12 Best Online Video Downloader For Mac in 2023

If you want to watch videos online but do not always have the Internet, downloading them and then watching them offline is the best option. This article will inform about some of the best online video downloader for Mac on the market.

The article will consist of 12 such video downloaders. We will also list their best features and whether they are paid or free. Accordingly, you can choose the one that fits you the best.

Users generally have some specific requirements on the quality of the video, whether they can convert the video, add a playlist, and so on. Following are the best online video downloaders for Mac that will contain all the features and more! Let’s check out the best Facebook video downloader tools.

12 Best Online Video Downloader for Mac | Best Ones


It offers a resolution as high as 8K, along with a video quality of 1080p. The online videos can be extracted and downloaded from sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. The notable characteristics of VideoHunter are:


  • VideoHunter also downloads music files in a jiffy.
  • The videos download at six times the faster speed for you.
  • Supports different file formats for easy conversion of selected videos.
  • Best works for YouTube videos.
  • It can download YouTube playlists, along with private videos and subtitles.
  • Very helpful in downloading Tik Tok videos without a watermark.


  • The user interface could be more user-friendly.
  • It may have compatibility issues with some websites.

Acethinker Video Keeper

Acethinker Video Keeper aids you in downloading videos directly from YouTube, and it does this while offering 1080p video quality. This downloader is also completely free to use, which makes it even better for users. It supports the basic aim of a video downloader while also offering other great features like:


  • Screen recording your videos if you need it
  • The app has a built-in search browser which will allow you to paste a URL here. Thus, you can search for a video with the help of its URL.


  • Has a straightforward and clear UI. Enables users to download videos in various resolutions and formats.


  • The free version has fewer functions; a paid membership must have full access.
  • It may not support downloading from all websites.

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4K Video Downloader

4K video downloader is known as one of the best video downloader for Mac considering the features it consists of and the service it offers. With this downloader, you can download your favorite videos from not only YouTube but also other streaming sites in 4K or even 8K resolution. 


4K video downloader gets even better as it has a free and paid version. The free version, of course, will not have all the attributes of the paid version, but it is enough to get the deed done. However, if you wish for the paid version, it costs only $24.95 a year.  

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Some other attributes of a 4K video downloader are:

  • You can download the subtitles of the video you want in a jiffy.
  • If need be, a 4K video downloader aids you in downloading entire playlists off channels on YouTube. 
  • Transferring is also made easy with this downloader as a large amount of videos can be sent to other devices efficiently.


  • Supports downloading 4K and 1080p HD videos.
  • Full playlists and channels may be downloaded in one go.


  • If you want access to all of the features, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium plan,
  • It may have compatibility issues with some websites.

Total Video Downloader for Mac

This downloader has a very easy user interface and is also quick to work. You can download anything right from music to online videos at a 4 times faster pace. Some attributes of Total Video Downloader for Mac are:


  • Contains a diverse amount of video formats such as MP4, 3GP, AVI, and so on.
  • You can download an impressive collection of videos from distinct platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Also consists of a built-in search engine, so you can paste the URLs here to search for the desired video.


  • Quick data transfer rates.
  • Downloadable video is available in several formats and resolutions. 


  • It may have compatibility issues with some websites.
  • The user-friendliness of the UI should be improved.

Airy YouTuber Video Downloader for Mac

This downloader is simple yet elegant in use and is also completely free. It lets you download videos from different streaming sites and it can also be used on a variety of browsers right from Chrome to safari. It also shows support to tons of different file formats like MP4, 3GP and on on. A few other amazing functions that Airy YouTuber Downloader offers are:


  • Your videos can be converted into your desired format using this tool.
  • Just in case you know that you are downloading the proper video, this tool allows you to watch it before you go ahead with downloading.
  • You can even download multiple videos all at once to save time. The speed of other ongoing videos will also not decrease.
  • You can access them in more than 20 varied languages!


  • User-friendly interface: The intuitive design of the Airy YouTube Video Downloader makes it simple to use.
  • Multiple formats: Airy YouTube Video Downloader supports many video formats for downloading, such as MP4, FLV, and 3GP.


  • Limited to YouTube: Airy YouTube Video Downloader can only download videos from YouTube and not from other websites.
  • Not free: Airy YouTube Video Downloader is not a free tool and requires a subscription to use all its features.

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YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is free and also paid, and you have to pay $9.99 a month to get access to the Pro version of it. Here are the simple yet elegant attributes of YTD Video Downloader:


  • You can convert the video into various formats, such as MPEG and AVI.
  • At any time you feel like you do not need the downloaded video, you can pause it, cancel it or straight away delete it.
  • The fast speed, even with multiple downloads going on, make this application a good one. Click here to know How To Add Disney Plus To Vizio Smart TV.


  • Multi-platform support: YTD Video Downloader is available for multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Multiple format support: Download videos in MP4, AVI, or FLV using YTD Video Downloader.


  • Slow download speeds: Some users have reported slow download speeds when using YTD Video Downloader.
  • Limited to certain websites: YTD Video Downloader only works with a limited number of websites and may be unable to download videos from all websites.

iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac

This is one of the best online video downloader for Mac with its high-quality videos, feature of converting videos into different formats and much more. iTube HD Video Downloader is free and the paid Pro version begins from $24.95. Here are the top-notch features of iTube HD Video Downloader.


