8 Best Folder Lock For PC To Ensure Your Privacy

Our laptops and PCs have most of our data stored in them. This might include sensitive data like our identity or citizen cards and payment details. Personal photographs also are kept in PCs at times. The need for security, therefore, rises. This is where you need to know the best folder lock for pc.

If your house has a common PC that everyone uses, you might want to add security to such files. You have already added a security code to your PC. But that is not just enough. Adding now, an extra layer of security is what you need. It has become very simple to break into PCs and laptops. So, why should you take a chance?

This article presents the best folder lock for pc. Now, you can add security to everything that you have stored here. Note that not all of the options need to be installed. This makes it all the more important for you to read it thoroughly.

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Top 8 Best Folder Lock For PC

There are more than 30 applications that promise to provide you with the best folder lock for pc. However, not all are worth downloading. Here are some handpicked options that you can consider regarding the security of your confidential information. Please spend some time understanding the features and the functions of the best folder lock properly.  

Folder Lock

If you are hunting for the best folder lock for pc, a Folder Lock is something that you should have. This helps you to secure your email attachments, USB, and CD drives. Apart from that, wallets can also be sealed with this application. There is no requirement to set different passwords for each and everything you wish to protect from encroachment. One master password can be used to access all of the things at once. Your files will still back up in real-time with this password protect folder software. This is to assure you that your data is not lost.

folder lock
Folder lock

The only disadvantage is that if one person can guess your password, they will access all of the things you have been hiding.

Visit: Folder Lock


This drive locker compresses huge files. Apart from that, this application is also handy when it comes to securing your files. It secures not only your files but also the size of the file minimalizes. So, with a small size file, you will get security too! Organizing your files will become easier if you use WinRAR. It does not matter what type of file do you hold. With WinRAR, you can seal any file!


This feature is freemium. You can undergo a trial period and understand how this functions. The free trial lasts for 40 days. To know how to remove WinRar password without software, click here.

Visit: WinRAR


WinZip is also one of the best folder lock for pc you can come across. If you wish to add security to your ZIP files, this is the application for you. The user-friendly behaviour is the reason why it stands out from the rest of its competitors. Additionally, you can manage your files properly with the help of WinZip. Anything from images to folders and Zip files can get compressed with the help of WinZip. So, if you are looking to keep your files safe and compress them, you can download WinZip.


You do not need to pay for availing of the services directly. There is a chance for you to take advantage of the 30-day trial. This will make you accustomed to the features provided by this password protect folder software.

Visit: WinZip

Gilisoft Privacy Protector

You can also use another best file locker software for protecting your files from any invasion. As an additional benefit, you can get all of your unwanted files deleted. All of your browser histories are erased regularly. This is a method to free up space in your device

gillsoft privacy protector
Gillsoft privacy protector

Additional security is provided by securing your device from viruses, trojans, and other illegal operations. Sometimes when you have to share your PC, you might want certain files to be protected. 

Visit: Gillsoft Privacy Protector


The best folder lock for pc has been shown in the list above. They compete at a very strong rate against one another. It is you who is to decide the best one for yourself. Understand the features that each file locker has provided. The trial and free versions of the apps will help you decide which one is the best. Get up to date with the features. Do not end up paying for services that you can get for free. It is important that you need only take up one of the applications. No sense can be derived from the situation where you are downloading more than two or one apps for the same thing.

It is wisely said that precaution is better than cure – therefore, you should adopt a method to keep your data safe. Not too much effort needs to be put in. 

Depending on what you want to do, you can choose the best drive locker for your PC. WinRAR is the option if you desire to compress the large files that you have. Or else, you can attest a lock to the files to keep them safe. If you want the size to reduce and want to add security, then WinZip can also be your go-to.

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