoofer

In this, there is a list of the 14 best fake GPS location spoofer apps. You can use any one according to your choice.


Startrack S.A. developed this fake location app. Like other apps in the list, the features are similar. With this app, you can travel to any location virtually and share any site with family or friends. This is a free and fun app built for iOS and is easy to use. You can share your fake location with others easily.


One best features of Localizador is that you also get an option to locate your phone. Other exciting features of this app include setting alarms and sending emails and texts.

Download: Localizador

Sygic GPS

It is one of the most downloaded offline navigation apps. Built for iOS devices and Android, this is a map-like application. It allows you to navigate through different destinations for free. It offers beautiful 3D navigation maps.

sygic gps navigation

It is also free, and you can easily change your location to a fake Gps location. This also has a search option where you can search for counterfeit locations. You can share the address of the mock locations to pull a prank on your friends.

Download: Sygic GPS

Spoofer Go

Spoofer Go is another app that comes to my mind regarding the best fake GPS location spoofer. Although to use this app, you have to spend some pennies. It’s worth spending bucks. Like the previous app, this app on your mobile also allows you to set any location worldwide from the North to the South Pole.

spoofer go

Its beautifully designed interface gives you many options that could take you virtually from one end to another. You can use the search bar apart from long-pressing the map to set your desired fake location. It might take a few seconds to change your new location.

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Regarding Android smartphones, FGL Pro is one of the best fake GPS location spoofers that could be the best option for any user. This unchallenging application changes your device’s location to another bogus location. Sharing your counterfeit location/address is very easy-breezy with this application.

fgl pro

This application is differently engineered with additional features like route mapping, showing routes like popularly existing apps, along with options like driving, walking, taking the train, etc. Don’t hustle much and quickly alter or hide your location with FGL Pro.

Download: FGL Pro

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VPNa stands for Virtual Phone Navigation App. This app is a piece of cake and very compulsive. Android Users could easily fake their current location and share it with friends, family, or relatives.

vpna fake gps location

Also, this app is amongst the latest and best fake GPS location spoofer until now. You might be thinking about what is so unique about this app. Once you set a bogus location, you can save it for future purposes and alter it using different mapping styles. Amazing huh? Go on and try it out.

Download: VPNa

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Fake GPS Location by Hola

The bogus GPS location is another best fake GPS location spoofer that costs you nothing. Hola engineered this superb application. You can quickly teleport your smartphone from North to South and East to West.

fake gps location by hola

Download this Best Fake GPS Location Spoofer without worrying much for a seamless experience, and chat with your friends while sharing your virtual location.

Download: Fake GPS Location by Hola

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GPS TAG Sas Cucumber Simulator

GPS TAG Sas Cucumber Simulator is freely available on the Google play store and requires 2.3.3 and up versions. It will allow you to fake your sea localization. You can easily overwrite your current location to a sea in Paris or anywhere else.

gps tag sas cucumber simulator

Its use is straightforward- choose your fake location in Sea, press the play button, and the app will insert the fake area into your device. This only requires play services and a map installed.

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Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Location is freely available to download on the Google play store. It allows you to change your location to any country, be it London, New York, USA, etc. You can quickly teleport your mobile phone to any new place in the world with the help of just two clicks.

fake gps location

This app helps you get the best fake GPS location spoofer so that you can access those apps which are previously not accessible by you. This app forces every other app to believe you are at that location. However, you won’t get features like call tracking or call forwarding.

Download: Fake GPS Location

Location Faker

If you are an iOS user, it will allow you to easily change your location to a fake one. It has become one of the best site-changing applications, enabling you to adjust to any of your favorite spots worldwide quickly.

location faker best fake gps location spoofer

In addition, You can prank your family and friends as one of the features of Location Faker is that you can even share your fake location and address. It has another helpful feature: notify your friends about your current location via any messaging platform you prefer.

Download: Location Faker

Change My Location

It is another popular fake GPS app with easy to use interface. However, paid service offers lots of unique new features. With this app, you can set your GPS anywhere you wish worldwide.

change my location

You can even search for any location, and to get a new site, press on the map. However, changing the location on a new device takes a few extra seconds. This app is exclusively available for iOS users only.

