If you’ve been searching for the best remotes for Nvidia Shield, you’ve come to the right spot. As part of their Shield line of Android devices, Nvidia produces the Nvidia Shield digital media player. Continue reading the article to determine which remote works best with the Nvidia Shield.

The best remotes for Nvidia Shield are Nvidia Shield TV’s official remote, WeChip W3, Inteset Universal Remote with IR receiver, and SofaBaton X1. To know about the remotes in detail, keep on reading.

Your best option for an Android TV box is the NVIDIA Shield TV. The triangle remote included in the package is decent, but better solutions are available if you want an all-in-one method of controlling other devices. The best universal remotes for your Shield TV are those listed above. Let’s now examine the best remotes for Nvidia Shield currently on the market.

Remotes For Nvidia Shield

Let’s look at some of the best Nvidia Shield universal remotes.

Nvidia Shield TV’s official remote

After extensive investigation, it is reasonable to conclude that purchasing a new remote for your Nvidia Shield TV is the best option. This is particularly true if you’ve grown accustomed to the remote controller’s setup, feel, and location in your room.nvidiashield

You don’t have to throw away any wall holders or other accessories you may have purchased for an earlier remote control. Speaking of compatibility, it runs flawlessly on all Nvidia Shield TV models.

The microphone button serves as an added navigational aid, and the illumination of the buttons is really helpful when in a dark area.

A game-changing feature absent from most third-party solutions is the ability to track down a misplaced Nvidia Shield TV controller using the Nvidia Shield TV remote app. Considering the absence of a keyboard, it may be fairly feature-lacking.

Regarding third-party alternatives, they are typically less expensive than the official controller’s $30 asking price compared to alternatives that provide the same capabilities.

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WeChip W3

Nvidia Shield TV users frequently choose WeChip as the brand to replace their remote controls. This is one of the best remotes for Nvidia Shield.w3 air

Despite being their most popular choice, the WeChip W3 outperforms the WeChip G20 in many ways. To begin with, it functions as a global remote control. With only this one remote, you can operate practically all IR-enabled gadgets.

A keyboard is also there on the rear, which is a game-changer, especially if you have experienced the excruciating discomfort of typing with a conventional controller. It’s a key element that improves the Nvidia Shield TV experience.

The WeChip W3 also has a convenient voice input button that allows you to access material without typing anything if you still detest typing.wechip w3 model

Additionally, the remote for Nvidia Shield has a special type C charging connector, eliminating the need for several charging cables for your smart devices. However, this controller has several disadvantages, including relying on its IR capabilities rather than WiFi or Bluetooth.

This implies that compatibility with most Smart TVs is unlikely, and most importantly, it won’t function properly with the 2019 Nvidia Shield TV.

Additionally, the keyboard’s lack of lighted keys makes it difficult to type at night. If you don’t require a keyboard, choose the more well-liked WeChip G20, often available for just $16. The fact that it just costs $23 makes it a better value than the official alternative.

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Inteset Universal Remote Having IR receiver.

The Inteset is the right choice if you enjoy utilizing a single universal remote control for all your gadgets but need more funds to purchase a SofaBaton X1.inteset remote

It is a universal remote control, similar to the WeChip W3, but the included IReTV IR Receiver sets it apart. By serving as your Nvidia Shield TV’s IR receiver, the IReTV IR Receiver circumvents the IR sensor restriction.

Your Nvidia Shield TV may now receive commands via the Internet controller. This universal remote for Nvidia Shield is one of the best. This implies that the Internet overcomes the WeChip W3’s restriction and becomes fully compatible with any Nvidia Shield TV model.

The Inteset controller’s usefulness is further enhanced because its buttons are illuminated in contrast to the WeChip W3. It does have a rather vintage aesthetic that may be different from everyone’s taste, especially if you are accustomed to the streamlined and understated appearance of the official Nvidia Shield TV controller.

This is one of the best remotes for Nvidia Shield.

Additionally, since the IReTV IR receiver is exclusive, you must use it to utilize the Inteset controller to operate your Nvidia Shield TV. To manage your Nvidia Shield TV, however, without burning a hole in your wallet, the best Nvidia Shield remote controller still holds at $45.

SofaBaton X1

Users who wanted to operate their Nvidia Shield TV and other devices with a single remote control were advised to acquire one of Logitech’s Harmony series universal remote controls.sofabaton x1

Sadly, despite the series’ success, Logitech ended it for an undetermined cause, leaving many people behind.

But this led to various premium universal remote control brands, none of which are more well-known and reputable than the SofaBaton X1. The SofaBaton X1 is an all-in-one universal remote controller with a dedicated hub, two IR boosters, and an application to serve its consumers better.

All IR, Bluetooth, and WiFi devices in your house may be controlled by a single remote thanks to the hub, which also records their settings. Up to 50 IR and Bluetooth devices can be controlled with the SofaBaton X1.

This also applies to all Nvidia Shield TV models. If you misplaced the device, the hub also contains a remote controller recovery button that would cause your remote controller to beep.sofabaton

The SofaBaton app may assist you in setting up personalized programmable buttons, enabling you to manage several features on various devices with a single touch. The 2-inch LCD, scroll wheel, and illuminated buttons on the remote control have a straightforward design.

This is the most expensive option, especially compared to the original Nvidia controller, at $250.

However, this is the perfect option to completely remodel your controller setup for various audio/visual items.

Alternately, you may get a refreshed Logitech Harmony Companion for approximately $275, but the fact that Logitech stopped making the device still stands.

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On the Nvidia Shield TV, did Nvidia delete the IR receiver?

The Nvidia Shield TV can only be operated through WiFi or Bluetooth protocols and lacks an IR receiver. Alternatively, you may avoid this problem by utilizing a FLIRC.

Is the Nvidia Shield TV no longer available?

Nvidia has clarified that its Shield TV range is still available and attributes the production delays to the pandemic.

Why would someone use Nvidia Shield?

With the Nvidia Shield, you can connect your computer to your Nvidia Shield TV to stream games from your PC to your TV. A PC with a GeForce GTX card inside is necessary to do this.

Does the Nvidia Shield have enough storage?

Internal storage options for the Shield include a 500 GB hard drive or 16 GB of flash memory, both of which can be expanded via a microSD card or other external storage.

What apps is NVIDIA SHIELD capable of?

Netflix, YouTube, Plex, Google Play Music and Movies, Prime Video, and the NVIDIA Games app are already preinstalled on SHIELD TV. Additional preloaded applications are available in some locations, including BBC and ITV in the UK, Vudu and Amazon Music in the US, and Stan in Australia.


For the TV in the living room, Android TV is the preferred operating system. Although the Nvidia Shield is now the finest device to run it, we have a lot of issues with it because of the remote.

For owners of Nvidia Shield devices, there are, fortunately, several reasonably priced replacement parts that are quite effective. For those who don’t know, the Nvidia Shield remote frequently doesn’t respond, which is a recurring problem.

Therefore we compiled a list of the top remotes for the Nvidia Shield. We hope the information in this post on the best remotes for Nvidia Shield has answered your questions.

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