3 Best Fantasy Shows on Netflix You Must Watch

The realm of science fiction and fantasy is pretty narcotic. It is so addictive, it makes you want to stay in that realm forever. And admittedly, binge-watching such shows is an addiction which I will openly admit, because I take pride in being a nerd, like most nerds out there. And among us sci-fi nerds, Netflix is a word that we use every day. Though there have been some questionable quality movies over there recently, like Death Note for instance, which got an ocean of hate for ruining the original manga. But Netflix still hosts some dope TV shows. Thus, you must know about the Best Fantasy Shows on Netflix.

So, if you have a Netflix subscription or you just got yourself one, congrats! You are about to embark on the magical journey of binge watching. An episode a day keeps the illness away, remember that! (had to modify that saying because my dad is a doctor).

In case you share common interests with the nerd squad and love sci-fi content, do yourself a favor and stay away from the movies that Netflix has to offer as of now. They are not as epic as one would expect. Stick to the TV shows instead, they are still awesome. So in this article, we will go through some of the Best Fantasy Shows on Netflix that you should watch. Top three to be precise. The list includes a good mixture of old and new ones, so make sure you watch them from the first season to really get the feel of it, as I have.

Best Fantasy Shows on Netflix

Stranger things

I am pretty sure you have heard the name or saw the ad on YouTube on this “stranger things” show. It starts off as a regular old kid-friendly horror/thriller movie but quickly becomes terrifying. Don’t let your kid brother/sister watch this, that’s what I’m saying. It just might be too scary for their young pants to handle. That said, you better get ready to get hooked on your screen, because the suspense and curiosity twined with each episode will tie you up on your couch (in a non-dirty way).

Plot (Spoiler): The plot begins with the disappearance of a young boy in Hawkins, Indiana. A girl with strange telekinetic powers also comes into the picture at about the same time. These weird things happen because the nerds over at Hawkins National Laboratory, who were originally set up to work with United States Department of Energy research, but were also doing experiments on supernatural crap. When are these scientists ever going to learn, am I right? Always opening up portals to alternate dimensions and letting in demons and other crap.

The boy who disappeared was caught by one of the critters of this alternate dimension called “Upside down”. The girl with powers was a victim of human experimentation who managed to escape from the facility. The girl who can move things with her mind; talk about Elfin Reid (the anime) all over again, huh? This has to be one of the best fast-paced sci-fi thrillers I’ve seen in a while. I highly recommend you watch this, as it’s one of the Best Fantasy Shows on Netflix. But don’t say I didn’t give you a heads up on the addiction alert!


I have been on this one since the first season. It has been 14 seasons now, and this is one of the Best Fantasy Shows on Netflix which has still retained its sci-fi/fantasy flavor for such a long time. The story does tend to get a bit boring every now and then, which is expected in any series, but overall, it is something worth binge watching.

Plot (Spoiler); The story revolves around the Winchester family, who are hunters. No, they don’t hunt raccoons and other wussy crap. They hunt stuff of nightmares, literally. This show is filled with all the legends and stories and folklore on monsters that you know/heard of. It has a few interesting twists with saddening deaths of family members and their shocking untimely resurrections, along with a dash of humor every now and then. The Winchesters lead some pretty dark but interesting lives. Both the Winchester brothers have been killed and brought back from the dead more times than I would care to count throughout all these seasons. Oh, and by the way, they killed death himself in one of the episodes, so, there’s that. Just another day in the lives of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester I guess!

If you have got a couple of weeks to kill (which normal people shouldn’t have), go ahead and start watching Supernatural. It’s great and I’m sure you will love it for the greater part.

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The Vampire Diaries

One of the most popular vampire fantasies out there has to be (No, not twilight) the Vampire Diaries. It is a romance/thriller kind of a deal with this one, and is pretty similar to Twilight, in a good way. The lady is approached by two supernatural dudes, which in this case, both of them happen to be vampires, and brothers as well.

Plot (Spoiler): Two fanged brothers, Damon and Stefan, fall for the same human girl called Elena Gilbert, who lives in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Among the two, Stefan is the “clean” vampire. He does not attack humans and suck their blood for survival but feeds on small animals instead (As if it makes it any less gross). His brother Damon, well, let’s just say you wouldn’t want to meet him alone in a dark alley at night. Because he rips people’s throats and does not give a flying fudge about pretty much anyone. As long as he walks out okay, nothing else matters to him.

Obviously, our lovely maiden Elena falls for the white collar vampire, while the evil brother tags along with a girl named Caroline, who conveniently happens to be Elena’s bestie. Obviously, innocent Caroline doesn’t know that she is merely being used by the dreamy fang-boy, for his real goal is Elena herself. Trust me, it is not vomit-inducing like Twilight was, though my description makes it look a lot like that. Then there are witches up in this joint too! Her name is Bonnie and she’s here because her ancestors managed to sneak away from the Salem witch trials, and settle down at Mystic Falls, because why not?

Sarcasm aside. It still is one of the Best Fantasy Shows on Netflix to watch. Unlike stranger things, you can let your kid watch this vampire love story. Or maybe not! Forget I even typed that because I can’t be asked to hit the backspace key at this point because I need get back to binge-watching Supernatural after I’m done with this post, okay? I suggest you tune into one of these three and enjoy.

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