7 Best Mortgage Apps to Manage Your Repayments

This article talks about the best mortgage apps that you can use. Many people are now turning to technology to help manage a mortgage and for worldwide payment systems.

We may not always be able to see what we are looking for when it comes to the best mortgage apps, but with some research, we can get there.

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best mortgage apps

TechRadar is the largest and most well-known portal for free and paid software, with over 3,000 reviews of software applications helping people make and borrow money.

The latest data shows that the UK has over 6 million households with a mortgage. This is at least £43 billion (3 percent) worth of debt.

It is certainly a good idea to research the various best mortgage apps available so that you can find one that is best suited for you.

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Best Mortgage Apps

The following list will help you find the best mortgage apps for your needs, whether that has anything to do with managing the repayments:


Launched in 2012, Zopa (Zopa Group plc) is a peer-to-peer lending platform with an online marketplace that allows users to borrow money from other people at reasonable interest rates using their assets as collateral making loan repayments easy and convenient.


Visit: Zopa

Pocket Mortgages

Pocket Mortgage app is a mobile-only mortgage broker that allows you to find and compare a range of mortgages without visiting your local branch or broker.

pocket mortgage

You can receive information about different mortgages and directly contact lenders by phone, email, and even video call (Skype) to discuss your mortgage requirements and get the best deal for your home loan. 

Income Mortgage Calculator

The Income Mortgage Calculator is an innovative way to calculate your monthly mortgage repayments. You enter all your monthly outgoings, and the calculator tells you how much you can afford on a mortgage.

income collector

Visit: Income Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Move 

Mortgage Move is a free online home loan resource that shows people how much they can afford in a particular location.

mortgage move

It provides simple calculations that allow users to see how much they can afford with different initial deposit amounts. It also gives information about all the lenders currently operating in the area for which you are applying for a mortgage.

Visit: Mortgage Move 

Mortgage Guide

The Mortgage Guide offers comparisons for personal loans, mortgages, and other home financing options for people looking for the best deal on the market. mortgage guideIt lets users quickly find out information about different mortgage products from multiple UK lenders. This helps you make an informed decision about your mortgage options.

Visit: Mortgage Guide

Mortgage Brain

The Mortgage Brain is a great tool that allows people to calculate their monthly repayments. They can also see how this might change over time based on their interest rates, monthly payments, and repayment periods.

mortgage brain

On this mortgage app you can also see how the comparison varies depending on whether you choose a fixed or variable repayment period.

Visit: Mortgage Brain

Mortgage Advice

The Mortgage Advice website is a useful resource for people looking to access information about different mortgages and loans. This website also provides advice from industry experts on their search and application requirements to get the best possible deal. Thereby helping them to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right loan product for their needs.

mortgage advice

Visit: Mortgage Advice


What is an AI-driven mortgage advisor?

With an AI advisor, you can schedule an automated 20-minute appointment by touching a single button on your phone. From there, the advisor learns about you and your needs and will proactively contact you to provide personalized, data-driven financial advice tailored to your needs.

Does Google have a mortgage calculator?

Yes, it does. The calculator is a simple one-page website with all the information you need to help you. It's easy to enter all the information you need, and once you do, you will see a breakdown of all of the payments that are due to that mortgage company, plus additional information.

How does a mortgage calculator work?

Underneath the calculator is what's known as an amortization schedule, which is a list of the loan payment history and how they are paid off over time. You can see what amount has already been paid, how much still needs to be paid off (principal), and how much goes toward interest each year.

What percentage of income should go to mortgage?

An age-old question, although it may not come up for everyone. Let's break down the answer: A one-bedroom is typically going to cost around $200 a month. That would be a total expense of $1200 per year. Loan payments can range from $1500 to $4000, depending on how much you're borrowing and your credit scores. Let's assume you spend only 30% of your income (60% would be the max). That would be $450 monthly at the lower end, so $1500 a year. So, if you're making $4500 a month after taxes, you can afford: A $1200 / 1BR apartment in most SF and many other cities unless you make really good money. A $1500 / 1BR apartment if you live in the missions or some less desirable neighborhoods. A $4000 / 2BR apartment will be out of reach unless you make more than most people that live here - which unfortunately is not out of the realm of possibility. A $10k / 3BR apartment would be out of reach for anyone who is not making a big 6-figure salary.

Is it better to make biweekly mortgage payments per month?

If you want to lower your monthly mortgage payments and don't see any extra cash flow in the future, you may consider making two mortgage payments every month during tax time.


When finding the best mortgage apps, plenty is out there. It makes getting the information you need about your home loan easier. Plenty of great websites provide useful tools and resources to help people find the best possible deal based on their requirements. And thus, you must know about the benefits of mortgage AI.

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