10 Best Mutual Fund App To Invest: All In One Guide For 2023

To live a stable life, you should invest and save your hard money in mutual funds. This has become much easier through mutual fund apps. You need to find the best app that fits your funding goals. In this article, you will find the best mutual fund app to invest in.

In a mutual fund, you can start with just 100 rupees if you have never made any investment. You can easily track your investment through mutual fund apps and keep yourself updated. This way, you gain knowledge, and as you get more information, you can decide whether to invest more money or not. And today, you will learn about the safest investing apps.

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Best Mutual Fund App For 2023

Let us discuss and help you understand the best mutual fund app for you.


Groww is an easy-to-use mobile app for mutual fund investment. However, anyone can use it and invest in a mutual fund. If you are new to the acquisition and want to start that you can handle with ease, this app is for you.groww

In the Groww trading app, you can track your investment and keep yourself updated. As this app has a single dashboard, it is simple to plan your finance and funds. To start, you must register on the app through KYC to verify your account. If you are considering your security with investment, you need not worry, as Groww has 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your information.

Visit: Groww

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Coin By Zerodha

Zerodha is the platform investment that has a compatible app called Coin. If you have an account on Zerodha, you can log in to the Coin application, and that’s it. Zerodha is a well-known company in the investment world so you can trust Coin by Zerodha. For this reason, Coin by Zerodha is on the best mutual fund apps list. Read this article, to know more about Digital Assets. coin by zerodha

You can create and manage your SIP anytime with the Coin app. Coin lets you make changes to the information whenever you want. It also has financial schemes, ELSS funds, and Tax filing instructions for you to know and use if they suit your interest. Its easy-to-use interface lets you understand the calculation and schemes very well.

Visit: Coin By Zerodha

Icici Direct

Being India’s largest retail broker and financial product supplier, Icici Direct has reformed the way of investing. You need to create an account on the Icici Direct app to start your investment journey. This app is easy to use, convenient for digital investment, and one of the best apps to invest in.icici direct

In Icici Direct, you get numerous financial services and products such as comprising equity, derivatives, commodities, ETF, IOPs, insurance, mutual funds, and more. You can go through its mutual fund policy, where you can easily make investments. All of these facilities you get in one app for your stable life.

Visit: ICICI Direct

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SBI MF InvesTap

SBI MF InvesTap is the app, as the name says, investment on your tap where you can do different financial activities using this simple app. The app allows you to go through funds and arrange your goals for investment. Now you can register, invest according to your goals, and track the asset from the app.SBI MF InvesTap

You can track and find NAVs and receive real-time updates to do so. As per your convenience, you can even schedule your transactions to receive notifications and finish them later. You can create a fund list to later compare up to three funds.

Visit: SBI MF InvesTap

HDFC MF Online Investors App

HDFC MF is one of the largest mutual fund investment apps in India. It provides a complete package of savings and wealth-enriching goals with its inventment services across asset classes. Its stronghold on the stock market makes it more reliable.hdfc mf

HDFC MF has one of the largest market shares that manages an equities-oriented fund. This app lets you clearly understand your financial investment according to your household. It offers the most popular investors that account for the majority of assets. They have a systematic transaction protocol to keep everything in line.

Visit: HDFC MF Online Investors App

ABSLMF Investor App

According to the AUM report, ABSLMF Investor is one of the top funding companies in India. The report also says. It is on top with 2.7 lakh crore in domestic assets under management. This is the best mutual fund app that offers various services, including a selection of spanning equity, debt, and asset classes.ABSLMF Investor App

In ABSLMF Investor app also has over 1.7 million customer folios. This app is active in 300 locations in India to grow and enhance mutual fund investment.

Visit: ABSLMF Investor App

Axis MF App

Since October 2008, Axis MF has experienced rapid growth with the opening of the mutual fund strategy. The guiding principles contributing to their strategic development are long-term wealth creation, an outside-in perspective, and a long-term connection.axis

All these guidelines involve whole product, sales, and services. It helps you to feel financially secure for the long term with their improved planning and investment management. They also encourage their investors to see beyond investing with vision, objectives, and goals.

Visit: Axis MF App

Upstox App

Upstox app allows you to make mutual fund investments without paying any brokerage. It gives you different choices, more than 2000 mutual funds to invest that meet your goal. To make the mutual fund investment, you need to create a Demat account and choose from the category of funds you want to invest in.upstock

The app lets you research suitable mutual funds with the framework. You can go through every information about the mutual fund in the Upstox app. This app has quite nice features for finding and investing in the correct and suitable mutual fund.

Visit: Upstox App

Paytm Money Mutual Funds App

Paytm is widely used for online transactions with the vendor. It allows us to explore different services other than just transferring money. One is mutual funds; the best part is you get a 1% higher return. You must log in to the Paytm money app and look for mutual funds.paytm money

It allows you to explore the different investment plans and schemes, after which you can create your portfolio. Within 30 minutes, you can create your account on this app and start with your investment plan.

Visit: Paytm Money Mutual Funds App


The Kuvera app has an easy user interface, and you can create your account within a few simple steps. This app allows you to create your financial portfolio, manage joint family accounts, and track your investments.kuvera

Kuvera also has an informative dashboard where you get to know all the plans, schemes, and SIP. You can also see trending mutual funds to help you set your goal. It will help you track your goal and know if you are going with the correct one. All the features make it one of the best apps for mutual fund investing.

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Visit: Kuvera


Which mutual fund provides the highest return?

You get the highest return in the Axis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan-Growth, as per the last five years of information. It is an equity mutual fund scheme launched by Axis Mutual Fund.

Groww app origin is from which country?

Groww is an Indian based-company for online investment and is recommended for beginners or people who know nothing about mutual funds and online assets.

Do I need to pay to open an account in Groww?

To open your Demat or trading account, you need not pay any charges on the Groww app. You must follow the steps to register and use your account.

Can I get rich by investing in mutual funds?

Yes, you can become rich if you invest in mutual funds, as compound interest helps you to grow your investment. You can even use an investment calculator to check the growth over the years.


Investing helps you to secure your money and also grow at the same time. You have just read about the best mutual fund apps in this article. You can compare your investment plans to your needs and choose the best.

Before you believe anyone regarding the investment plans, you should research properly about each detail to avoid any fraudulent activity. Always verify the information shared with you via respect company.

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