Best Linux Games that Everyone You Should Play in 2023

Linux is the most effective and resourceful operating system in the digital world. It helps you discover the true potential of your computer to execute tedious tasks within seconds. Moreover, users can quickly run commands in the terminal and get the job done. But have you ever tried playing your favorite video game in the Linux environment? If not, you can try some popular games on your computer. We also bring you the Best Linux Games available to play in 2023. Make sure to test each round with your friends.

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Best Linux Games on Steam

Many of you are already aware of Steam, a popular gaming platform that manages your games library.

best linux games
best linux games

We are here with the best Steam Linux games with engaging gameplay and challenging levels. You will enjoy these video games for sure. So, let’s start our journey without wasting more time,

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Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet is our first entry on the best Linux games with beautiful graphics. The overall gameplay is simple and effective for beginners, and the first-person enhances the overall fishing experience.

fishing planet
fishing planet

The game is available on Steam and a handful of other gaming platforms. You can either play the free version or purchase the DLC offer accordingly on Steam.

Visit: Fishing Planet


There is no doubt that Dota is the best MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) in the gaming community. Everyone is pretty excited about the latest Dota 2 released for global players.

dota 2
dota 2

If you aim to become a professional eSports player, this game could be perfect for competitive practice. The players could buy the Battle Pass to unlock additional perks. However, the game the completely free to play.

Visit: DOTA 2

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Valheim is a survival game based on the Viking era of adventure and action. The primary aim is to survive till the end by completing tasks on the map.


The best part is that every new world is randomly generated for players to explore. Moreover, a maximum of 10 players can plat Valheim simultaneously. The game is under beta testing and requires minor improvements here and there.

Visit: Valheim

Dirt Rally

If you are looking for the top Linux game with realistic racing effects, Dirt Rally is the one that you must try. The game was first launched on Steam in 2015 by Codemasters and became a hit in the initial weeks.

dirt rally
dirt rally

Further, you race with opponents on multiple tracks with unique challenges. Players can also upgrade their cars and customize the outlook according to their preferences.

Visit: Dirt Rally


Insurgency is an action-packed shooting Linux game that will be a perfect time killer for young players.


The overall game is based on the Delta Force theme and features a First-Person shooting experience. Moreover, the game displays a special ammo counter on the screen to assist players. No doubt it had come a long way after its initial release back in 2014.

Visit: Insurgency

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This War of Mine

This War of Mine is another name among the best Linux games on survival theme. The war destroys your world, and only a handful of people survived. Now it’s your turn to get through the challenging levels to stay alive.

this war of mine
this war of mine

There are civilians in the game who can help you on the way to get supplies. However, look out for enemy troops as you need to finish them before killing you.

Visit: This War of Mine

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F1 2020

As the name suggests, Formula 1 has always been one of the best Linux Steam games under the racing category. F1 2020 is a hot car racing game with HD graphics and an interactive user interface.

fi 2020
fi 2020

Further, the players get a chance to experience the real-life of an F1 driver. You also tend to complete different seasons and beat your opponents every race. The game is pretty exciting and works well with your Linux system.

Visit: F1 2020

Star Conflict

Next, we have Star Conflict that will take you to the space to fight against enemies. It is a realistic space simulation game with massive action.

star conflict
star conflict

It is safe to say you will travel through galaxies and defeat space monsters. Also, players can either choose the PVP mode or PVE mode accordingly. Make sure to create an effective strategy before getting into the fight. It will increase your chances of survival in the end.

Visit: Star Conflict

Shadow Tactics

Shadow Tactics will be an excellent alternate for games like Tekken or Shadow Fight. The players will fight in Japan during the Edo time.

shadow tactics
shadow tactics

Also, you have to fight against enemies using your unique skills and combat techniques. This game is not for people with weak hearts as it contains a lot of destruction, and you must focus on your opponent’s weaknesses to trounce them.  

Visit: Shadow Tactics

Adventure Capitalist

In the end, we have a light and refreshing Linux game called Adventure Capitalist. You start as an average person who wants to start his own business. The journey begins with a simple shop that gains revenue.

adventure capitalist
adventure capitalist

As the player progress through the game, new opportunities are unlocked. The game also has employees that you are can hire to enhance the overall profit. Therefore, you can grow your empire and become the most significant business tycoon.

Visit: Adventure Capitalist

Moreover, you can expand the gambit of games you can play on your PC by using Android Emulators. Android Emulators replicate an android-like environment on your PC that allows you to access games from Playstore, Apple store, etc. from your PC. Click here to know the Best Android Emulators for your Linux OS.


We hope you loved our guide on Best Linux Games to try in 2023 with your friends. Most of these games are free and don’t cost you real money. However, we recommend checking Steam for their recent price updates. It is better to know about additional charges while downloading the game on your system. Don’t forget to check the system requirements while installing games for Linux.

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