  1. There is a feature of private mode which will keep your videos hidden from other people.
  2. More than 1000 sites can record your videos.
  3. You can also download the videos that have been put in google drive, OneDrive, and more.


  • High-quality downloads: iTube HD Video Downloader allows you to download videos in high definition and at fast speeds.
  • Multi-platform support: Besides Mac and Windows, iTube HD Video Downloader is now accessible on Android devices.


  • Limited to certain websites: iTube HD Video Downloader only works with a limited number of websites and may be unable to download videos from all websites.
  • Not free: A paid membership is required to use all of iTube HD Video Downloader’s functions.


VideoDuke offers so many file formats to choose from, and the quality of settings is also top notch making it one of the best online video downloader for mac. Your desired videos can be downloaded online from Facebook or Instagram stories and websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion and from a range of 1000 other platforms. See how you can fix your YouTube easily. More notable features include:


  • This is the perfect video downloader for longer videos.
  • Has two options for video settings: Simple and advance. Simple consists of only downloading the video you want. On the other hand, advanced settings consist of controlling the resolution or quality of a video.
  • Consists of a history alternative so the user can see the searches made in the past.


  • With this, you may save videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and many more.
  • It provides different resolutions and quality options for downloading videos.


  • It is not a free tool, and users must purchase a license.
  • It has limited support for downloading videos from specific websites.

Elmedia Player Pro

Elmedia Player Pro offers an HD experience to its users by making the video HD quality, making it one of the best online video downloader for mac. The fact that no strain is seen on your mac after this elevates the downloader even further. Other essential features of Elmedia Player Pro include:


  • It can take out images from the videos you want.
  • It also assists you in downloading the subtitles, for the videos.
  • Along with videos, this downloader allows to download music.


  • It is a flexible media player that lets you get videos from many sources.
  • It provides smooth playback of downloaded videos without any buffering or lag.


  • It is not a dedicated video downloading tool but a media player with video downloading functionality.
  • It may not support downloading videos from all websites.

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This is the perfect downloader to use if all you want to do is download videos to watch offline. Along with this, it is also completely free and work with any of the other operating systems. Check out how to download embedded video easily. A few of the other features of JDownloader are:


  • The format of a file does not matter as it can download any type of file.
  • If, by mistake, files are thrown in the trash or archived, they can be retrieved.
  • You can save videos in whatever resolution you are comfortable with.


  • It is a free and open-source tool for downloading videos from websites.
  • It supports downloading videos in batches, making it easy for users to download multiple videos simultaneously.


  • The user interface may need to be more intuitive for new users. It may have compatibility issues with certain websites and video formats.

ClipGrab for Mac

ClipGrab is one of the best online video downloader for mac considering it is free and the user can download and watch offline videos from any website of their choice. Any number of videos can be downloaded without it affecting the speed. Other important characteristics of ClipGrab are:


  • Your videos will save in top-notch HD quality.
  • It will automatically detect the rest of the video once you put in the link to a video.
  • The videos will download in an ample number of file formats like MP4.


  • It is a free and open-source tool that supports downloading videos from various websites.
  • It provides options to convert downloaded videos into different formats.


  • The user interface may be less modern and sleek than other video-downloading tools. It may not support downloading videos from all websites.

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AllMyTube is the last one on our list of the best online video downloader for mac. Also learn how to download YouTube videos without any app. AllMyTube can be used alongside YouTube and VEVO. The user can sort the viewing on the basis of channel, category, and so on. This is a paid downloader and stands at only $29. Here are some attributes of AllMyTube:


  • AllMyTube has a screen record option, so you do not miss anything and can pick out every small detail.
  • It also knows how you can download movies so it is not only restricted to random videos.
  • It has 24/7 around-the-clock support service for when you run into obstacles. Also, check out our article on Fix All The Problems With Disney Plus Easily With This Ultimate Guide.


  1. Easy to use: AllMyTube is user-friendly and has a simple interface, making it easy for even novice users to download videos.
  2. Supports multiple websites: AllMyTube supports downloading videos from various websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, among others.


  1. Limited functionality: While AllMyTube is easy to use, it has limited functionality compared to other video-downloading tools.
  2. Cost: The full version of AllMyTube requires a paid subscription, which may be costly for some users.


Which one is the best from all of the above downloader?

There is no one true best downloader as they all contain certain unique attributes that the others might not have. Choosing and picking out the best online video downloader for mac is definitely going to be a trial and error process. It can require some time to find a downloader that is a perfect fit for you.

Are these downloaders safe to use?

Yes, these are all safe and don't have any virus. Not all the downloaders are free, though. Some have both free and paid versions and some cost a bit of money. But it will be worth the trouble of paying in the end.

Will there be viruses on my device if I install these downloader?

No, there will be no bugs or viruses through these applications. These applications are some of the best online video downloader for mac which makes them safe as well as virus free. Downloading them will not hinder the performance of your device at all.

Why are all these downloaders so important?

The main purpose of these is so the user can be able to see videos they want when no internet connection is available. This happens often and having nothing to watch can be boring. This is why users prefer to watch offline or downloaded videos. Downloading them will be easier and handier with the help of the above-given video downloader.


This article on some of the best online video downloader for mac finishes up here with these FAQs. We hope this article was engrossing for you and you learned something new! You can make full use of all the downloaders given here and choose one befitting you! Download videos from Hotstar!

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