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Not everyone can afford to have a personal assistant. But, we can have Android apps, which would help us to remember and also guide, about our day’s works. For quite some time, the voice assistant apps have been the hot potato. Android users felt the need of such apps after Apple introduced Siri in iPhone. It is available only for iPhone users. But, Google which developed Android, has done remarkable work in the field of voice assistant apps. Its voice recognition technique has outperformed any other app, but certainly, some more developments are yet to be made. Here we have included other such Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android.

We at TechWhoop, bring you some of the most sought after personal assistant Android apps.

Google Assistant

Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android

Google Assistant

It’s one of the Best Personal Assistant Apps, setting the trend on ablaze. If you are an Android user, get this app for sure. Google Assistant is available only on Marshmallow and Android Nougat. But, if you are having your phone rooted running on android 6 or 7, you can use the Zip Mode of the Google Assistant app. The only requirement is that you should have your Android Play, updated to its latest version. It has amazing features, and if you do not download it now, you will be crying over the spilt milk.


Cortana works on the voice recognition technique as well. This is a Window’s app. If your PC runs on latest Windows operating system, then you must be knowing about it. But now you can use it on your Android phone. It can operate as a bridge between your PC and your Smartphone. It can deal with call notifications, app notifications, reminders that you have set on it, and much more.


This app is available only in English version. Jarvis is not so great, but it will not let you down, when it comes to informing you about the weather, news, calls, text messages, controlling your phone settings like turning on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, turning your flashlight on and much more. You can ask it to change your call settings, to receive a call or not, etc. It is available on Android wearable devices like Watches running on Android.


It is one of the Best Personal Assistant Apps. Jeannie was earlier known as Pannous Voice Actions. But, now you will find it to be highly modified, as compared to its past version. It can inform you about the temperature, weather, latest news, etc. Jeannie behaves like if it is chatting with you. It comes out to be handy when it comes to managing your calls, messages and of course emails as well.


It’s a very interactive and a helping app when it comes to finding the nearest parking for your car, informing you about the condition of traffic, and much more. In addition to these activities, it can also look after your emails, read out Twitter posts, post something on Facebook, send SMS messages to anyone you want, set alarms, etc. It remembers your requests and uses them answer your questions more promptly and also with more relevance, over time.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Like many others, it is also working on voice recognition technique. It helps you to know latest and trending news, weather forecast, traffic conditions throughout the city you are driving in, manage emails, send emails, make a phone call, receive calls, send SMS, and all the things that are important to you. Dragon Mobile Assistant lets you unlock your phone by using your voice. It gives you voice notifications on calls, Facebook posts, etc. In a nutshell, you can customise this app according to your needs and preferences, and make your life hell lot easier.


This app is accessible on Google Play for free. You can get it and update it to its pro version. It has many features like play music, calendar, send locations to anybody, and have a word Alice, your assistant. You can ask Alice to look up the internet and search something for you on the net, make calls, open calculator, read out emails, send messages, and post something on Facebook. It keeps you updated about the weather and also traffic conditions. Without even connecting to the internet manually, you can ask it anything, and it would love to answer each of your queries, by connecting it to the net by itself only.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo Virtual Assistant outweighs others, on the fact that, apart from downloading it on your phone, you can also download it on your PC, and other Android wearable devices. It can handle your social websites’ accounts without even logging into them. You can play desired music, manage your calls and SMS messages, and send emails. It‘s one of the most breathtaking features, conversing in any language of your choice, makes it the perfect Assistant app and gives it an ultra edge over others. Certainly, deserves a spot in our list of Best Personal Assistant Apps.


Skyvi is one of the simplest and an easy to get with. It’s the last one on our list of Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android. It performs the same functions like connecting to your social media websites and giving you recent updates on them. Its sense of humour, you read it right, you can ask Skyvi to tell you some jokes, might be the thing you are looking for, after an exhausting day’s work. It behaves like a charming friend and keeps you up every time.