7 Best Photo Management Software for Windows 10/8.1/8/7


Clicking photographs and make your trips rememberable is undoubtedly the perfect way to preserve precious moments. Now with the selfie, public tend to click more pictures than ever, after clicking photographs, you transmit them to your PC, but they often get mixed up with other images making them difficult to find when needed.

Those days are gone when we used to have picture negatives to store photos and develop them required. Going digital also bought a big problem-too many images! Yes, thousands of pictures piled up on your device including laptop, desktop, portable hard disk, cloud devices, flash drives, smartphones, etc.

The difficulty doesn’t end there; you also have to deal with duplicate photos, cropped photos, resized photos, enhanced photos and so on. The solution to this problem is you need a good photo management software for Windows. Between digital cameras and especially smartphones, there’s been a massive increase in the number of pictures we have to manage.

It’s not unusual to have thousands of photos scattered across poorly labeled folders and a dozen different devices. Photo management software for Windows allows you to organize your life in photo albums and take care of your digital memories smartly and friendly.

There are so many Photo Management software for Windows out there for browsing and managing photos on windows, and it’s hard to say that “this” one is best among them because it depends mostly on personal taste and what exactly one is trying to achieve.

Don’t even agitate trying to sort them manually as it could take from hours to days, depending on the number of pictures on your system. Hence, it is worthwhile to seek the help of a photo management software for Windows.

There are hundreds of photo management software for Windows are available in the market that claims to organize your photo library, but some of them have proven to be worth. So, to save you from trouble, we have listed some of best photo management software for Windows.

Best Photo Management Software

DigiKam Photo Manager

DigiKam is an open source multi-platform image management tool with a feature-packed Windows port.

Your collection can be sorted into folders, albums making DigiKam flexible enough for your organization scheme of choice.

It is an advanced photo management software which makes importing and organizing digital photos straightforward. DigiKam software helps you to edit and view photos from your digital camera and also, you can upload to social media.

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FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer software can import images from scanner, media devices, and camera and is armed with editing and management features with a load of editing tools for manipulation and fine-tuning.

It lets you do all the image editing features like resizing, color adjustments, cropping and even a slideshow with 150+ transitional effects.

FastStone doesn’t include cloud storage and social media options, but it has excellent editing features and organizational tools.


Picasa is one of the oldest and simple photo organizing software for Windows in which you can import photos from scanner, camera, memory cards, etc.

When it comes to editing, Picasa has it all. It has features like facial recognition, special effect filters; you can add text in photos, crop, auto contrast and can perform retouching of pictures.

Providing a bevy of organizational options, as well as some essential photo editing tools, you can sort your images by their file folders or create virtual albums to handle sorting.

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Magix Photo Manager 12

This software is the latest in the Magix Photo Management line. It’s an all organizing, editing and sharing application.

It has a friendly stable user interface and comes with an import feature using which you get your pictures and videos from your digital camera, scanner or phone.

Magix photo Manager has some essential editing features like red-eye correction, automatic image optimization, and panorama picture creation.

It can fish out duplicates by matching similar scenes and then you may delete the not needed ones. With the export option, you can save pictures anywhere you like.

StudioLine Photo Basic 3

StudioLine Photo Basic 3 lets you sort the items in your photo collection while also executing simple edits to your snapshots.

By using this tool, you can create a slideshow of your photo gallery in few clicks. The editing features of this software include- crop, rotate, red-eye effect, uploading of photos to a website and other touch-ups. On the organizing end, Photo Basic 3 consists of the ability to add descriptors to the image, to add tags and to geotag.

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XnView is a photo organizing software that lets you view, organize, edit and browse images. It enables you to rename your pictures in a batch and can find duplicate photos too.

It allows you to hold your photo library in different views like a filmstrip, full screen, thumbnail. The main feature of XnView is its ability to read about 500 file formats including animated formats like ICO, TIFF, APNG, etc. It also has a screen capturing tool with profiles such as Window, Desktop, and Rectangle catch.

Photo Organizer

Photo Organizer helps you in streamlining your photo library by organizing in it at a single place. It lets you rename the image in a batch which frees you from the difficulty of renaming every file.

It scans and removes duplicate data to recover the space on your hard drive. Also, it allows you to revert all the changes when you want. So, if you have done something wrong accidentally, then you need not worry about it.


  1. I am using Win10 and I will personally recommend photoviewerpro. I recently shifted from photoshop to photoviewerpro and I must say the app has a chance to be known as one of the best. It’s worth every penny I spent.


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