The Best MSP Hyper-V Backup Strategy To Ensure Your Crucial Data

For companies that want to protect and have the best MSP Hyper-v backup strategy approach, it is crucial to clarify that the ever-growing number of structured and unstructured data is there.

hyper v backup strategy

However, there is still too often an inefficient secondary storage architecture in the premises created to meet their needs. This architecture is complex and comes with high administrative and infrastructure costs.

In order to solve the issue, the virtual machine backup capabilities of MSP Hyper-v backup providers have been expanded to support Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines.

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Microsoft Hyper-V is a widespread virtualization software tool in three versions:

  1. For Windows servers;
  2. Hyper-V servers – Hyper-V host server;
  3. Servers for Windows 10.

microsoft hyper v

While many virtualization applications are limited to operating system virtualization, Hyper-V integration services are unique. Also, you can use it to set up and start virtualized versions of hardware devices such as hard drives and network switches.

Managing Windows Hyper V requires tools to work hyper server performance. One such tool is Hyper-V Manager.

It is a VM management tool with Microsoft Hyper-V and is an essential tool that allows you to create, delete and manage virtual machines, virtual hard drives, etc.

Furthermore, you can configure Hyper-V Manager to fit your virtualization necessities.

With the accelerating demand for IT in organizations, Hyper-V Manager is still an underdeveloped tool that barely meets today’s requirements for managing a virtual environment.

The Best MSP Hyper-V Backup Strategy Approach

As soon as you prepare your Hyper-V backup plan, there are two essential things to ensure your crucial data protection:

It is helpful to remember that Hyper-V control points are not comprehensive backups per se. While these checkpoints capture VM backup images at certain times, they capture older information.

If you need a virtual machine backup for any reason, you will be returning to old data that may be notably less practical to you.

userguide for microsoft hyper v

The MSP should take the necessary steps to protect the Hyper-V backups once they are completed and perform performance checks to ensure that they are properly backed up.

At any rate, VM backups are essential to your customers’ data continuity plans, so it is vital to take every possible step to protect yourself from internal or external bad actors.

In the first instance, encryption is a popular way of securing production data.

Never Treat Hyper-V Snapshots As Backups

Many have had to discover how virtual machine backup works. The snapshots use files on the same primary storage infrastructure and in the same VM backup folder as the drives on the home virtual machine.

hyper v Snapshot

These are not backups and Microsoft in Hyper-V does not support this. Snapshots use a mechanism to record delta changes from a specific point in time. Nevertheless, they depend on the basic disks from which they are created.

For the final Windows Server backup destination to restore individual files in the MSP Hyper-V backup process, it needs adequate disk space. The snapshots cannot perform the backup data protection as it may involve a crash-consistent backup.

The backup software should be a fully autonomous data recovery mechanism regardless of its motherboard virtual machines. If we lose the motherboard, the control point is quite useless.

The Benefits Of MSP Hyper-V Backup Provider

Integrating your Hyper-V environment with a third-party Hyper-V backup provider means seamless cloud backup, allowing you to protect and govern your necessary files and virtualized workloads.

msp hyper v backup provider

With this integrated solution, you accumulate the following benefits:

Backup Process

Agentless application is consistent with VSS and RCT (Resilient Change Tracking) and forever supports additional high-performance backups. 

vembu backup process

It includes global cloud-level real-time write-off and on-the-go VM to ensure a minimal impression of high-performance VM storage and backup bandwidth consumption.

Disaster Recovery

The MSP Hyper-V backup solution includes a full VM recovery and a file recovery option with flexible recovery options.disaster recovery hyper v

Such as restoring data to their original location or alternate locations through ROBO and whole VM or VHDX.

Unified Control Plane

MSP Hyper-V backup solution provides unified visibility and policy management across all VM types, mainly VMware.


The MSP Hyper-V backup solution architecture guarantees a seamless increase in your backups as you add more virtual machines and grow your data footprint. The native cloud backup solution does not require the purchase of additional hardware or software.

With this, you can stop worrying about the limitations of backup or media servers and the accompanying standard for managing traditional backup solutions.


The MSP Hyper-V backup solution supports all typical Hyper-V storage deployments, including local and grouped shared volumes and SMBs.

Mobility and Testing/Dev

Once your data integrates into the cloud, the MSP Hyper-V backup solution should enable workflow mobility and replication testing and development across geographic areas.

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Features To Look For In The MSP Hyper-V Backup Tool

The Hyper-V Backup Tool should also help you manage your backups and provide replication and recovery options. And the MSP Hyper-V backup tool can help you keep your VM environment running, even during downtime.

hyper v backup tool


When looking for Hyper-V backup tools, look for features such as:

Compression and deduplication- Reduce storage needs and network traffic.

Incremental backup technology- With technologies like Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) or Change Block Tracking (CBT).

Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)- For in-app snapshots.

More storage options- Pre-storage or cloud backups.

Conclusion For Best MSP Hyper-V Backup Strategy

Even tomorrow, it’s time to start backing up your MSP Hyper-V backup environment. Backups can not wait any longer until next season.

Failure of one VM or group of virtual machines can result in outages and significant financial loss. Unfortunately, if you drop victim to a powerful malware/ransomware attack, your data could be lost and fall into the wrong hands. It is best to start backing up now to protect your MSP Hyper-V backup data and applications from potential risks.

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