Science fiction piques everyone’s interest. The science fiction genre provides one of the most immersing yet eerie experiences. Most science fiction works are situated in a dystopian future or another setting where humanity is in jeopardy. The list of the best sci-fi pc games is included in this post.

Sci-fi games allow us to explore a variety of technologically advanced and fantastical realms and occasionally give us a glimpse of the future technological potential. The top science fiction pc games offer thrilling encounters in many forms and dimensions, with adventures transporting you to shape-shifting worlds in titles like Returnal, The outer worlds, Destiny 2, Half-life 2, and the Mass Effect trilogy plots and characters.

Therefore, our list is here to help. Whether you’re seeking your next space-faring adventure or want to play something based in a sci-fi world you love.

Top 8 Best Sci-Fi PC Games

Here are the best free sci-fi pc games are-


You play the part of Selene in Returnal, who crashes and lands on a world constantly changing its shape. Death means you must start and continue your quest as you struggle to survive. This unique theme landscape is home to an ancient culture.

risk of rains returns

You’ll have a variety of obstacles to overcome in a roguelike. And since the world changes with each playthrough, you must figure out what you’ll encounter next. The procedural universe and the never-ending cycle are perfectly at home in science fiction.

Portal 2

Some concepts are made for video games, and the teleportation gun testing facility from Portal 2 proved suitable for complicated problems.portal 2

Valve’s variety is still astonishing, and the community contributed to the game by creating fan games and extra levels for Portal II. One of the few puzzle games, Portal II, is a wonderfully entertaining plot with top-notch voice acting. . This is timeless, and the portal gun is now ingrained in the culture.

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The Outer Worlds 

This game is one of the best sci-fi pc games. The Outer Worlds, one of the most popular games of 2019, mixes many of the Fallout games’ appealing features, such as corporate satire, odd characters, and RPG components. Contrary to Fallout, this game is the ideal length not to lose your entire life while yet getting the whole experience, taking roughly 15 hours for the primary campaign.the outer worlds

Similarly, the story only demands a little of the reader. It deals with the well-known sci-fi theme of the wicked megacorporation, but the humor is welcome in a genre where things may quickly turn gloomy.

Destiny 2

The tale of Bungie’s second major space venture after Halo never took off as many of us had hoped. However, the game is still among the most captivating looter shooters, mainly because there is always something to do. You don’t need to have played the first Destiny to navigate the free-to-download and play the Destiny 2 gamedestiny 2

As is frequently the case with games as services, Destiny 2 grew over time. At this point, if you’re dedicated to playing the complete package with DLC, you get a visually appealing game with entertaining raids and a campaign experience that accurately tells the story.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution 

In the precursor to the original Deus Ex computer game from 2000, augmentations of humans are a frequent occurrence in an exciting future. This game asks you to choose sides in an interesting sociopolitical debate between those who support augmentations and those who don’t. Your choices have an impact on your environment as well as on the discussions you have.deus ex In this dystopian but wonderfully portrayed future, you always have a variety of methods to overcome problems depending on how you modify the protagonist Adam Jensen to unlock new routes and skills. If you want to choose from one of the best sci-fi pc games, you can go for Human Revolution. 

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 Half-Life 2

But only when viewed purely visually can Half-Life 2 be said to have aged a little. After playing this first-person shooter, if you haven’t previously, you’ll see that many of the qualities that make other games on this list great were introduced initially in the Half-Life series. It was the height of graphic achievement at the time, and it still stands out for its great use of the environment and the way it enthralls the audience with, by this point, a well-worn tale of the alien invasion.half llife 2

And it also gave you great freedom for one game at a time. Said, play Half-Life 2 if you enjoy excellent shooters, want to learn more about their history or want to play one of the best games that are still relevant today.

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Mass Effect 2

Even after ten years, Commander Shephard and his crew’s story remains one of the best and most captivating sci-fi RPGs. And now is a fantastic moment to play Shepard’s space-faring adventure for the first time or all over again because the Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings back the second game in the acclaimed trilogy with improved graphics. It has the spirit of Star Trek since a close-knit team travels into space to settle political disputes and eventually encounters an alien menace.mass effect 2

Find the Epic space shootouts in Mass Effect, but the game shines for its characters because of excellent storytelling. The romance and getting to know your favorite characters have surpassed the action in importance.

What could be better than smooching aliens while battling evil? Find the series’ best story in Mass Effect 2, and it works even if you still need to play the first game.


In the best sci-fi pc games, it’s common to assume that current practices will still be in use in the future but with worsened consequences. That holds for Tacoma, a walking simulator from Fullbright, representing the gig economy. You find yourself on the spacecraft Tacoma as an insurance agent employed by an extraterrestrial insurance business, piecing together the last recordings from the ship’s computer to determine what happened to its crew.tacoma

Tacoma is famous for its ability to do a lot with seemingly few resources. It takes skill to make you care about individuals you can’t even see. Learn about their histories and aspirations, and begin to root for them, even in a game with a relatively short playtime. Fullbright’s games excel because of their consistently excellent language.


What are the many subgenres of science fiction?

Hard sci-fi and soft sci-fi are the two main divisions within science fiction. Science is the foundation of hard science fiction. Soft science fiction can fall into two categories. Either not based on fact or influenced by soft social sciences like psychology, anthropology, and sociology.

Why is it known as sci-fi?

The term science fiction, sometimes known as SF or sci-fi. Refers to a genre of fiction that focuses on the effects of actual. Or hypothetical scientific advancements on society or individual characters. In the 1920s, Hugo Gernsback was an American publisher and one of the genre's leading proponents. Made the term science fiction commonplace.

What makes sci-fi so important?

For one reason, science fiction is crucial to literature: creating parallel universes set in different eras draws readers interested in current events. In its audacious search for the future, science fiction investigates the period of futuristic games and teaches us how to deal with the here and now.

What makes sci-fi the finest genre?

Science fiction can completely alter the pre-established real world to amaze. Terrify, or mystify the spectator with something they've never seen before.


We are familiar with science fiction films, books, TV shows, and comics. However, we don’t always consider science fiction online games. The best sci-fi pc games are consistently rated by people’s experience and ratings.

That’s possible because their gameplay defines them more than their environments and plotlines. However, there are a ton of sci-fi games for pc available.

Some of the games mentioned above. Half-life 2, Returnal, Mass Effect 2, The Outer Worlds, and Portal. They are the best in the last decade. 

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