The inbuilt media player for Chromebook is very limited regarding its features. It lacks essential functions like adding subtitles, selecting various audio tracks, and using keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, it doesn’t support many media file types like MKV and AVI. Therefore, it becomes essential to use other media players for Chromebook. 

The best media players for Chromebook are MX Player, VLC Player, Wuffy Media Player, CnX Media Player, Gom Media Player for Chromebook, etc. These are the mp4 players for Chromebook which will fulfill all your required entertainment needs. 

Now, you are going to be familiar with various video players for Chromebook with their detailed features. So. that you can analyze and select the best Chromebook video player according to your needs and comfort. So, let’s discuss them in detail. 

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Best Media Players for Chromebook

Here are the details for each Media Player for the Chromebook:

MX Player

If you have used MX Player on your Phone, you would be well aware of its great experience. This media player supports almost every video file format, including MKV, MP4, FLV, WMV, 3GP, AVI, RMVB, etc. Its robustness in supporting file format is enough to outstand the default Chromebook Player.

mx player for chromebook

It allows you to change the subtitles, add subtitles manually and make some small changes to them. It supports all types of subtitle formats such as SSA/ASS, DVD, DVB subtitle tracks, SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling, MicroDVD(.sub), TMPlayer(.txt), SubRip(.srt), player for chromebookMX player also comes with its online video library containing many Web series and movies. Furthermore, you can even stream some videos by using its streaming link. It is an equally important feature for people who want a great scope of entertainment.

MX Player is one of the best replacements for the default Chromebook Player. You can fast-forward the video, slowdown it, control brightness, and take exact screenshots. It supports keyboard shortcuts smoothly. You can lock the screen to avoid distractions while watching some important video. It also provides a reverse version of your video.

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VLC Media Player

Everyone has heard of VLC Media Player because of its remarkable service in the media industry. It’s an easy-to-use open-source application with almost every feature of media players. One can even consider it the best media player. 

vlc media player

Above all, It smoothly plays every video file and audio format. It supports almost every video and audio file format, including MKV, MP4, FLV, WMV, 3GP, AVI, RMVB, etc. It even provides subtitles in various languages through its shared network and drives support services. You can select among various subtitles. Moreover, you can add your subtitles and adjust them back and forth to adjust timely with the audio.

It supports every keyboard shortcut and provides extra features like changing the aspect ratio, cropping the video, and supporting multi-track audio. It’s one of the best applications to play FLAC audio, i.e., High-Quality Audio Files. One can say that it is the best mp4 player for Chromebook.

Download: VLC Media player

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Wuffy Media Player 

Its other essential features include managing brightness controls via tap and creating a media playlist. It supports multi-track audio with CC. Further, like every good media player for Chromebook, it also supports almost every media file format like MKV, MP4, FLV, WMV, 3GP, AVI, RMVB, etc.wuffy media player for chromebook Undoubtedly, It is an efficient and one of the best Chromebook video players, as you can consider it the least battery-draining media player. It’s a highly recommended media player. If you want a replacement for the default media player of Chrome OS, then I’m highly recommending you download and use this great media player. 

wuffy media player for chromebook

Wuffy is a fully offline video player. It allows almost all actions related to subtitles and audio tracks. You can use its playback feature just by tapping here and there on the screen: Play in fast forward or slow motion. One of the most important features of Wuffy is the drag-dragging feature. 

Download: Wuffy Media Player For Chromebook

Gom Player for Chromebook

The unique feature of Gom Player is that it provides a cloud storage service. It also allows the VR theatre mode. Moreover, it gives a smooth high graphic experience while playing videos. It also provides easy support of subtitle services like choosing, adding, and even delaying the subtitles. 

gom player for chromebook

It supports almost every video and audio file format, including MKV, MP4, FLV, WMV, 3GP, AVI, RMVB, etc. Hence, you can say that it is one of the most robust media players for Chromebook. 
gom player for chromebook

Gom Player runs ideally on Chromebook and supports every language, and is one the most efficient regarding least power draining. Its advanced media functions make it outstand other media players in the industry. 

CnX Player

It is regarded as one of the best media players for Chromebooks because it provides cutting-edge features such as theatre mode. The theatre mode gives you a thrilling experience while watching videos on your Chromebook. It also provides a rotation feature; one can hide and unhide videos. You can even cast videos on your TV while playing in ultra HD. 

cnx player

It’s one of the best media players considering its subtitle, tap controls, brightness, and multi-language supporting features. It supports almost every video and audio file format, including MKV, MP4, FLV, WMV, 3GP, AVI, RMVB, etccnx player

The UI of CnX is best as it provides a smooth-running experience and efficiently uses the least battery power. Like a good player, it’s also smooth in supporting all media file formats providing HDR controls. So, I will recommend this media player for Chromebook for its advanced features like Theatre mode, casting feature, HDR options, etc


Which video player works on Chromebook?

Various video players work smoothly on Chromebook. Some of them are VLC Media Player and MX Player. They provide all the basic features to give you a great experience.

Is there a VLC extension for Chrome?

Yes, VLC launched a chrome extension in 2015 with great compatibility to run on Chrome OS. You can use this extension to play videos on the browser smoothly.

Is there a media player for Chromebook?

There are various media players for Chromebook, like MX Player, VLC Player, and CnX Player, which you can be used to stream videos flawlessly.

Can you use an external CD player with a Chromebook?

Chrome OS doesn’t have proper codes to detect and process external disc drives. Nothing will happen if you plug a USB-based disc drive into your PC.

Do MP3 players work with Chromebook?

The Chrome OS can play audio files. You must download it to your limited storage to play using the media player. Various media players can play mp3 files. You can also use Youtube Music App.



All these media players have modern and advanced features for better enjoyment and smooth running. You can perform every possible action with subtitles and audio tracks of any format without technical issues. So, these 5 applications are some of the best media players for Chromebook that you can use for a great experience. 

Moreover, these applications will provide marvelous features like screenshots, brightness control, playback speed, video reversing, theatre mode, VR support, and many other features.

So, if you are frustrated or got bored with the limited feature of the default Chromebook Media Player, you can try these apps. Surely, they will increase your enjoyment by increasing video quality while draining less battery power. All of the exciting features of these best media players for Chromebook are waiting for you. 

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