5 Best Gaming Microphones You Can Buy in 2018


Gamers have an entirely different world to conquer and rightly so! Microphones are just like our taste buds, Oops! A little too much? NO. Not at all. Trust me, Non-gamers, I’m not at all exaggerating or telling you a far-fetched fantasy tale. But yes, for gamers like us, selecting the best Best Gaming Microphones that would suit all our gaming needs is one of our major life goals. Yes, you read it right. Like I said before, Gaming without microphones is like eating our food without getting to feel the taste of it. The utilitarian value of gaming is directly proportional to the corresponding audio-visual experience we get for it. Okay, let us make it simpler.

An animated movie is just another movie without 3-D glasses. But with the glasses, the whole experience is enriched. Things seem real, and that is where we enjoy the effect. It works the same for us. While we could simply play our game without a microphone but the use of it takes the gaming experience to a totally new level. We can communicate, record and interact at the very same time. It is high time for you all to grab your favorite microphone and switch your virtual gaming experience to ‘real life feels.’

Best Gaming Microphones to Have in 2018

If you are a GAMER and still wondering as to which microphone must be your pick, I bring you five gaming microphones and their best features, which are worth giving a shot.

Samson Meteor

Best Gaming Microphones
Best Gaming Microphones You Can Buy in 2017 – Samson Meteor

If you want your microphone to stand out in the crowd and look as fascinating as your gaming choices, Oh! Here you are. These Best Gaming Microphones are a perfect solution for your home studio, Skype communications or any voice recognition, this Meteor Mic helps you record things on your computer or laptop which sounds incredibly good.

Why should you buy this?

  • Comes under a 10k budget.
  • Has the largest condenser diaphragms (25mm) of any USB mic available
  • The 44.1/48khz resolution gives professional audio results.
  • The cardioids pick up vocals maintaining the originality.
  • The sound recording can be done directly into the computer with ease.
  • All time favorite microphone for podcasting.
  • The Meteor mic doesn’t need a powered USB hub but can be easily plugged into your
  • iPad or USB connector.
  • Audio quality = amazing.
  • The headphone volume knob gives you full control.

Blue Snowball Ice

If crystal clear sound is the priority for your new gaming microphone, this one has to be your choice. Blue Snowball Ice wins on price, sound quality, ease of use and thus stands to be the winner of hearts of all the gamers. Certainly, deserves a spot on our list of Best Gaming Microphones.

Why should you buy this?

  • First and foremost: Sound quality is beyond expectations.
  • Works with any software on any computer without any drivers. Plug in and let the game on.
  • The adjustable stand makes the recordings easier and quicker.
  • Skype, YouTube or FaceTime – everything is possible with one go!
  • The custom cardioids condenser offers crystal clear audio while recording or communicating.
  • You can even record instruments, vocals, and entire brands without compromising on quality.
  • Priced around 6k.

Klim Desktop USB Microphone

Probably not the best but don’t worry, it’s not the worst either. C’mon.., it’s not that bad either.

If you are on an inexpensive budget and the need for a microphone with moderately good features is essential, you must go for this.

Why should you buy this?

  • Patented audio filter helps in canceling out the outside noises thereby focusing exclusively on the voice.
  • The easily accessible switch helps in take total control of volume.
  • Very sensitive yet solid and durable microphone.
  • The microphone works as soon as you plug it in without the help of any additional drivers.
  • Has 2 LED lights.
  • This around 4K microphone assures you a long lasting guarantee.

Razer Seiren Pro Elite

Razer Seiren Pro Elite is undoubtedly in the upper strata of the league. The experience that comes with this microphone is way more than that of a regular popular gaming microphone. If you have all the money and quality is your concern, Hurry Up! Order your Razer Seiren now!!

Why should you buy this?

  • A voice capturing the experience that neither gamers nor professionals have ever experienced.
  • And the additional feature of XLR recording.
  • Impressive professional design that seeks attention at one go.
  • The additional pop filter is great for general gaming activities.
  • Gets connected through a single USB connection.
  • Well built accessories.
  • Easy-to-change microphone pick-ups.
  • A 15K budgeted microphone.

Blue Yeti Microphone

They say, “Save the best for the end.” And so have I. Blue Yeti is the ultimate microphone choice for most of the gamers. The versatility of this one of the Best Gaming Microphones stands out all the odds. If you are looking for something more than just a gaming microphone without giving a second thought on your budget, Yeti must and must be your pick. giving a second thought on your budget, Yeti must and must be your pick. –To add to this, you can also invest in a few relevant accessories. Accessories that can heighten the experience, like helpful pop filters for the blue Yeti. It’s a vital addition to any enthusiasts arsenal.

Why should you buy this?

  • The multi-patterned feature helps in recording a range of sound applications which would otherwise require multiple microphones.
  • You can record in three different settings: cardioids, omnidirectional and bidirectional.
  • You can easily control volume, pattern selection or onboard muting facility.
  • A 3mm jack lets you listen as you record.
  • The excessively stylish Yeti adds glamour and class to your computer.
  • Its hinge built ability helps in pivoting the microphone subjecting to the sound source which helps in improving the quality of sound, if you need it.
  • No additional drivers required to record. Plug it inside your computer’s USB port, and your Yeti is ready for you.
  • Three condenser capsules help you in recording at any situation.
  • Priced within 13K.

Hope this list provides you with exactly what you are looking for. Let us know in the comments below!


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