Best Productivity Apps for Mac | Top 8 Picks [Updated List]

The more you optimize and automate your workflows, the more you get done — in less time. If you are a Mac user, then one of the best ways to do this is by using the best productivity apps for Mac.

Productivity apps can help you do everything. From streamlining the way you email to providing shortcuts for tasks you find yourself repeatedly doing.

It’s also possible to fall into the trap of having too many different apps and tools, which equates to time wasted as you switch back and forth between them. Look for a productivity app with many built-in features for your professional needs to avoid this problem. Then, you can fill in the gaps with a few other apps for particular purposes.

best productivity apps for mac

If you’re looking for new ways to boost your productivity when working from your Mac, look no further. We’ve put together this handy list of some of our favorite and best productivity apps for Mac devices.

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Try These 8 Best Productivity Apps for Mac To Boost Your Productivity Today


Spike is the best email client for Mac users can use as an alternative to Apple Mail or your other default email app. The Spike app syncs your existing email accounts and turns your emails into instant messenger-style chat conversations. 

This revolutionary new way of emailing, called conversational email, removes the stiff formalities and repetitive nature of traditional email threads. This helps in making email conversations feel more like natural dialogues. And, as you know, the more your communication flows, the faster you get things done. This helps in increasing your productivity. 

spike In addition to being the world’s first conversational email app, Spike has a whole range of additional built-in productivity tools designed to help you get more done in less time.

Spike’s features are all geared towards improving your professional communication and collaboration. The app features built-in video meetings, voice messages, collaborative notes, tasks, to-do lists, group chats, and much more.

Having a unified email client and collaborative workspace helps minimize the time you spend context switching (juggling between tons of different apps and screens) during your workday. Putting your best productivity foot with Mac in your day-to-day activities helps in achieving your tasks for the day. Thus putting you back in control of your time and significantly boosting your productivity. 

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How much time have you wasted trying to recall passwords for different accounts and eventually resetting them? It’s probably a lot. Well, 1Password gives you back this wasted time by securely saving all your important passwords in one place. Less wasting time means the best productivity! 


Once you enter all your passwords into the app, you can instantly sign into other tools and platforms with a single click of your mouse. You no longer have to get distracted and frustrated trying to log in to an app or account you haven’t used for a while or constantly reset your passwords via the “forgot password” links.

Visit: 1Password

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If you find yourself typing out the same phrases over and over again in your professional communications, TextExpander might be for you.


This app basically lets you create short abbreviations for common sentences or paragraphs and automatically expands the abbreviations into the full text for you. This can save you tons of time typing out the same answers to questions or requests to colleagues or clients.

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It’s proven that an organized, clutter-free workspace leads to greater productivity for Mac users. Magnet is an app for decluttering and organizing your Mac desktop. 


If you constantly find yourself working on several different screens and tabs on your Mac, Magnet lets you configure them in a much cleaner arrangement. You can drag different windows to other parts of your screen and lock them into place, creating a neat grid of all your open programs, documents, and whatever else you’re working on at the moment.

Visit: You can download Magnet from here!

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Calendly is a meeting scheduling app that syncs with your calendar to streamline the process of booking meetings with you. The app gives you a unique link that you can provide to anyone who needs to schedule some time to talk to you. 


Anyone with this link can click it to automatically see available time slots on your calendar and book a time that works for both of you. This eliminates all the back and forth trying to find a mutually convenient meeting time.

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Grammarly is a grammar and spell-checking app that can save you tons of time proofreading text on your Mac. All you have to do is copy and paste your content or type directly into the Grammarly app to check grammar and spelling instantly.


The app also provides suggestions for improving other things about the text, such as the tone or variety of vocabulary.

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If you like to visually map out all your different ideas throughout the day, MindNode might be a fun productivity app for Mac.


Mindnode lets you map out your thoughts using notes, words, images, links, and more in mind maps and diagrams. It’s a great way to brainstorm and store all the ideas you want to revisit later. Hence, you don’t get too distracted from tasks you’re currently working on.

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When you need to edit a PDF, converting it to an editable file format, making the changes, and turning it back into a PDF wastes unnecessary time. 


PDFelement solves this issue by letting you make edits directly to original PDF documents. For example, you can change font sizes, colors, and types and underline or highlight parts of the document. You can also copy, cut, paste, move, and delete lines of text.

Additionally, you can convert a PDF to another format without significantly altering the document’s appearance. Use this best productivity app for Mac to reap more benefits! 

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To increase your productivity when working on your Mac, it’s crucial to find the right productivity apps for Apple devices. 

With so many different platforms and tools out there, it can be hard to know where to start. But, the productivity apps for Mac on this list are all great options for improving your time management and workflows.

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