Nowadays, online gaming has increased to a considerably large amount. The youth is addicted to online gaming since the time it has existed. Back then, the only difference was that people had to struggle to get games in the form of CDs and stuff. Now, the technology has advanced so much and to a point where the games are at the tip of your fingers. Here, we best games for Nvidia shield.

Nvidia shield makes the gaming experience just much better. There are a lot of games that are compatible with Nvidia shield. However, here are some of the best ones that you will enjoy:

  • Bomb Squad
  • ClusterTruck
  • Death Road to Canada
  • realMyst
  • The Witness
  • Half-Life 2
  • Portal

All of these games are an entertainer for gamers using NVIDIA Shield.

One of the most astounding developments is the possibility of playing games on a flat-screen TV or tablet. Read the overview of all the games and enjoy playing. You may also like to learn about how to turn off Nvidia Overlay.

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7 Best Games On Nvidia Shield You Should Try 

There are numerous games available about Nvidia Shield that you can try. However, which one is worth trying? Here is a list of the best Nvidia Shield TV games that you can download and play on your TV. Check this out to learn about NVIDIA Overlay. Ensure that you read everything about them before you go and proceed with getting the games on your device.

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Bomb Squad

If you are looking for a team-based game, Bomb Squad is one of the best games for Nvidia Shield that you can try. There can be up to eight players that can take advantage of this game at once. There are small games inside this game.

bomb squad
Bomb Squad

Meaning, there are game contests where each player can beat the other. The best part is you do not always have to choose to play with your friends. If you want to grow your network, you can play with other players too.

Visit: Bomb Squad


One of the best games for Nvidia Shield TV is the ClusterTruck. It is the basis of how well you coordinate with the physique of your character. There are a lot of jumps and twirls that you will have to do.


The goal is to reach as far as possible in the quickest way. You will have to dodge every obstacle and run to the end. The best part is that you can play with your friends if you want. You will need strong moto skills if you’re going to go ahead. 

Visit: ClusterTruck

Death Road to Canada

Another Nvidia Shield Android games option will be Death Road To Canada. One of the most amazing games that exist for Nvidia is this one. You will get the most impressive graphics, and also you can get them on your phone.

death road to canada
Death Road To Canada

If you are looking for something exciting, cool, and unique simultaneously, this is the adventurous game. It is a survival game that you will be a part of. You only have to beware of the zombies that are running after you. The best part is that you will get exciting surprises!

Visit: Death Road To Canada


realMyst is one of the best games for Nvidia Shield tablet that you can play. It is part of the Myst series and is an influential adventure game franchise.


This game is ideal for those who are part of Gen Z. it is a game that blows off your mind and hits you up with challenges. If you are up for adventures and fun, this is something for you!

Visit: realMyst

The Witness

The Witness falls into the list of the best games for Nvidia Shield that you will ever find for those who love puzzles. This game is highly challenging and will help you to twist your brain. If you want your brain to get the spark, you really will want to try this. There will be an island that will have different puzzles that you have to solve.

the witness
The Witness

You will get more than 500 puzzles that will be increasingly challenging. There is a story that gets unlocked as you solve the puzzle. This will lead to the reveal of a further report. Of course, this is amazing to try out for the ones who are looking for something different.

Visit: The Witness

Half-Life 2

If you are looking for the best games for the Nvidia Shield tablet, Half-Life 2 is the perfect one for you. It is a bit violent game, but it has the best experience for its users. If you own an Nvidia Shield, this is one game you should have.half-life 2

Also, you do not have to pay the first part to try this out. The perfect game that exists is Half-Life 2!

Visit: The Witness

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In case you want a stress-buster, Portal is one of the best games for Nvidia Shield. It is a very subtle option to play and is not very intense.

portal game
Portal Game

The creators have put in a lot of effort for this game. There is a fantastic storyline that keeps you hooked up.

Visit: Portal


What games can you play on Nvidia Shield?

Numerous games can be played on Nvidia Shield, including StreetfighterX, Tomb Raider, The Witness, Asphalt 8, etc

Can you play GTA on Nvidia Shield?

GTA was removed from Nvidia Shield and became paid; previously, the Shield could be put in console mode and play the games on a bug screen.

Is The Nvidia Shield Pro Good for gaming

Nvidia Shield Pro doesn’t provide any other specificities than other shield models, but it remains the best streaming box in the market. One drawback of the Nvidia Shield Pro is that it lacks a bundled controller.

Is PUBG on Nvidia?

To have PUBG as such on Nvidia requires a minimum of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB. You can also consider PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds supported on GeForce GTX 10 Series.


You now have the list of best games for Nvidia Shield to select from to kill your boredom. However, it is essential to consider the age limits and subscriptions of the games. Not all of the games provided here are free of cost, so you might want to check out the games before downloading them. It will give you a fairer idea of whether or not this is worth the money you are investing. 

We suggest that you do not download all of the games here. Although all of them are amazing, you should begin with three or four games. This will be a little economical for you to start with. Pick the most suitable options that suit your taste only. We have just put up some possible options that you can consider.

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