Not everyone can afford to have a personal assistant. But we can have Android apps to help us remember and guide us about our day’s work. The voice assistant apps have been the hot potato for quite some time. Android users felt the need for such apps after Apple introduced Siri on iPhone. Here, we have included other such Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android.

Here are six popular virtual assistant options: Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, Vision, DataBot Assistant, Robin, and Hound. 

It is available only for iPhone users. But Google, which developed Android, has done remarkable work in voice assistant apps. Its voice recognition technique has outperformed any other app, but more developments are yet to be made.

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List Of Best Personal Assistant Apps

TechWhoop brings you some of the most sought-after virtual personal Assistant Android apps.

Google Assistant

It’s one of the Best Personal Assistant Apps, setting the trend ablaze. If you are an Android user, get this app for sure. Google Assistant is available only on Marshmallow and Android Nougat. But, if your phone is rooted on Android 6 or 7, you can use the Zip Mode of the Google Assistant app.

get-pixels-google-assistant-working-other-android-devicesHowever, the only requirement is to update your Android Play to its latest version. It has fantastic features, and if you do not download it now, you will be crying over spilled milk.

Visit: Google Assistant

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Cortana works on voice recognition technology as well. Also, this is a Windows app. If your PC runs on the latest Windows operating system, you must know about it. But now you can use it on your Android phone.

cotona It can operate as a bridge between your PC and your Smartphone. It can deal with call notifications, app notifications, reminders you have set on it, and much more.

Visit: Cortana

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Alexa is one of the finest personal assistants developed by Amazon, a well-renowned company. Everybody loves buying online products from Amazon. But Amazon is not limited to only buying and selling. It has jaw-dropping services like Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, etc.

One of these services is Alexa. Moreover, you must have Amazon Fire System or Amazon Echo to make this personal Assistant’s best use. You ask Alexa to do everything, from playing your favorite music to ordering pizza.

amazon alexaYou can command it to take screenshots, download a web series, find a movie, read your emails, set your alarm, and many more home and office-related stuff. This personal Assistant is worth a try, and it’s free.

Visit: Alexa

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You don’t need to download any other personal assistant as a Samsung user. Samsung offers an assistant named Bixby. Bixby is a free-to-use app with a lot to offer. It can integrate with your home security and even make your home a smart home. You can turn off the AC without even touching the remote.

bixby Ask Bixby to do your searches, download apps, or order food for you, and it will do it efficiently. Right now, only Samsung users can enjoy the advantages of this app. So, Samsung people give this app a try.

Visit: Bixby


Hound is a personal assistant app developed by SoundHound almost a year ago. It is the latest approach towards personal assistant apps and is gaining popularity fast. This USA-based app has some great features, like a mortgage calculator. Hound has linked up with Expedia to search for the best hotels and hassle-free booking.

hound This app is under development and is only available in the United States. Searching the related music can catch a slight humming or sound. It is a free app, but full of bugs, which the developers are rectifying.

Visit: Hound


Databot is a cross-platform personal assistant app. You can use it on a laptop as well as a mobile. It is available freely, but you have to pay for some features. It is much more necessary and straightforward than other assistants like Google, Siri, etc., but it is an entertaining solution.

databot Databot also has a feature where it randomly tells users a joke, riddle, or other fantastic stuff. It also comes with a chatbot. Overall, it is a decent app.

Visit: Database


This app is available only in the English version. Jarvis is not so great, but it will not let you down when it comes to informing you about the weather, News, calls, text messages, controlling your phone settings like turning on WiFi, Bluetooth, and turning your flashlight on, and much more.


Also, you can ask it to change your call settings, to receive a call or not, etc. It is available on Android wearable devices like Watches.

Visit: Jarvis


It is one of the Best Personal Assistant Apps. Jeannie was earlier known as Pannous Voice Actions. But, now you will find Genie to be highly modified compared to its past version.

genieIt can inform you about the temperature, weather, latest News, etc. Genie behaves as if he is chatting with you. It comes out to be handy when it comes to managing your calls, messages, and, of course, emails as well.

