Top 10 Best Idle Games to Play While You’re Bored

Suppose, You have completed all your work on a weekend and have nothing else to do, not even going out, or speaking to friends, watching movies, series, etc. What could be the best way to help yourself relieve your boredom? Yes! Playing games may turn out to be somewhat helpful, and this article lists the best idle games for you.

Now, what are these idle games? In these games, the player has to click many times to complete the assigned task to get rewards. What makes it better is that your bonus either multiplies or you get rewards. This feature indeed follows the meaning of the word ‘idle’ from idle games. If you want to take your mind off things, then these games are worth giving a try. 

But searching for such cool idle games to play may be hectic, which does not sit well with our relaxing mood. So, here is something for you when you are in the mood to chill and relax.

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Top 10 Best Idle Games of 2023

Here I will be easing out your work and giving you a list of idle games to play when bored.

Idle Heroes

The first one on the list of best idle games is Idle Heroes. If you are more into fantasy and crave a group of your heroes of whom you’ll help fight against the dark forces and lead them to defend them.

idle heroes
Idle Heroes

What can keep you stuck to keep playing the game is that with the progressing levels, the game gets more complicated but to keep you going further, you are given opportunities to get better rewards.

The exciting part is that even when you are not playing, your characters get more robust; in the meantime, when you start playing again, the characters battle with others and forge material continuously to get better and better.

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Dog Miner

Keeping in mind that the best idle games should be free, this is a unique kind of idle game where a dog named Shiba Innu is the miner and helps the player that would be you if you plan to play this game, mine gold and earn coins just by clicking on the dog image.

doge miner idle game
Doge Miner Idle Game

The starting journey of earning dogecoins may be lonely, but further, down the road, you start meeting other players with whom you can make friends. These friends may help you further in upgrading your miner dog’s equipment.

The game can be considered satisfying and very easy and straightforward to play.

Egg, Inc

As the name suggests, it has something to do with the eggs, so the main point in this game is the hatching of chickens. Think of it as if you are going to set up a poultry business.

You need to have a good place where you will provide chickens with an environment that will help them lay more eggs. More eggs mean more income, and if those eggs hatch, you get more chickens that will lay more eggs.

egg inc. idle game
Egg Inc. Idle Game

Your main aim is to become a business tycoon, so you would have to get more vehicles, different types of equipment, farms, and buildings. You even get an additional reward such as golden eggs and more that help you level up.

Bitcoin Billionaire

 With Bitcoin being in trend recently, this game has made its space in the best idle games 2023. Even though the game does not involve any real money, bitcoin, or cryptocurrency, the game is crazy.

You can become a billionaire with just your clicks, obviously not in real life but the game. The game involves bitcoin mining.

bitcoin billionaire idle game
Bitcoin Billionaire Idle Game

The scenario is set with you being provided with a falling apart computer, which you will use to mine the bitcoin. Then click by click, you will upgrade your system and get more facilities providing auto clicks, which will save you clicks and help you level up.

Grow Defence

The best idle games list should consist of free PC games. Even if the name might have already given you an idea of what we are going to look into, I still have to complete my duty of giving you people the details.

grow defence
Grow Defence

If you are interested in defending castles, attacking enemies through your knights, this might turn out to be the one for you.

The game is straightforward, as you have to conquer castles by clicking and safeguard your castle. This game comes with a 3D interface, giving you an excellent idle game experience.

Realm Grinder

Do you want to be the ruler of your little fantasy kingdom? If yes, then what is stopping you from downloading the game? A kingdom of your own where you can earn with just a click and spend that same money on your kingdom for building inns, which will give you profit and make your kingdom prosper.

realm grinder
Realm Grinder

You can collaborate with other kinds of creatures that may help you further develop your kingdom. You cannot overturn your choices. Hence, you have to make a decision carefully so that it does not turn out to be bad for you and your kingdom.

Click Speed Test Game

If you are a fan of Minecraft games, this app needs to be on your best idle games list. It is a game that demands almost equal to no mental effort.

So, if you have a mouse to spare and fingers to stress, you should try this game. In this game, the game counts clicks per second. The game’s main objective is to see how fast you can click in very little time. You can easily play it here.

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My Oasis

After a day full of work returning stressed and tired at home, one needs something calming, stress-relieving. What can be more relaxing than going to your private island, expanding it, interacting with different creatures? 

my oasis game
My Oasis Game

Even if it is not going to happen in real life, it will happen in the game. As you keep maintaining and working on your island, it will expand with various species, and it all comes with soothing music that helps you achieve a zen mood. It is the most relaxing PC game you will come across.

Adorable Home

 Are you interested in playing at home? This is it for you. The second last game under best idle games gives you at-home vibes.

It all has to do with your creativity and active participation, like feeding your pet, customizing your house, and other concerns when a person is in his real home.

adorable home
Adorable Home

One can still collect rewards by returning to the game after not playing for a few hours or days. If you have a niche for customizing then, this game is recommended.

Idle Fish Aquarium

You own an aquarium business, and here you have to collect different species of colorful fish. You need to pay attention to reward as this helps you upgrade your facilities and expand your business.

idle fish aquarium
Idle Fish Aquarium

Collect fish, upgrade equipment and collect rewards to boost up your business.


Why are idle games so addictive?

When you have to spare the least effort, and you get relieved of your stress with just a few clicks, it makes you addicted, and why not? The rewards offered are way too exciting for you to stop after just a few clicks.

Are idle games popular?

Yes, idle games are popular, lately, with a lot going on in everyone’s life, we all need some stress busters, and idle games being more accessible and exciting have proved to be great stress busters.


To sum up, idle games are proving to be great time passes and stress relievers. To unwind after work or a stressful day, you have your list of best idle games to play in 2023. I hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

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