Download: Change My Location

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True Location360

This gained popularity by its feature, which allows one to know the caller’s location detail, including state, city, and Pincode. It gives unlimited access to any virtual destination you like.

true location360

Not just can you share fake locations, but you can also search for a phony area. The apps also keep a location history, which is a good feature considering you can refer to it while changing to a new place. This is built for the iOS device.

Download: True Location360

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Mock GPS with joystick

Mock GPS with Joystick is freely available for all Android users on the Google play store. This best fake GPS location spoofer app is compatible with all Android devices, so you don’t have to worry about your Android version. This app helps you to change your current GPS location so that other apps take that fake location as your current location.

mock gps with joystick

With the help of the joystick that is available for you on the screen, you can easily change your location. You have to enable GPS mock location option in the developer settings.

Download: Mock GPS with joystick

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer is accessible on the Google play store. It requires Android 2.3 and up. Like all other apps in this article, this will also help you fake your current location.

fake gps go location spoofer free

It is effortless; you choose your fake location, use different routes, and press the play button. Then it will automatically insert the fake GPS location.

Download: Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

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Mock Locations

Mock Locations allows you to fake your location. The only requirement is that you should have Android 2.3.3 and above. This mock location App has many unique features like the ability to simulate GPS routes.mark locations

There is also an option available for you to set breakpoints. You can set variable speed and simulate a closed route; you can hide the application from the status bar.

Download: Mock Locations


Fly GPS is also free to download on the Google play store. This best GPS app for Android is compatible with all Android devices. With the help of the joystick option, you can easily fake your current location to any other new location.

fly gps-location fake fake gps

Also, it has various features like a user-friendly interface; this Best Fake GPS Location Spoofer allows you to search for a location and then select it as your current fake location. You can change speed, radius, and interval time from the settings, and it will automatically save your favorite and history—indeed, a deserving spot on our list of best fake GPS location spoofer.

Download: Fly GPS

Fake GPS 360

You can download Fake GPS 360 easily and freely from the google play store. It requires Android 4.0 or above.

fake gps 360

This is the best GPS spoofing app. Like all the above, apps will allow you to change your location and fake it to make fun of your friends by making them fools because they think you are elsewhere.

Download: Fake GPS 360

My GPS Coordinates

With the My GPS Coordinates app, you can effortlessly share your GPS. You can also use it to prank or spoof by changing your current location on your iOS device. In addition, it works on phones, tablets, Android, and IOs devices.

my gps coordinates

Moreover, it has a one-click feature to change locations. It has other accessible and exciting features that can be used to prank others. Also, one best use of this app is adding a picture of your set fake location and making the prank seem real.

Download: My GPS Coordinates

Find Location By Magic Pocket

If you are an iOS user and want to use a fake GPS app, this app won’t disappoint you. This app is amongst the best phony GPS location spoofer, which iOS users can download for free. This trouble-free app will run through several algorithms to produce a fake GPS of your choice, and you can share it with your relatives. It allows you to generate your bogus location and your actual site too.

find location

Be the false location in India or the US; this gripping app allows you to set any location across the globe of your choice. Didn’t you like this app? Go on and try out the following Best Fake GPS Location Spoofer. Being an iOS user, try some iphone spy apps here.

Download: Find a location by magic pocket

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Fake GPS joystick

Finally, this is the last on our list of the best fake GPS location spoofer apps. This app is available on the Google play store for free. To use Fake GPS Joystick, you require Android 4.0 or above. Travel with this app carefree.

fake gps joystick

This app allows you to change and fake your current location with the help of a joystick control. This best fake GPS app is a simple way to trick people or other third-party apps, so they believe you are at another location. To efficiently use this app, you can follow the instructions from the menu option.

Download: Fake GPS joystick


These were the Best fake GPS location spoofer apps we sought for you. Try using them whenever in need with easy accessibility—wanted to know about downloading PhonePe Spoof App? Techwhoop will help you out!

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