Visit: Genie


Robin is a very interactive and helpful app for finding the nearest parking for your car, informing you about the traffic condition, and much more. In addition to these activities, it can look after your emails, read out Twitter posts, post something on Facebook, send SMS messages to anyone you want, set alarms, etc.

robinIt remembers your requests and uses them to answer your questions more promptly and with more relevance over time.

Visit: Robin

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Like many others, it is also working on voice recognition techniques. Dragon Mobile Assistant helps you know the latest and trending News, weather forecasts, and traffic conditions throughout the city you are driving in, manage emails, send emails, make phone calls, receive calls, send SMS, and everything necessary to you.

dragonAlso, this app lets you unlock your phone by using your voice. Furthermore, it gives you voice notifications on calls, Facebook posts, etc. You can customize this app according to your needs and preferences, making your life much easier.

Visit: Dragon Mobile Assistant


This app is accessible on Google Play for free. You can get AIVC and update it to its pro version. Moreover, it has many features like playing music, a calendar, sending locations to anybody, and having a word Alice, your Assistant. Also, you can ask Alice to look up the internet and search for something for you on the net, make calls, open a calculator, read out emails, send messages, and post something on Facebook.

aivc (1)


It keeps you updated about the weather and traffic conditions. Without even connecting to the internet manually, you can ask it anything, and it would love to answer each of your queries by clicking it to the net by itself.



Lyra outweighs the best personal assistant apps because, apart from downloading it on your phone, you can also download it on your PC and other Android wearable devices. It can handle your social websites’ accounts without even logging into them. You can play desired music, manage your calls and SMS messages, and send emails.lyra app logo

It’s one of the most breathtaking features; conversing in any language, your choice makes it the perfect Assistant app and gives it an edge over others. Indeed, it deserves a spot on our Best Personal Assistant Apps list.

Visit: Lyra


Skyvi is one of the simplest and easy to get with. It’s the last on our list of Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android. It performs the same functions, connecting to your social media websites and giving you recent updates.

skyvi Its sense of humor, you read it right, you can ask Skyvi to tell you some jokes; it might be the thing you are looking for after an exhausting day’s work. Moreover, it behaves like a charming friend and keeps you up every time.

Important – Skyvi is no longer available as their official website displays the message. Check it out for more details.

Sherpa Assistant

If you seek an easy-to-utilize AI assistant, Sherpa Assistant is your best choice. It is one of the best personal assistant apps. Sherpa will recommend daily information that might be required for the day, such as grabbing an umbrella when the weather is down for rain.

The more you converse with this app, the better it will understand your taste and choices. Later, based on your interest, it will serve recommendations on places to visit, restaurants, etc.sherpa logo

Sherpa will provide weather forecast information and the information around you. This will help keep your knowledge updated. Be it your favorite sports news or discovering new places, Sherpa caters to all your interests.

Extreme Personal Voice Assistant

Siri and Alexa are gaining tremendous popularity as voice-based AI assistants. Following in their footsteps is the Extreme Personal Voice Assistant app. With this app as your Assistant, you will never miss any updates you are interested in. Furthermore, you can ask for word meanings to soccer updates with this one app.

extreme personal voice assistantYou can even ask the Assistant to send messages and emails, play songs, find the location, or take selfies.

Visit: Extreme Personal Voice Assistant

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Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

Do you need a personal AI app assistant that knows you the best? Serves you precisely what you require? Friday: Smart Personal Assistant is the one you need to install. This Assistant is backed with artificial intelligence technology that matches the behavioral pattern.

It keeps track of what your needs are and makes suggestions accordingly. Furthermore, you can ask questions or ask them to post on social media, and it will follow your orders.

friday smart personal assistantThe app has an uncomplicated interface and maps to guide you to your destination.
The app is user-friendly with a clean user interface.

