One Piece is among the all-time most well-liked manga series for an excellent purpose. The world-building, characters, and narrative are expertly developed, and Eiichiro Oda’s artwork is magnificent and distinctive. This article will look at the six best One Piece manga panels.

“Luffy Punches the Celestial Dragon,” “Zoro’s Sacrifice,” “Robin’s I Want to Live,” “Luffy’s Declaration of War,” “Ace’s Death,” and “Zoro’s Nothing Happened” are among the six best one piece manga panels.

The long-running manga series One Piece has a colorful past of noteworthy events and captivating artwork. Many panels from the series have gone on to become well-known among viewers. A distinctive and deep storytelling experience can be had by reading manga panels. It is possible to increase the emotional impact of a scene and communicate information clearly and concisely by using visual clues like facial expressions, body language, and panel layouts. A wide variety of genres and topics are frequently covered in the manga, making it appealing to many readers.

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What are One Piece Manga Panels?

One Piece has become one of the world’s most well-known manga series since its 1997 grand debut. It contains one of the most recognizable manga panels. It includes a lot more than 490 million volumes distributed as of the year 2021.

Manga panels are essential to the manga medium and crucial to storytelling. Manga panels are the individual panels that make up the various pages of a manga series. Each panel contains a single image or scene arranged in a specific order to create a grand narrative. manga panelsOne Piece is renowned for its vibrant, intricate panels that vividly depict the fascinating plot and distinctive characters. Every panel is a work of art thanks to Oda’s exaggerated features and minute details, giving his art a unique and instantly recognizable look. 

Six Best One-Piece Manga Panels

Here are the 6 best one-piece Manga panels:

Luffy punches the Celestial Dragon

When Luffy smashes a Celestial Dragon during the Sabaody Archipelago arc, it becomes one of the most recognizable scenes in One Piece mythology. This moment perfectly encapsulates Luffy’s character and his disdain for those who use their power to oppress others.luffy punches the celestial dragon The panel itself is straightforward and effective. The black background with white stars sprinkled throughout accentuates the movement in the foreground. Luffy’s fist striking the Celestial Dragon’s face sends him tumbling backward.

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Zoro’s sacrifice

Zoro gives his life for his crewmates during the Thriller Bark arc. He uses his body as a barrier, taking all of Luffy’s suffering upon himself.zoros sacrifice With his back to the viewer, the panel depicts Zoro taking the suffering on himself while standing erect. The white background highlights the situation’s seriousness. Despite the panel’s simplicity, it has a remarkable ability to evoke strong emotions.

Robin’s ‘I Want to Live

Robin eventually proclaims her wish to live, something she had previously been unwilling to do, in the Enies Lobby storyline, which is an extraordinary moment for her. A single spotlight is shining down on Robin as she stands in the foreground of the panel against a black background.i wanna live As Robin declares, “I want to live,” her tear-filled eyes convey a palpable sense of emotion in the panel. One of the series’ most heartbreaking moments marks a turning point for her character.

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Luffy’s Declaration of War

Amid the Marineford War, Luffy makes a stunning debut, charging into the fray and launching a war cry against the entire Marine force. In the foreground of the panel is Luffy, and in the background is a blazing explosion.luffy declared war The panel beautifully conveys the intensity and excitement of the situation, showcasing Luffy’s courage and tenacity. Fans will never forget it because it’s a turning point in his story.

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Ace’s death

Ace’s death during the Marineford War is arguably the most devastating event in the series. With a black background and white lines denoting the shockwaves from the attack, the panel features Ace and Luffy in the foreground.ace's death The emotion in the panel is heartbreaking, with Ace’s final words to Luffy echoing through the pages. Also, draw such panels by yourself.

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Zoro’s ‘Nothing Happened’

After sacrificing himself for his crewmates, Zoro brushes off the seriousness of the situation with a simple “Nothing Happened.” The panel shows Zoro standing with his back to the viewer, his swords at his side.nothing happened The panel is simple but powerful, showing Zoro’s resolve and dedication to his crewmates. It’s a moment that perfectly encapsulates his character and has become one of the most memorable panels in the series.


What makes a One Piece manga panel one of the best?

Based on a variety of elements, such as its influence on the reader's emotions, its dynamic composition, the level of detail it contains, and how it advances the plot and the characters, a One Piece manga panel may be ranked among the finest.

How many iconic One Piece panels are there?

Considering that the best One Piece manga panels have been a series for more than 20 years, there are many legendary Ones. Many panels have gained popularity because of their emotional resonance and aesthetic appeal; fans have their favorites.

Are there any spoilers in the best One Piece manga panel lists?

Undoubtedly, most lists of the top One Piece manga panels will have spoilers for readers who need to finish the series or are up to speed. Before checking these lists, fans are advised to read the manga or watch the anime.

Are the One Piece best manga panels exclusive to the manga, or are some from the anime adaptation?

While One Piece's primary source is the manga, the anime adaptation contains some standout scenes and panels. Nevertheless, the manga is the best way to experience One Piece's narrative and visuals.

Will people, who are not fans of the series, also appreciate the best One Piece manga panels?

Fans of the series will undoubtedly like the coolest manga panels. Still, anyone who enjoys beautiful artwork and compelling visual storytelling will enjoy these panels' emotional impact and artwork. Some panels, meanwhile, might have a different effect on non-fans with the context of the tale and characters.


In conclusion, the popular manga panels are acclaimed for their beautiful artwork, lively panels, and compelling narrative. Readers will experience poignant and memorable moments in these panels since they perfectly represent the characters’ personalities and journeys. Many memorable panels from the series have become favorites among readers over time.

The best One Piece manga panels can motivate readers to keep moving forward, from Luffy’s tenacity to Zoro’s selflessness, Robin’s vow to live, and Ace’s heartbreaking demise. They serve as a monument to Eiichiro Oda’s extraordinary brilliance and capacity to design a world that captivates the imaginations of millions of people. Whether you’re a devoted follower or a casual reader, the epic manga panels are a visual feast you shouldn’t miss.

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