Best Free VPN for Android – Top 10 Reviewed

In the past couple of years, we went from scheduling a special hour for internet surfing to maintaining an hour without our beloved internet. In between these timelines, the technology around us grew but left us in peril.  What exactly are we talking about? It’s the lack of security over the infamous internet. So many incidents have made us vigilant about our safety on the World Wide Web. This is where VPN comes into the picture, the knight in shining armor, protecting us from censorship of the content, constant geographical watch, to private data theft. The demand for Virtual Private Networks (VPN) has increased exceedingly since the pandemic. Finding the best free VPN for Android is the task at hand and an added expense.

best free vpn for android

But it is worth being cautious when surfing the world wide web to not fall into a trap. When you research varied VPN services, much to your surprise, many of them are free! Again the choice of VPN depends on your reason to acquire it; if it is just for a secure wifi connection, a freebie does an adequate job. Now, remember that freebies have their limitations but better have some safety rather than no safety. Manier times, the free VPN service provides a very poor network with speed hindrance.  

But instead of frantically trying every VPN, continue reading, and you will find the ten best free VPN for Android. We researched so you don’t have to.

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Top 10 Best Free VPN for Android


TunnelBear tops this list of X’s best free VPNs for Android because of its versatility. Of course, while opting for a free service, you do not get access to all the countries but a limited number like the United States, India, Australia, etc. while this deal is pretty sweet, it’s not the best feature of this VPN service.


TunnelBear offers a generous 500MB of data usage per month, making it the preferable VPN. It also gets you access to restricted websites while protecting your anonymity. Another reason to get TunnelBear right this moment is that it is ad-free!

Download: Tunnelbear

This VPN service does justice to its name. The app has a clean UI and is ad-free. It aids you in securely browsing the internet.

The most important feature of this android app is that it does not save search logs. What else could you look for in a free service?!


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Hotspot Shield

To your disbelief, it offers 500 MB of data per day! With a high-speed server Hotspot Shield, gives an ample amount of security. It is one of the best free VPN for Android.

hotspot shield
Hotspot Shield

It had a strict no-logs policy which again works in favor of the free user. Plus, you do not necessarily add your credit card details for the free service.

Download: Hotspot Shield

Avira Phantom

VPN Maximum security by one click. It shields your data by maintaining your anonymity and passing through geo-restricted websites like a pro.

avira phantom
Avira Phantom

With an amazing no-logs policy, it does not save any of your browsing histories. Along with this, the app offers a high server connection.

Download: Avira Phantom

Windscribe Android VPN

Yet another excellent best free VPN for android. It offers ten server locations in the free version itself. It provides a 2GB data usage limit per month but wait; there is a catch. If you give the service your email id, you get a cap of 102 GB per month.


The disadvantage here will be spamming emails, but that’s something we can live with. Overall the service works at high speed by keeping your identity completely anonymous.

Download: Windscribe

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Proton VPN

This VPN service made our top X free VPNs for Android list because it provides unlimited data usage. The only downside here is the server speed is low to a fault. Considering the amount of data they offer, some buffering in return seems like a good bargain.

proton vpn
Proton VPN

The service also provides a manual selection of locations; in the free version, you can access these three: the Netherlands, the US, and Japan. Another function of this app is that it is ad-free and does not save your browsing logs.

Download: Proton VPN


The service offers unlimited server connections with about ten global servers to hop on.


The app also has a solid 30 days money return policy and is among the best free VPN for Android. 

Download: SurfShark


The logging policy of this app is a solid 9/10. The name rightfully suits the app as the free service works at high speed. With the free version, you have access to all the servers as a paid subscription, but the limit is set for the data used.


There is a cap of 2GB per month, which is very inconvenient. In case your data usage is more, opt for another one of these free VPNs. 

Download: Speedify


ZoogVPN is one of the popular best free VPN for Android. The biggest deal the app offers is that it crosses the strongest firewalls without being on the radar.


With a no-logs policy, this VPN works with a decent network speed. 

Download: ZoogVPN


This commercial VPN has a data limit of 500MB per month and allows manual selection from 20+ servers globally. 


Download: IP Vanish

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  • Which is the best free VPN for Android? 

Out of our top 10 free VPNs for Android, Proton VPN is the best free VPN available. With a generous data cap of 10, the overall rating of this app is a nine on 10. 

  • Is there any VPN that has no limit on data usage?

Yet again, the answer is Proton VPN. This app has no limits set on data usage. Limitations may be placed on other parameters.

  • Is VPN Safe?

VPNs are built for your online safety and security. The best free VPN for Android do not keep tabs on your data. Even though your data is securely encrypted, some VPNs share your logs with a third party. Thus it is crucial to choose an appropriate and trustworthy VPN.

  • How to select the best free VPN?

Choose a VPN according to your needs; if it is for regular emails and office work, go for one with high server speed instead of extra data. But if you aim to stream videos and browse through geographically restricted websites, a VPN offering additional data usage is the best for you. 

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As the internet becomes increasingly vulnerable each day, protecting our privacy is our responsibility. VPNs allow you to stay anonymous as well as encrypt your data. Getting the right VPN may seem like a menial task if you foresee the hassle it saves you from in case of identity theft, the government keeping a watch on your online activity, and data leak.

The above-mentioned are some of the best free VPN for Android to aid you through your online journey. Stay secure and keep surfing!

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