Visit: Friday: Smart Personal Assistant


If you are searching for an assistant who will take care of your health and daily activities, HeadUp should be your first choice. The app was developed with health in mind. This AI assistant analyses your health and makes suggestions that improve your health. It is a fantastic app for all health enthusiasts.headup personal assistant app logo

To use this health monitoring app, you must connect Headup to your best smartwatch. It will then record your heart rate, sleep pattern, weight, etc., and give you reports based on data obtained.

You can check your real-time health status in the dashboard. Also, the interface is unsophisticated and easy to use. Moreover, it recommends where you should pay extra attention concerning health.

Not just these, you can also record your moods and analyze them later. It is very well compatible with Fitbit and Garmin.

Visit: HeadUp

ELSA Speak

Are you seeking an assistant with whom you can improve your control over the English language? Or straightforward exams with good grades? Well, ELSA speaks; got you covered. Also, it is one of the best personal assistant apps.

elsa speak Not just helping with everyday schedules, but ELSA speak can also assist in preparing for exams such as IELTS. The app understands native languages and allows you to speech test English, so you learn proper pronunciations.

This AI app is built to assist you both in developing a personality and a Promising Career.

Visit: ELSA Speak


Finally, last but certainly not least, Haptik is also an upcoming and interactive assistant that you can use to set reminders, book flights, cabs, and many other essential tasks.


Medicine Reminder, Water Reminder, and many other personal tasks make it the best personal Assistant for Android users.

Visit: Haptik

FAQs (Best Personal Assistant Apps)

Does Android have a personal assistant?

Yes, there are talking apps like Siri for Android phones, e.g., Google Assistant, Bixby, Alexa, Sherpa, Robin, etc. You can read more in detail in this article above.

Is Bixby or Google Assistant better?

Both of the options have their pros. Bixby can read and write messages for you. It can change many internal settings of your Android, like changing the display mode, turning the blue light filter on/off, etc. Google Assistant also answers complex questions and has some more features than Bixby. Google Assistant support 40+ languages, while Bixby only supports approximately seven languages.

Can I use both Bixby and Google Assistant?

Yes, you can use them both on one device. First, set up Google Assistant as a 'Device Assistance App' from settings. You need to choose default apps from the settings menu, choose the Device Assistance App option, and click on Google. This way, when you press the Home key, you can get Google Assistant, and when you press the Bixby key, you'll be able to use Bixby.

Does Alexa work on Android?

Yes, you can set Alexa on your Android as a replacement for Google Assistant. Search on the Google Play Store and install the Amazon Alexa app. Once installed, log in with your Amazon ID and password. You can easily use the app after giving the Alexa app microphone permissions.

How do I install Siri on Android?

Well, you can not install Siri on your Android. But there are other personal assistants for Android phones, like Siri. You can have Bixby, Google Assistant, Cortana, DataBot, Lyra, Extreme, Skyvi, etc. All these apps work fine with Android phones and are easy to use.

How do I turn my phone into a personal assistant?

There are so many voice assistant apps that we have covered in this article. But you can make your device your Assistant with other apps like Notes for writing important things and Payment apps for instant payment solutions. You can use MightyMeeting or the SlideShare app to make presentations. If you need to sign on something, you can use Digital Signature Apps. In short, there are so many ways to use your Android as a personal assistant.

What can Google Assistant do?

It is the best voice assistant for Android. Google Assistant can help you with day-to-day activities. It helps set alarms, make schedules, give you calendar information, and play music for you. Google Assistant also gives you News and other important information on the go. You can play games and also do other fun activities with it. It can be translated into many languages. And if you have any smart home devices, Google Assistant can control them.

How do you use the Extreme Personal Voice Assistant?

First, download and install the app from Google Play Store. You can use Extreme to ask questions and take a selfie with just one command, 'Extreme, take a selfie.' You can get updates on your favorite sport or any other news also.


It gets tough to manage ourselves these days. In the 2022s, many applications will help us collect and synchronize our daily routine. Having these apps makes the tasks pretty simple and well-alined.

The best apps among the crowd of all have been shortlisted for you. Go through the just of all and choose one for yourself. Don’t forget to share which app you liked the most and how it was helpful for you!

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