In the past few years, crypto mining has grown substantially due to its lucrative nature. However, mining cryptocurrencies is expensive because it requires computers and specialized hardware to solve complex arithmetic problems and algorithms. Here’s all about the best GPU for mining Ethereum.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, although on the pricey side, boasts impressive GPU capabilities, establishing itself as a top-tier option for Ethereum mining. Since its debut last year, it has become the standard for exceptional mining performance.

That said, crypto mining hardware manufacturers have launched their best offerings in the last few years. Their mining rigs are serious regarding performance and can get you in the business. You can earn money from mining, but you have to be mindful of electricity costs that can add up quickly, and let’s not forget the crypto mining taxes. This guide will share some of the best GPUs for mining Ethereum and a few tips to calculate them. Let’s dive in. 

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Top 3 Best GPU For Mining Ethereum

Here’s the best GPU for mining Ethereum. Read the full article to know all about the best GPUs.

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GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

This card is a bang for the buck and offers solid value even in 2023, making it the best GPU for mining Ethereum. The EVGA model provides a 38 MHash/s hash rate for Ethereum mining and consumes less power, around 150 Watts. One of the important factors in Ethereum mining is the memory, and with this card, you don’t have to worry about it because it has a memory of 11 GB with respectable speeds of 11 GBPS. geforce gtx 1080 Ti

Even though it is an old GPU, its performance is unbeatable with a 352-bit memory interface. Read this article for the best RAM Cleaner for PC | Top 10 Reviewed.

It consists of the following features:

  1. A total of 9 additional sensors.
  2. MCUs embedded in the system.
  3. The output of 88 renders.
  4. Frame buffer of 11 GB.
  5. The units for texture mapping are 224.

These features make this card an absolute unit and an incredible choice for crypto-mining. It was first launched in 2016 at a very reasonable price, but its newer variants cost slightly more than its predecessors. 

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 is expensive but the best GPU for mining Ethereum. This has set a mining benchmark since it was launched last year. It offers an outstanding speed of 75 MHashes/s using the Dagger Hashimoto algorithm.

However, you can enhance its performance by overclocking it and increasing the output to 93 MHash/s. To put these numbers into perspective, its younger sibling only offers 54 MHash/s, and its older model only offers 30 MHash/s. Read this article and learn about Tokenomics: What is it and Why Should You Care? nvidia geforce rtx3080

Despite its 1440 MHz clock speed, it can be enhanced up to 1710 MHz when necessary. Even if you overclock this card, it runs surprisingly cool at 65 degrees Celsius. However, when overclocked, the card’s energy consumption jumps and touches almost 400W. 

AMD Radeon RX 480

This hardware is a considerably cost-effective and economical option for Ethereum mining. Its hash rate is 25 MHash/s, its GPU’s core clock speed is 1095 MHz, and the memory clock speed is 2160. Also, the AMD Radeon RX 480 consumes only 69W of power. amd radeon rx 480

In addition to 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, the Ellesmere processor chip has 2304 shaders. It also has a 4GB version, but it is unsuitable for mining. It can easily compete with heavy hitters because it consumes very little power. Radeon comes with a single 6-pin connector and a TDP rating of 110W. You can also use it for gaming.

It features DX12 support, VR readiness, and the most recent GCN architecture. Also, look for the best GPUS For VR too. Ultimately, it offers excellent ROI as its great hash rate consumes very little power, making it the best GPU for mining Ethereum.

Tips To Pay Your Crypto Mining Taxes 

The IRS is undertaking effective measures to track down crypto tax evasion and is dedicating resources to this regulation. Thus, paying your crypto mining taxes is necessary to stay on the right side of the law.crypto tax mining

The best way to avoid tax evasion charges is to keep detailed records of what you receive as a reward and calculate your cost basis effectively. You can use an online exchange that tracks prices automatically. You can also use your crypto wallet and maintain a daily spreadsheet. However, both alternatives can overwhelm you with the sheer volume of transactions. 

To keep the calculation of crypto mining taxes stress-free, you can use ZenLedger, a crypto tax software. This software can auto-populate several regulatory tax forms, including Form 1040 Schedule D, Form 8949, and FBAR. It keeps calculating your crypto tax liability simply by assembling your crypto transaction across crypto exchanges and wallets.  


What is the best GPU for mining Ethereum?

There are loads of GPU mining hardware providers in the mining space, but you should pick one that offers a good MHash/s rate and consumes less electricity. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 is among the best cards in the game. It provides a 38 MHash/s hash rate for Ethereum mining and consumes less power, around 150 Watts. Another one is the AMD Radeon RX 480, as it consumes only 69W of power.

What is the best GPU for mining?

AMD Radeon RX 480 is the best GPU for mining. Its hash rate is 25 MHash/s, its GPU’s core clock speed is 1095 MHz, and the memory clock speed is 2160. Also, the AMD Radeon RX 480 consumes only 69W of power.

How long will GPU mining last?

A GPU can at least last for three years, and on average, a GPU lasts about five years with fair usage. Some GPUs last a lot longer, but they are older models with low hash rates. However, manufacturers are developing long-lasting GPUs with higher hash rates.

What is the best GPU for mining crypto?

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is considered one of the best GPUs for crypto mining. It can mine up to hundreds of cryptocurrencies, making mining easy and fast.

Is Ethereum mining profitable with a single GPU?

With one GPU, Ethereum can be reached in about a month - each RTX 3080 can be used to mine 0.0 ETH. The worth of daily ETH for a day is $006.

What quantity of GPU is needed to mine Ethereum?

For Ethereum mining RX 570 4GB will not work as nowadays minimum 4 GB of RAM is required. Try and take the easy route for the mining process. Choose the best software for this purpose.

Can Ethereum mining done through 8GBGPU?

AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB provides a good rate with very less power usage. Thus, this provides the best value for mining of Ethereum.


Crypto mining can be profitable, but you should know how to pick the best GPU for mining Ethereum. The hardware must have good MHash/s and must consume less energy. Finally, you should also pay crypto-mining taxes on whatever you earn from mining.

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