One of the most well-liked gaming systems ever was the PlayStation 2 (PS2), which had a massive selection of games and a devoted following. However, many PS2 owners have discovered that their consoles are incompatible with more recent HDTVs and monitors as technology advances. This article covers whether ps2 has HDMI, the top 5 best PS2 HDMI converterps2 HDMI is more upscale, and other products.

Purchasing an HDMI adapter for your PS2 is the simplest solution. This adapter converts the analog composite input into a digital HDMI signal. Place the adapter directly on the video output of the console. The Dongle’s other end has a 3.5mm headphone jack output and an HDMI slot.

Today I’ll discuss the best PS2 HDMI adapter to watch vintage movies on a modern 4k TV. The best PS2 HDMI converter is the OSSC, the Framemeister, and the HD Link Cable. Want to improve your gaming experience by finding the best PS2 HDMI converter? Look no further! With the help of this guide, you will discover a thorough list of the best PS2 HDMI converters available, each with unique features and abilities.

What Qualities Should You Consider When Choosing The Best PS2 HDMI Adapter?

When playing games on your PS2, having a dependable HDMI adapter is critical for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Choosing the adapter that best suits your needs can take time, given the wide range of options available. Here are some essential qualities to consider when choosing the best PS2 HDMI converter to help you make an informed decision.


Compatibility is the first and most important consideration. Ensure the adapter you choose works with the PS2 and your TV models.ps2 tv compatibility

Some adapters only work with specific TV or PS2 models.

Picture Quality

Another essential factor to consider is the picture’s quality. Look for an adapter that offers a clear and crisp image and supports high-definition (HD) resolution.ps2 pic quality

A suitable adapter should also include a scalar to convert the PS2’s standard definition signal to high definition.

Audio Quality

The quality of the audio is also important. Look for an adapter that supports stereo audio and includes an audio converter to convert the analog audio signal from the PS2 to digital.ps2 audio cable

This ensures that you will receive the best audio quality possible.


Look for an adapter that is well-built and made of high-quality materials. This will guarantee its durability and ability to withstand repeated use.ps2 high quality connector

This attribute should also be considered.


The adapter needs to be simple to set up and operate. Choose a program that has a simple user interface and clear instructions.connector interface

Adjusting settings and switching between input modes will be simple as a result.


Finally, think about the cost. Choose an adapter that is affordable and has all the features you need.aliexpress prices hdmi

While investing in a high-quality adapter is critical, stay moderate.

Additional Features

Some adapters may include extras like upscaling or frame rate smoothing, which can enhance your gaming experience.ps2 upscaled vs non upscaled

You can choose the best PS2 HDMI adapter for your needs if you keep these essential features in mind when making your choice. You’ll be able to enjoy your games with high-quality pictures and sound and a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience if you use a dependable adapter.

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Best PS2 HDMI Converter

Please remember that these are some of the best PS2 HDMI converter/HDMI converters for ps2, but it all depends on the features you need and your budget. Reading reviews and comparing features before purchasing is always a good idea. 


This HDMI converter is incredibly affordable and the perfect portable HDMI adapter. There are no additional cables needed with the Pound HD Link. The PS2’s AV output port is where it is directly connected. The game’s video output has been upgraded to 720p for your TV.pound-hdmi-hd-link-cable

Occasionally, the upscaled 720p video might appear blurry. However, this Pound adapter performs noticeably better overall when compared to other, significantly more expensive adapters. If you own a PS1, it will also function with that console.

Kaico OSSC

The Kaico OSSC PS2 HDMI adapter connects your PlayStation 2 (PS2) console to an HDMI-enabled display or TV. This creates a cleaner, clearer image on your screen by converting the analog video output from the PS2 to digital HDMI.kaico-ossc

You can change the resolution to suit your tastes thanks to the adapter’s support for several video modes, including 480p, 720p, and 1080p. The Kaico OSSC PS2 HDMI adapter is a practical option for gamers looking to upgrade their PS2’s video output because it is simple to set up and use.

ABELWE Mini RCA to HDMI Converter

The ABELWE Mini is a basic, affordable RCA to HDMI converter. Its deinterlacer isn’t the best, and component input isn’t supported. However, one feature of this converter that is very useful is the toggle for selecting between 720p and 1080p output modes.

abelwe mini rca to hdmi converterWhen playing PS2 games, it is recommended to use the 720p output because it should be sharper. Higher resolutions could produce artifacts because the ABELWE uses its processor to scale the input. However, if you don’t notice a difference in quality between 720p and 1080p on your TV, use the higher resolution setting.

Portta Component to HDMI Converter

Although the Portta converter is less expensive and more essential than the OSSC, it isn’t less effective. Anyone can use this device, from young children to grandparents. Your PS2 only accepts component cables; other input formats are incompatible.portta-component-to-hdmi-converter

If you don’t already have one, consider getting this component AV cable. Only the HDMI output must be connected to your TV after your component cable has been linked to Portta’s input.

Visit: Portta Component to HDMI Converter

LevelHike HDMI Cable For PS2

Like the Pound HD Link, this plug-and-play accessory connects directly to the PS2‘s AV port. On the other hand, it uses component input, which provides more flexibility regarding resolution scaling. The picture on your TV should be of higher quality as a result.levelhike-hdmi-cable

Another significant feature is the LevelHike’s ability to switch between games with the traditional 16:9 and current 4:3 aspect ratios. Furthermore, no strange scan lines or artifacts were added to the 720p upscaled output. In addition, LevelHike provides a one-year warranty as proof of their faith in the durability of their product.

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Is component graphics display on a PS2 better than composite?

Yes, watching movies in component format looks better. On a PS2, the difference, however, is negligible. Both video game formats offer comparable video quality.

With these PS2 HDMI adapters, can I play PS1 games as well?

You can use the same HDMI adapter to play PS1 games because PS1 and PS2 cables are compatible. But PS2 can play PS1 CDs because it is backward compatible with PS1. There are a lot of PS1 games that the PS2 does not support, so only to a point.

Although I brought it, my PS2's HDMI adapter does not support composite input. What should I do next?

There are various categories of HDMI adapters. By connecting your PS2 directly to the TV, some devices enable plug-and-play functionality. Products that cost more and are more specialized, like the Kaico OSSC, have RGB rather than composite inputs (SCART). Don't worry; you can easily purchase a PS2 SCART or component cable. This cable lets you link your PS2 to the scaler, sending HDMI signals to your TV.

If my TV has a composite input, do I need a scaler or HDMI adapter?

You don't need an adapter if the TV is an old CRT or plasma model. However, the input lag from analog inputs will be extremely noticeable if it is a modern LCD or OLED. Get an adapter or scaler, nonetheless.

What type of HDMI adapter should I purchase if I want the least input lag?

An excellent external scaler like the RetroTINK or OSSC from Kaico. Due to their higher processing power, these are far superior to HDMI adapters that resemble cables. Additionally, they give you more customization choices, allowing you to decide how your old games will appear on a screen from the modern era.


In conclusion, the five best PS2 HDMI converter allow users to continue using their upscale for ps2 with modern HDTVs. By converting the PS2’s AV output to HDMI with the help of these converters, you can play your favorite games in high definition. The OSSC, PS2F HDMI Upscaler, and RetroTINK 2X are some of the best options. It ultimately comes down to your preferences and the particular features you need in a converter. Therefore, whether you’re a devoted gamer or just a nostalgic fan, these converters are a great way to ensure that your PS2 gaming experience is as enjoyable as ever.

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