Modern technology never ceases to amaze, and the abilities of many applications and services impress and greatly help and simplify people’s lives. So, whether you are a student, office worker, copywriter, or amateur writer, you need a text editor to do miracles with your written text. Grammar, stylistics, spelling, and punctuation – even the most dedicated philologist can have problems with all these aspects. Here is a list of the best offline grammar checker tools available.

From sources across the web, some of the Best Offline Grammar Checker tools are:

9 Best Offline Grammar Checker Tools

In our selection, you will find offline helpers that will quickly and efficiently solve these and other problems you may face.

Hemingway App 

Hemingway App is a grammar checker app that can be accessed online and offline, making it very convenient. In addition to this option, the app helps users take grammar lessons and improve their skills. Also, the app quickly analyzes the text you paste and displays the number of words, characters, sentences, and even paragraphs.hemingway

In addition, the app highlights different chunks of text that the app thinks can be improved. Another unique feature of the app is its ability to evaluate your text in terms of grammar and style, which gives you an idea of how readable your text will be. It is worth noting that the online version of the service is still free, while the offline version is available for a fee.

Visit: Hemingway

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Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft Word is probably the most famous service for writing and editing documents. Almost everyone has worked with it in school, college, or work. It is a universal assistant because it is available in many languages. Also, the application can check spelling, punctuation, and grammar.microsft word

The service is available in several versions, some free and others paid. Accordingly, their functions, too, are to some extent different. The editor is trendy and is rightfully at the top of the most famous offline editors. It is an excellent tool for students who want to write academic assignments excellently. Still, we advise turning to EssayAssistant for a superior grade for those less enthusiastic about this paper.

Visit: Microsoft World Online

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LibreOffice Writer 

LibreOffice Writer is a free, full-featured text editor for Linux. It has all the features to create and edit simple and complex text documents. Its functionality is comparable with the Microsoft Word editor.libre office writer

LibreOffice Writer can edit and save documents in several formats. OpenDocument – ODT, doc, RTF, Docx, XHTML, and others are supported formats. The program can also create and edit documents in Microsoft Word format, but the compatibility with Word documents is imperfect. It depends on the complexity of formatting, fonts, and embedded objects in the document. As for the interface, the program is designed in a standard style.

Visit: Libre Office Writer


It is a free program for word processing, similar to Microsoft Word, and makes for a great offline grammar checker. The program is suitable for many tasks, including word processing. It works with lists, indentations, and character formats. It has more advanced features, including tables, styles, page headers and footers, footnotes, templates, multiple views, page columns, spell checkers, and grammar checkers.abiword

These features will help you write term papers, reports, and other documents that need proofreading. Thus, the system highlights suspected mistakes and offers suggestions for correcting them.

Visit: AbiWord

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Scrivener is one of the best offline grammar checkers. It helps you gather everything in one place, organize it into a convenient structure, and quickly navigate the mass of material. It will also help with text, personal notes, or term papers.

Imagine that you are writing a book or a diploma, and the draft is over 200 pages long. You have the idea to add or change something in the text.scrivener

It would help if you found the necessary piece: remember the chapter where it is located, guess on what page it is, and flip through a large amount of text, carefully looking through kilotons of characters.

Scrivener can store all the necessary information; it helps you look at the whole project and move thoughts, paragraphs, and chapters without problems. And, of course, the service does a great job with text grammar, so it is at the top of the offline text-checking services.

Visit: Scrivener


LanguageTool helps you create professional texts without stylistic, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes and makes for a great offline grammar checker. The service highlights them and shows examples of correct use of words. In addition, it will give you automatic spelling tips. LanguagesTool can be an extension for different browsers – it helps improve the writing technique when creating email letters, blog posts, etc.language tool

Online punctuation checkers can integrate with MS Word and Google Docs. But as with past services, the application is available in different versions. Thus, the latter service is only available by purchasing a Premium subscription. The free plan allows basic grammar, punctuation, and stylistic checks in texts of up to 10,000 characters.

Visit: Language Tool 

Spell Checker Pro

Another well-known spell checker application quickly and efficiently detects grammatical errors and later offers text correction options. In addition, the service allows you to insert some simple HTML features easily and then send them to your favorite application.spellchecker pro

The editor is available for integration into other applications. It is pretty popular among students and pupils, as it has a lot of necessary functions for editing different types of text.
Visit: Spell Checker Pro

FreeOffice TextMaker 

It is one of the best offline grammar checker tools that allows you to create various document types and has many valuable features. So, here you can create different layouts, apply watermarks, and use different types of design. free office text makerService perfectly works with the text because it supports other languages and checks your grammar and spelling, improving your text. Such a program will come in handy at work and school.

Visit: FreeOffice TextMaker

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Grammar Checker Academic 

This service is an offline grammar checker dictionary that will check your work for you! And you will be comfortable carrying it around with you all the time. The application will help formulate emails writing academic papers – wherever literate language skills are required (and they are everywhere).grammar checker academic

Many users say it has become an indispensable aid to learning English, which is especially useful for foreign users.
Visit: Grammar Checker Academic


What is the best offline grammar checker?

Grammarly is widely regarded as the best offline grammar checker. It offers comprehensive grammar, punctuation, and spelling checks, along with suggestions for improvement. Its offline version provides seamless checking even without an internet connection.

How do I master my grammar?

To master grammar, practice is important. Read extensively, pay attention to sentence structures, and learn from well-written materials. Use grammar resources like books, online courses, or language learning platforms. Seek feedback on your writing and consistently apply what you know. Practice regularly to improve your grammar skills over time.

What are the rules of grammar?

These include: Subject-verb agreement Proper use of punctuation Correct sentence structure Good use of pronouns Accurate verb tense usage Correct use of articles Parallelism in writing Consistent verb voice Understanding and applying these rules can enhance your grammar proficiency.

Why do schools block Grammarly?

Some schools may block Grammarly to prevent students from relying too heavily on automated tools for their writing. Schools encourage students to develop their writing skills and rely more on their understanding of grammar rather than solely depending on external software.


Anyway, this is our list of the best offline grammar checker tools. Only you can decide which services suit you, so we will not evaluate them.

But we hope that no matter which one you choose, it will be helpful for you and help you to avoid shame before sending your work project, term paper, or booklet. You can also check out some free tools to translate Shakespeare here.

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