Are you seeking the best 10 GameCube controllers and are unable to find one? Well, Gamecube controllers have gained immense popularity in recent times. The need for the best GameCube controller for Switch is growing along with this. You have, therefore, arrived at the right platform.switch controllerThe top 10 best GameCube controllers for the Switch are Nintendo Gamecube Controller, PowerA Gamecube Style Wired Controller, 8BitDo G Bros, HORI Nintendo Switch Battle Pad, Retro Fighters Duelist, etc. 

Therefore, in this blog, I’ll discuss the 10 best Gamecube controllers for the Switch, the Nintendo Switch and Gamecube controller compatibility, and how to use GameCube controllers on the Switch, amongst many other things. 

The 10 Best GameCube Controllers

Nintendo Gamecube Controller

Although many alternatives are available, the Gamecube’s original feel is unmatched. The fact that Nintendo is particularly good at replenishing Gamecube controller supplies hasn’t stopped them from dribbling them into stock channels.og gamecube controller

There are two choices available on Amazon US. You can either choose the Japanese model without a manual and possibly experience a longer shipping wait, or you can spend a few dollars more and get a Smash Bros.-themed model from the US. No matter your choice, you can be sure you’re getting high-quality Nintendo products because they have good sticks.

PowerA Gamecube Style Wired Controller

The only controller we can morally endorse outside Nintendo’s official model comes from PowerA. Although it isn’t a perfect recreation, using a USB-C cable and easily attaching it to your chosen device is a comfort you won’t find from the Big N themselves. The controllers from PowerA are also decorated with various Nintendo characters or have the traditional all-black design. The benefit of utilizing a PowerA Gamecube controller is that it will also function on a PC.powera gamecube style wired controller

PowerA may be used without needing your Joycon or Pro Controller thanks to its additional Z shoulder button, full share, home, and button set. Gamecube-style PowerA Wired Controller does not come equipped with analog triggers. 

8BitDo G Bros

We advise using the 8BitDo adapter if you already have a Gamecube controller and are just seeking a simple way to connect it to your Switch or PC but aren’t very concerned with analog triggers and other features.8bitdo g bros.

This tiny, wireless Bluetooth adaptor can support a Gamecube and Wii connector controller. The Nintendo Gamecube adapter is a great alternative. However, it must remap on the Switch to work properly. The X and Y buttons will occasionally flip for no apparent reason, so if you’re playing a game right out of the box, pay attention to that.

Additionally, it contains several buttons for screenshotting, returning to the home screen, and switching to X-input for PC use.

HORI Nintendo Switch Battle Pad

Wireless controllers are great, but there are times when nothing can compare to the tethered nostalgia of a wired cord.

These controllers are designed for Smash Bros. multiplayer action and come in various designs, from Zelda to Pikachu. You no longer need to hunch over in front of your TV with a 10-foot cable, either!hori nintendo switch battle pad

This controller is one of the best GameCube controller for Switch, as swift as your reflexes thanks to its anti-snapback analog stick design for both the primary directional stick and the C-stick. For button-mashing mayhem, choose the turbo option, or use the lightning-fast L/R and ZL/ZL buttons to throw things. Furthermore, Nintendo has approved the HORI pad, an officially licensed product.

Retro Fighters Duelist.

It may not resemble a GameCube controller in appearance, but it is purple and has the same colored buttons and overall layout.retro fighters duelist

Take note of the S button and the Punch icon, two new buttons. Smash assaults don’t require sophisticated combos to execute; players only need to press the S button to deliver lethal blows. They can switch between smash attacks and short hops by clicking the punch button every time they press S. Utilize the 30 feet of wireless range by charging the Li-Ion battery with a USB connection. Pick your controller, flick the switch to the on position, and begin playing. Simples!

GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition 

There are no differences between the original remote and this wired controller. It is the same for all intents and purposes; the only difference is that it works on the Nintendo Switch.gamecube controller super smash bros

However, this official Nintendo Super Smash Bros. pad is also one of the priciest remotes on our list, costing quite a bit of money. But come on, that really does look amazing!

Exlene Wireless Gamecube Controller Switch

This controller is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac platforms and features the same form factor as the original GC pad.

This GameCube controller is ideal not just for Super Smash Bros. but for all Switch games because it has motion controls, rumba, turbo functions, and more.exlene wireless gamecube controller switch

Additionally, since a rechargeable battery is safely inside, you will never have to worry about purchasing AA batteries again. Click here to learn about the best and safest websites to download GameCube roms.

VTone Wireless Gamecube Controller

If you can’t locate a WaveBird for your GameCube but want the look and feel, this VTone Wireless Gamecube Controller multiple can help finally untethered jailbreak you and a friend and let you into the world of wireless play.vtone

Like the WaveBird, these 2.4G wireless remote controls use an RF signal to offer a play distance of up to 10m.

Hyperkin Pro cube

This remote comes with all the required Wii-U native controls, player displays, ultra-sleek triggers, wireless capabilities, and a conventional appearance.hyperkin

Furthermore, when it comes to creating fantastic throwback gear, Hyperkin is an expert. You know, there’s a reason they consistently appear on our rankings of the finest HDMI cables!

Falcon Wireless Controller For GameCube (GC) 

This controller is the best GameCube controller for Switch and utilizes an RF receiver to transmit a wireless signal throughout your living room like the other WaveBird knockoffs.falcon

The sticks are in the same place, the icons are all the same color, and you can always slap a Mushroom Kingdom patch over the Old Skool logo for even more classic Nintendo vibes.

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What is the best gamecube controller for the switch?

Nintendo Wavebird is the best and a legendary Gamecube controller for switches by experts.

Can you use Gamecube controller on switch?

Yes, you can use your gamecube controller on the switch. However, note that the switch version should be 4 or higher for the controller to work smoothly.

What are some of the aspects of the best switch Gamecube controller?

While all gamecube controllers come with basic functions, the best ones are equipped with a turbo function and a rechargeable USB cable with stable and wireless support of Bluetooth devices.

How to use the Gamecube controller on the switch?

Connect both USB ports from the GameCube Controller Adapter to the Nintendo Switch dock while the Nintendo Switch console is in TV mode. A port on the GameCube Controller Adapter should be used to connect the GameCube controller. Press any button on the GameCube controller once it is attached to the console to enable it.

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It’s easy to understand why the GameCube is the best GameCube controller for Switch controller design and is frequently chosen as the best of all time. You may also like to check out the best GameCube Multiplayer games you should try. We hope you enjoyed our article on the 10 best GameCube controllers for Switch. With this knowledge, you can finally play your favorite Nintendo games on the Switch with ease. So what are you waiting for?  

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