Having a lot of documents and work but less space to store, here is a solution to your problem. This article will try to clarify all your doubts regarding the best overclocking software to use in 2023 and enlighten you with its key features. Read further in an energetic manner to learn about it. 


This article discusses the key features and disadvantages of the best overclocking software in 2023: Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, AMD Ryzen Master, RivaTuner, AMD Radeon Performance Tuning, Intel Extreme Memory Profile, and DRAM Calculator For Ryzen. 

There are several techniques to increase speed through the usage of overclocking software. Read further to learn about overclocking software. 

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2 Best CPU Overclocking Software- Absolute Overlook

CPU, aka Controlling Processing Unit, is the brain of your computer. The processing speed of your device depends on how much processing speed the CPU contains.


If your work efficiency exceeds the work efficiency of your device, then you should increase the speed limit. PC overclocking can be done by installing softwares. 

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Intel Extreme Tuning Utility 

Intel XTU or Intel Extreme Tuning Utility usually works with modern models or brands of motherboards. It is used for overclocking, monitoring, and stressing the device. The most common platform for increasing the capability of your device is intel XTU.


Intel XTU is free overclocking software used to boost the performance of your device. Moreover, they do not work with unsupported devices.


  • Intel XTU is capable of various bug fixes.
  • Helps to overclock and monitor your devices.


  • When some system configurations like Virtual machine state, Hyper V, and more are enabled, it likely stops working.
  • You cannot set voltage in an underfoot protected system using intel XTU. 
  • You may find any notification or error note while running or opening Intel XTU when Windows Smart App Control Feature is enabled. 

AMD Ryzen Master

In this type of overclocking software, you can control the speed of your device manually. Before installing the software, there are three things that you should necessarily check about your CPU: temperature, speed, and voltage.


AMD Ryzen master is only supportive towards these devices, namely, Ryzen CPUs of AM4 socket motherboards with X370, B350, and X300 and Rizen Threadripper CPUs on TR4 socket motherboards with X399 chipset. 


  • They can boost your device to 16 cores and 32 threads. 
  • It gives custom clocks and voltage adjustments to both the memory and CPU of your device.


  • AMD Ryzen master is not capable of giving great clock speed to your device. 
  • Ryzen processors like AMD Ryzen master have low single-core performance

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2 Best GPU Overclocking Software- Step To Step Guide

Graphics Processing Units, alias GPU, one of the best overlocking software, is a special type of processor useful to increase graphics rendering. You can do many things like video editing, machine learning, and gaming at the same time with the help of a GPU processor.


With time the processing speed of the GPU becomes low, for increasing the capability, it becomes necessary to use overclocking software. Some overclocking tools used to enhance the power of GPU are as follows. 


For GPU, RivaTuner, an overlocking software, is the most common tool used for overclocking your software.


It improves the quality of the performance of graphic cards and also monitors the device. This also enables low-level hardware monitoring. 


  • It enhances the capability of your device.
  • RivaTuner gives multi-monitor support to the processing unit. 
  • This helps to support the hardware monitoring module
  • RivaTuner supports Logitech G15 LCD panel


  • Half-decent devices do not respond to overclocking software. 
  • RivaTuner interferes with all online interactions and makes things messy. 
  • You cannot list the program in your control panel.

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AMD Radeon Performance Tuning

Mainly gamers use AMD Radeon performance tuning to enhance the clocking power of the GPU. You can increase your processing speed depending on the user’s demands.


For installing this software, your GPU requires a high level of technical ideas. One should prefer not to try manually. If you do so, then check for small increments. They do not support AMU and AMD graphics.  


  • Adjusts the image level qualities and increases the visibilities.
  • Helps in controlling the power which is sent to your graphics processing unit. 
  • This overclocking software can solve advanced scientific problems
  • Improves and tweaks the performance of your games. 


  • You can only use the key feature after completing the installation.
  • They do not provide more advanced controls to your device.
  • Overheats your device sooner. 

2 Best RAM Overclocking Software

Random Access Memory or RAM is the memory of devices like computers, laptops, and many other devices. They help to store and retrieve data completely and sooner. They are located on the motherboards.


You can increase the capability by using the best overlocking software. To increase the processing speed of your ram and for the better performance of your device, you can overclock RAM. Below are some famous overclocking software mentioned in detail. 

Intel Extreme Memory Profile

This helps enhance the gaming key features of only those devices with Intel processors. It is mainly compatible with DDR4 and DDr5 memory modules.


You can also utilize them on AMP, EOCP, and DOCP. This acts as an extension of your motherboard capability. 


  • You can boost RAM’s performance easily and safely.
  • It is easy to install and activate


  • Due to the increase in voltages, they need high watts
  • Overlocking tools like Intel Extreme Memory Profile usually increase the temperature of the CPU.
  • This processor may reduce the stability of the device. 

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DRAM Calculator For Ryzen 

DRAM Calculator helps to boost ryzen processors’ performance. The calculator has its own set of values which are very decent. You can see the color timing set.

dram cal

It makes graphical adjustments and fixes problems. This overclocking software has better combatively.  


  • On the AMD ryzen platform, this helps in overclocking your memory
  • This helps to keep memory timing stable, and you can select frequencies according to the time required. 


  • Voltage changes in the DRAM calculator directly affect the keyword.
  • It is preferable not to use the DRAM calculator for ryzen manually

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What is the work of the best overclocking software?

Overclocking software helps boost your device's performance by checking the clock's ability when you download overclocking software, the performance of your device increases.

What is the common demerit that your device faces after overclocking?

The device commonly gets overheated in due process to make of increasing the speed.

What should you check before overclocking or how to overclock the CPU with software?

A few major things that you should check properly before overclocking any device are as follows. The core temperature of the CPU should establish a baseline. Check the current processing limit of your device. Adjust the multiplier of your device.

Can you use overlocking software on any device?

Yes, you can use any software. Overclocking software is only used to increase the power of the device to work.


People search for the best overclocking software to improve the power of their devices. There are many overclocking tools used to increase the capability of your device depending on the type of device and its capability. You can increase the capability of the RAM also after increasing the capabilities of your motherboard. Sometimes the overuse of overclocking softwares overheats the system and ultimately leads to damage to the device. 

Hope this article was worth reading and served your interest to know about overclocking devices! Share the post for others to refrain wrong uses of technologies.

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